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Chapter 1: The Hunt

First Chapter to my new story~ Enjoy  ♥
               It was a cold, spring morning in March. The flowers were budding and the air was clean. A deer was calmly
drinking from a glistening pond in the forest. All of a sudden, Pyro and Sunfire emerge from shrubs, showing their teeth
and snarling at the deer. In a flash, the deer quickly ran away from them, trying to make an escape from the animals of
death. “All right guys, let’s do this!” Pyro shouted. “Wait, it won’t be that simple, Pyro. Deer are fast.”
Sunfire stated. “Oh yeah? Well, we’re faster.” Rotwood said as he jumped over the bush and walked up to Pyro and
Sunfire. “These deer are, like, amazingly quick, Pyro. One small error in running could leave us without a kill. It
would be best if we made a plan instead of you and Sunfire jumping out and scaring the living daylights out of the
prey.” Embersky suggested as she waved her tail back and forth. Sunfire looked at Pyro who, obviously, didn’t agree
with the plan. “Embersky, leave the tactics to me. Jeez, I don’t need no girls’ help.” Pyro stated, but it just
made Embersky a bit angry. “Listen, this is our first hunt and I don’t want to come back to Runningbrooke and
Silvermist without a kill. Now, you better think of a plan before I claw your face off!” Embersky demanded. Pyro,
Rotwood, and Sunfire backed off a little. 
	Pyro sighed and shook his head back and forth. “Embersky’s right. We should think of a plan before we make this
hunt just a chase. Listen, I wouldn’t want to pay attention to a girl, but Embersky is really smart and she thinks of
ways to get things done and over with.” Rotwood stated as he sat down on the ground with his tail waving side to side.
Pyro just looked away and out on the Prairie where he saw the deer. Pyro seemed to really want to chase after the deer,
but he exhaled and said, “Allright, what do you want us to do, Embersky?” “Well, I hope you can get this all
through those thick skulls of yours. First, I want Pyro to howl, and howl loudly. Then, Rotwood, I want you to chase the
deer towards me and Sunfire. Once the deer is close to me and Sunfire, we’ll take it out.” Embersky uttered. The
plan was brilliant and so simple, but Pyro had other ideas. “Why do you and Sunfire get to take the deer out? Why
can’t I do that?” Pyro asked with a pout. “Oh, you big baby, just do what the woman tells you to do and you
won’t get hurt.” Sunfire said with a slight chuckle.
	On the Prairie, the deer was in position. The pack had the deer surrounded and there was no way out. Pyro looked at
Embersky from behind a bush and Embersky gave him the signal. Pyro then brushed some dirt off of his red coat, cleared
his throat, and howled as loud as he could. The deer perked its head up and looked around, then took off. Rotwood, as
planned, jumped out from a boulder and started to chase the deer towards Sunfire and Embersky. Embersky waited until the
deer was as close as it could get. Embersky gestured Sunfire with her paw to come up to where she was. Embersky spotted
the brown coat of Rotwood and the deer. “Allright Sunfire, you ready for this?” Embersky questioned. Sunfire nodded
and looked at the deer. The deer was close enough and Embersky was the first to take it out. Embersky jumped out with
her teeth showing, and hammered into the deer, holding it by the neck. Sunfire also came out, holding the deer down and
digging his teeth into the soft stomach. Embersky, still holding onto the deer’s neck, started to twist the deer’s
neck, cracking the bones. Soon, the deer was dead, and Pyro, along with Rotwood, came over to the dead animal. “Wow,
that worked out even better than I’d hoped.” Embersky said with a slight grin. Pyro sniffed the carcass and lifted
his head up. “We may as well eat up. I’m starving after all that work.” Pyro said. “What work? You just
stretched your vocal cords a bit.” Rotwood stated. The others laughed, but Pyro rolled his eyes, and then laughed at
himself. Then the group grabbed hold of the carcass with their teeth and slowly dragged it back to their leaders.
	Back in their territory, they soon saw their leaders, Runningbrooke and Silvermist. Silvermist was the first to spot
them and swiftly walked over to them. “Well, how did your first hunt go?” Silvermist asked them in her calm voice.
Pyro was the first to speak and said, “It was so awesome! I took this deer out with my incredible abilities.”
Rotwood laughed hard and rolled around on the earth. Pyro looked at him and said, “What are you laughing at? I’m
just really awesome.” Embersky bit Pyro on his hind leg and Pyro jolted a bit. “You dumby, you did not! Me and
Sunfire took out the deer, you did the howling and Rotwood did the chasing.” Silvermist smiled and said, “Well Pyro,
looks like you just got told.” Runningbrooke then came over, waving his perfectly white tail to and fro. “You have
had enough for today. Pyro, Embersky, Rotwood, and Sunfire, you need your rest. Tomorrow is another day of hunting and
training.” Runningbrooke uttered then walked away. His white coat gleamed in the sunlight. “But, dad, it’s still
daylight. C’mon dad, please, just let us stay up a little while.” Pyro pouted. Runningbrooke sighed and replied,
“Fine. Go off and romp around, but if the Rogue Clan comes, don’t expect me to come rescue you when you get
captured.” Pyro scoffed and then gestured them all to follow him. Then, they disappeared in the thick forest.
	“Runningbrooke, what is going on with you? All you ever care about is your kids and their safety. Listen,
Runningbrooke, they are kids. They need their rest, sure, but they also need a little fun in their lives.” Silvermist
said. “I will not let our son get attacked by the Rogue Clan. I know that they need fun, but they need to grow up one
of these days. They need to settle down one day and raise a family.” Runningbrooke answered while looking out at the
sun going down. Silvermist nuzzled into Runningbrooke and said, “You’re getting overworked about this.”
Runningbrooke looked at Silvermist with his sky-blue eyes and sighed. “I know I am, but having to protect this pack is
hard work. Without you, I don’t know what I’d do.” Runningbrooke said as he cuddled Silvermist, putting his left
front leg half-way around Silvermist. “I’m sure you’ll do fine, Runningbrooke. You’ve been doing fine ever since
and the Rogue Clan has never once showed up since last summer.” Silvermist stated and looked at Runningbrooke.
Runningbrooke exhaled noisily and said, “Maybe you’re right.”
	After the sun went down and the creatures of the dark came out, it was time for the four wolves in the pack to return,
but there was no sign of them. Silvermist was getting worried. “Runningbrooke, any sign of them?” Silvermist shouted
in the night. A distance away, she heard the rustling of leaves and out came Runningbrooke. Runningbrooke panted and
said, “No sign of them. I can’t find them anywhere. Now they are going to get it. If they come back, they’ll
receive a punishment so horrible, they won’t dare run off again.” At that moment, Silvermist’s ears perked up.
“Silvermist?” Runningbrooke said a bit worried. Silvermist hushed Runningbrooke and saw that bushes behind them were
rustling. Silvermist backed up into Runningbrooke, still staring at the rustling bushes until out popped Pyro and the
	“Hey mom, hey dad. Howzzit going?” Pyro asked with a smirk. Runningbrooke had a disappointed look on his face and
stared at Pyro. The other three came out of the bushes, laughing, and then stopped once they saw Runningbrooke. “Umm,
we’re going to go to sleep.” Sunfire stated as he and the others started to walk off. “Freeze you three. You four
are to come with me, now.” Runningbrooke said and started to walk off, gesturing them to follow him. Pyro looked at
Silvermist, but Silvermist just gave a little frown and shook her head. The four youngsters, with their heads held down
and their tails between their legs, hopelessly followed Runningbrooke into a thick, dark clearing in the forest.
	“I am disappointed in you four but mostly, I am disappointed in you Pyro.” Runningbrooke said as he slowly turned
around to face them. Embersky looked at Runningbrooke with her yellow eyes and explained, “Pyro did nothing wrong,
Runningbrooke. I know we didn’t get back until now, but you can’t pin everything on Pyro.” “Yes Sir,
Embersky’s right. No one got hurt or captured.” Rotwood said, agreeing with Embersky. “Oh? Then how come you all
are scratched up, hmm?” Runningbrooke asked, looking at the scratches on the four’s skin. Runningbrooke knew they
were hurt, even though they were hiding it. “Oh, I got caught in a sticker bush and they had to help me out of it.”
Sunfire stated. Runningbrooke sighed and lowered his head, shaking it. “You all should know that I worry about you. If
you four ever got caught up in a fight with the Rogue Clan, I don’t know what I’d do.” Runningbrooke stated with a
some-what sad voice. 
	The four looked at each other, and then Pyro uttered, “I’m sorry father. It was my fault. I led them away into some
unknown territory and we got lost. That’s when Sunfire got caught in a sticker bush because he was running to fast and
didn’t know where he was going. Embersky, Rotwood, and I had to help him out. That is how we got all these scratches.
But the good thing is we didn’t get caught up in a fight with anything.” Runningbrooke seemed impressed. “Pyro,
this is the first time in years you have actually told me the truth, and in detail. You shown courage and, most of all,
you stood up to me,” Runningbrooke sighed and continued, “Get some sleep, you four. Tomorrow is another day of
hunting and you four should get your strength ready.” The four smiled and they all went back to where Silvermist was.
Then, they soon went to sleep.
Allright, here it is, hope you liked it. Second one coming soon~ Promise!
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