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Chapter 2: Mid-day Trip Turns Bad

The next morning, Runningbrooke was already up when the sun came out. He was always the first one up. He could see the
reddish-purplish sky soon turning blue. Pyro was the second one up. He stretched out his long, shapely body and walked
over to his father.  Pyro yawned, exposing his canines. 
	“Hey dad, how are you this morning?” Pyro asked, sleepily. His father looked at him and gave him a little smile,
and then responded, “I’m well, and it seems like you slept good.” Pyro, with his eyes still closed, smiled goofily
and said, “I sure did.” Runningbrooke then chuckled; his glossy, white coat shone in sunlight as it slowly rose.
Pyro then opened his eyes to reveal the amber color of his eyes. 
	Just as Pyro was about to speak, something rustled in the bushes which woke up everyone. Embersky’s head perked right
up, as did Rotwood’s. Silvermist came over to Runningbrooke and asked, “Who is there. I want you to show your
face.” “No worries.” A voice said over from the bushes and out came a fox. “Crevan?” Runningbrooke wondered. 
The fox nodded his head and said, “I thought I was in Rogue Clan territory, but I’m happy to see I was wrong.” The
fox said. “Everybody, this is Crevan. He was a friend from back then who I knew until he decided to go off on his
own.” Runningbrooke stated. 
	“It is a pleasure to be standing in the presence of the Alpha Male and Female.” Crevan said and bowed. “No need
to bow to us. A friend of Runningbrooke is a friend of us all. Sunfire came over to Crevan and questioned, “So, this
is the guy that you always talked about when you told us stories from back then, Runningbrooke?” Runningbrooke nodded
and smiled at his old friend. 
	“Listen, I just found out something that might give you an advantage with trying to stop the Rogue Clan from taking
over the forest.” Crevan said to the clan. “What is it?” Pyro asked, instantly.
	 “Well, while I was on my daily walk, I walked into their territory. According to what I’ve heard, Nightfang is
incredibly ill.” Crevan said. Embersky looked at Crevan and asked, “Are you sure this is EXACTELY what you heard?”
Crevan nodded and responded, “I’m sure of it. Also, I’ve heard that one of the members, Eagleeye, had injured two
legs. With two out of the way, it only leaves Darkriver, Icestorm, and Dragonhowl.”
	“But, even though we have six, those three are powerful enough to overthrow us.” Silvermist told Crevan. “No,
those three are the weakest in the group. We can fight them off!” Pyro said. Rotwood hit Pyro in the face with his
front paw and said, “Pyro, those three have tried to kill us before and almost did. They ARE powerful enough to
overthrow us all.” Pyro shook his head and said, “No they won’t ‘cause we have the advantage.” 
	Embersky sighed and looked at Pyro. 
	“Okay, Pyro. Listen up and listen good. Even though there may be six of us, Dragonhowl, Icestorm, and Darkriver had
tried to overthrow us and they did succeed for a while, but we did get to them in time.”
	 Pyro scoffed and asked, “Well who’s side are you ALL on?”
	“Oh my gosh, this isn’t helping guys!” Sunfire exclaimed. Pyro and Embersky gave each other dirty looks then
looked away. Silvermist giggled and looked at Runningbrooke who clearly didn’t think this was a laughing matter.
	“Pyro! Embersky! Kiss and MAKE UP!” Sunfire shouted and fell over laughing. Pyro and Embersky then faked gagging
and walked away from each other. Rotwood shook his head and waved his tail back and forth slowly, looking at the two.
	“Yeah, umm, I think I’ll be going now. I can only be away from the den for a while. I will see you guys later if I
can.” Crevan stated and quickly scattered away from the clan.
	“Why do you two always have to be so troublesome?” Runningbrooke asked both Embersky and Pyro.
	Embersky was first to reply and said, “Because he’s too dumb to know right from wrong!”
	“I just don’t like her bossiness!” Pyro declared. Embersky then got in Pyro’s face and said, “YOU WANNA GO,
	Rotwood then had to interfere and pushed Pyro and Embersky away from each other, and then looked at Silvermist and
	“They fight like this a lot, sir.” Sunfire uttered.
	“Embersky, Pyro, why is it that you two are always quarreling like a mated pair?” Rotwood asked with a slight
	Embersky had a look of disgust and Pyro fell over. Embersky and Pyro had hated each other ever since they turned 2 and
they’d been fighting ever since.
	“Eww!” Embersky said as she stuck out her tongue.
	“GROSS, ROTWOOD!” Pyro exclaimed as he faked death, twitching his leg.
	“Both of you knock it off. Pyro, Embersky is right. You’re too stubborn to know what to do with yourself or a
situation at hand and Embersky, Pyro’s right as well. You can be a bit bossy.” Silvermist said. Pyro and Embersky
looked at each other, and then both of them deeply sighed.
	“Maybe it would be best if we stop fighting.” Pyro said.
	“Yeah, you’re right, Silvermist. We should stop fighting.” Embersky said and looked at Pyro. Then, Pyro and
Embersky busted out laughing and both said, “YEAH, RIGHT!”
	“Oh, kids these days.” Runningbrooke stated. Silvermist gave out a little chuckle and said, “Well, you all can go
off and romp around. It’s good exercise, but don’t get on Rogue territory.” The four youngsters ran off as
Runningbrooke and Silvermist watched them go.
	“Yo, Pyro, that was a good one!” Embersky shouted as she ran.
	“I know, right!?” Pyro said. Rotwood and Sunfire, who were both trailing behind, looked at each other and shook
their heads, smiling.
	“After a while of running, Embersky stopped and observed a track. She sniffed it and, as she did this, she quickly
perked her ears up. 
“Something wrong, Embersky?” Sunfire asked.
	“Something doesn’t seem right.” Embersky replied.
	Then, just as everything started to turn bad, it got worse. The group heard snarling and bushes rustling. And then, out
of the blue, came the Rogue Clan.
	“Umm, I don’t think we’re supposed to be here.” Rotwood said as he backed up against his friends.
	“Hello there, dearies. May I help you?” The blue one, Darkriver, asked with a grin on her face. The four were
completely helpless and, without Runningbrooke and Silvermist, they felt weak and immobile.  Then, out came Nightfang,
the leader. He howled loudly and slowly started to go towards the group. They all backed up, but that caused a trap to
be released and they were quickly trapped in a net. They all struggled to get out of the net, but none could get free.
	“I can’t move!” Embersky said. Soon, once they seen Nightfang get near, everything went completely black as if
they were covered in something. As a matter of fact, they were and were slowly being dragged along the rugged ground.
Oh, what trouble they’ve gotten themselves into.

Like the last line? LOL... anyways, second chapter of my story and I'm working on the third chapter right now. Hope
you've enjoyed~ ☺
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