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 You love who you love. And if you truely love them 1) you wouldn't control then 2) you'd treat them right. 3) other people's opionions wouldn't harm your relationship
I OFFER NO CYBERS! icky. Not into that. NO CYBERS. Yo. I'm revampin' my profile. For those of you who dunno, I don't give out my name nicely. So untill i dare to trust you call me my nickname Zoe~ It is the only girl name i particularly like. You may call me Cinder too. but thats only cause i really like the nick name CinCin-bun that my bestie recently started calling me ^///^ You however may not call me CinCin-bun without permission. D< Also i don't get on here much if i doits to draw. so message me if you want but i prolly won't get it cause it'll have been 14 days XD 1/2 Prince Meatbun Pictures, Images and Photos So now you know my "name". What else is there to tell you about my self... Umm I'll start with looks. well As a kid and untill i dyed my hair i've been a natural blond. but once i redyed my hair blond after going red a few years ago my hair is growing out to be a blondish brown. Thusly i still call myself a blond. I prefer that hair color. My eyes are usually blue with some other color mixed in but i say they change colors. I have several witnesses too. i'll wear the same color shirt or the exact same one in the exact same room with no difference in light and my eyes will be a different color. all except brown. I'm suuuper pale at the moment because i've been sick for the past few months and haven't gone outside. I have a nice face unless its allergy season then it sorta gets puffy... i'm "thin" but am starting to pudge out from all the chips and nutella i've been eating >.>' And i'm about 6 ft. not quite yet.... one or so more inch. As for clothing.... Jeans <3 nicce boot cut jeans <333 or my comfy pants/shorts/capris if i'm at home. I usually just wear t-shirts. if i feel nice or relatively bold i'll wear one of my tighter shirts. But i still hate the fact that i have boobs so i usually wear large t-shirts to kinda hide them ^_^ and i almost always wear my hoodie unless its too hot. then i find my Uchiha half jacket thing and wear that. ^_^ Okies~ personality time? Yes i think so~ I'm a mixed bag XD my personality changes alot. may just be a teen thing due to hormones or something but yea... I range alot. I can be hot headed, suuuper shy, kinda out going, super introverted, hyper, lazy, Lovey, crazy, bitchy, caring, blunt, hateful, scary, apathetic, ......... i dunno.... alot! just... depends on who you are to me and how i feel that day. oh yea i also forget how old i am at time too which adds to which mood i'll be. 12-13 is good because i met my best friend so i'll be hyper and cute. 14-15 i'll be scary. 16-18 i'll be bitchy and ehh. anything above that i'll be motherly >.>' Been like this since i was 11 for some reason. and i honestly don't rememebr how old i am... i think i'm 17.... i know i celebrated my sweet 16 then i remember not celebrating a birthday cause mom said it'd be innapropriate with how much school i had missed from being sick... so i think i'm only 17... maybe? Oh yea. I forgot to mention i have HORRRIBLE memory XD I can't remembmer names most of the time. and i tend to forget to check for spelling errors or i'm too lazy to fiz them. Just incase you haven't already picked that up >.>' Photobucket My likes~ dunno ^_^ i like different things depending on my mood. Bishies will always be loved though~ video games and anime/manga. but which ones depends on whats happened last in them XD Yaoi~ like Sasuke+Naruto, sasunaru Pictures, Images and Photos Kakashi+Obito, KAKASHI OBITO Pictures, Images and Photos Naruto+Gaara, narugaa Pictures, Images and Photos Itachi+Kissame, itakisa Pictures, Images and Photos Itachi+Deidara, ItaDei Pictures, Images and Photos Deidara+Sasori, deisaso Pictures, Images and Photos sooorta Itachi+Sasuke [curse you ZaSasuke-chan!], ItaSasu Pictures, Images and Photos Sebastian+Undertaker, sebastian undertaker Pictures, Images and
Photos Sebastian+William, Sebastian x William Pictures, Images and
Photos Prince+Gui [in game it's yaoi! Gui is awesome so he gets two~], prince gui Pictures, Images and Photos prince gui Pictures, Images and Photos Germany+Italy Germany + Italy Pictures, Images and Photos yaoi7 Pictures, Images and Photos I also like some straight couples. Like Kakashi+Mikoto [sasukes mommy], Hinata+Kiba, Minato+Kushina, Ichigo+Orehime, Sesshomaru+Rin [hey he's a demon. he'll be like 25 looking when shes old enough to mate >.>] and some others i can't remember~ My current Bishie list includes : Itachi Uchiha, Sebastian Michaelis, Monkey D. Luffy, Sesshomaru, Guileastos, Germany, Blood Dupre, Borris Airay, Kyo Sohma, Kyouya Ootori, Ulquiorra, Satoshi Hiwatari, and probably the best of my bishies Li Xingke~ <3 I've watched/read alot of anime/manga. sooo I'm gonna try to list as many as i can here. though i know i've forgoten alot of manga. Anime: Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Wolf Rain, Inuyasha, Durarara!, Black Cat,Avatar the last Air bender, Air Gear, Dragonaught, FLCL, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Jack, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, MAR, Death Note, Hetalia, Full Metal Alchemist [brotherhood too], Ouran Highschool Host Club, D.N.Angel, and probably alot more than i'm remembering XD Manga[oh god.... i'm gonna number these NOT in any specific order jsut by when i remember them XD] 1) Naruto 2) 1/2 Prince 3) The Best Lover[tis yaoi] 4) Crazy Girl Shin Bia 5) Red Lion 6) Cutie Boy 7) Bremen Boy of the Female Wolf 9) AI WO UTAU YORI ORE NI OBORERO! [dunno what it translates to] 10) Angel Manual 11) Alice Academy 12) Cherry Juice 13) Cherry Love 14) Beast Master 15) S.A. 16) Black Butler[Kuroshitsuji] 17) Ouran Highschool Host Club 1 MAR 19) Vampire Knight 20) Chibi Vampire 21) Bloody Kiss [oh god when is this gonna end? and the sad part is i know i've read so much more TT~TT] 22) AAA 23) Hana Kimi 24) Kimi ni Todoke 25) Faster than a Kiss[haha i remember this XD] 26) Alice in the Country of Hearts 27) Yurara 2 MiXiM 29) Barajou no Kiss 30) Kamichama Karin 31)Spice and Wolf 32) Asa mo Hiru mo Yoru mo 33) Asa made Motto 34) Fruits Basket [haha i give up for now but i'm still missing alot~ I'd go look up more but i'm supposed to be doing a research paper] Otaku Pictures, Images and Photos ANIME LOVER Pictures, Images and Photos My current favorite video games are: Final Fantasy 7, 10, and 12 because i've only played those ones, Kingdom Hearts, Star Ocean, Okami, Heart of Darkness, Herc's Adventures, Kobalt's Quest, All my old Genesis games, Super Mario, Dr. Mario, The Digimon game where you raise your own digimon, Pokemon [the majority of the ones i've played anyway], I don't mind Call of duty but i don't own it, Left for Dead, Counter strike, Half Life, Age of Empires, The company of Myself, vampire physics, hanger man, QWOP, and some others i can't remember ^^ Things i love: My precious people. screw with them and i will hate you forever. How that hate manifests itself is up to jsut how much you make me hate you and just what punishment i'm willing to accept at the time XD My precious people i can usually count on my fingers. they doo fall in and out of favor at times though. and Bishies. i love Bishies~ My dislikes? hahahaha too many to name XD you are better off wiht my list of likes XD random funny link XD my habbits? I don't smoke. though i don't mind the smell. I won't drink. I hate the smell of alcohol. tattoos are fine but i honestly will stick to drawing on myself instead. less permanent or painful to remove. I bite my nails. thats all i think... my hobbies? depends on my mood. i may write, may draw, may paint, may sleep. Occupation? jobless. in highschool. curently a junior. and am aparently in danger of being one still next year... Beliefs? I do not believe in "God". I'm starting to lean more toward the thoughts on religion being an invention of smarter people to soothe less smart people ages ago and has spread like wildfire. I believe in ghosts, vampires and the likes. I personally do not think i am psychic but a few have said i could be. I do not believe in horoscopes and predictions on death but i'll look at em for fun when i'm uber bored or am asked to. My Death Clock Prediction My goals? get through this year. try to fix my grades. get healthy again. become my usual skinny instead of just "thin"[the people of my family are fat. so they think i'm tiny but i'm probably like 20 lbs over weight and none of it is muscle] and have abs again. Get though high school and figure out for sure what i want to do with my life so i don't waste time and money in college. then after that Be happy and make my loved ones happy. My relationship? oh yea.... ehhh..... may be single soon.... may not be.... I'm getting annoyed with all the crap he says but i still love him. If he'd trust me it'd be better. It'd be moreso better if he wouldn't view me as a fucking little kid JUST because he's a junior in college and i'm a junior in high school. [only 3 years age difference. and both our parents agree. so tis legal.] Ehh i could complain alot... and never say a good word about him XD but then i'd be painting only shadows and leaving out the sun who casts them XD [i'm pointing out his flaws without telling you all the wonderful things he does/person he is that casts such a large shadow]. Still a virgin and proud of it. Mind is perverted as hell though XD thats what i get for talking to two highschool seniors when i was in 8th grade XD. I'm still learning about stuff when it comes to love but i hope i can be the best girlfriend/love i can be. I have trouble with the definition of love sometimes and i can not give a good one myself. I like romance and i believe in the thing called love. My wishes? i'll keep all but two a secret for now. 1)I wish gangs and fighting would dissolve out of existence. and 2) I wish that i could stop collecting people with crushes on me. I feel bad turning em down and hurting them but i love who i love and it's not gonna change. if you want more info chat.

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28 Mar 12
I'm so happy~ our last lovey kitty came home today after being lost outside for 2-3 weeks....
9 Jan 11
okay i haven't checked my email in a week under 5 months. When i first signed in i had 11.336...

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FF12 Analog stick O.oSurprize till finishedBrrr

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Style 1 Apr 12  
you have the best playlist ever. omg.
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› 1 Apr 12  
Really? thanks. i haven't mesed with it since i was 13 though so alot of the
music is sorta old to me >.> XD
bab3000 14 Jun 11  
lol so whats with the ghost bunny
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› 14 Jun 11  
ghost bunny?
‹fucks_like_a_BUNNY_should› 16 Apr 11  
Would ghosts exist without a god to create them?
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› 16 Apr 11  
a god has no reason to create ghosts. now if you wish to harass me about
beliefs then i'll simply ignore you.
‹.Alex.Reject.Heartbreaker.› 11 Apr 11  
You're mad because Sai left too?
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› 11 Apr 11  
yes. very. i love sai's little brother and this was the only way i could talk
to him. and i really like talking to sai too. it makes me laugh when i'm not so
‹** I Think Im fallin' For him **<3› 21 Mar 11  
The emo song.
Best song everr. (:
‹Itachi_fangirl<3~› 21 Mar 11  
hmmm i like other songs better honestly >.> like the shooring star ending from
naruto and "with me" by sum 41 and only one by yellowcard.
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