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My Role Play Characters

These are my role play characters and maybe you guys can give me ideas. Soon I will create Rp characters for you guys.
:D Oh and please give me Kupipoints. Maybe like 15 or 20 per person and if thats too much you can give me less if you
want I mean when it adds up I can add clubs. I will make a diary too. Kk. And thank you for your time. Beware of my sexy

Name: Raya
Age: 18
Species: Vampire Princess
Origin: Romania
Accent: Roman
Likes: Hanging with friends, sleeping, peace
Dislikes: Being a princess, fighting
Personality: She is a very beautiful princess and people love her. They can't wait till she becomes queen. She is told
she has to become a warrior and is very hesitant on becoming a warrior but she doesn't really have a choice in the
Appearance: hot Pictures, Images and

Name: Sakura
Species: Neko
Origin: Japan
Accent: Japanese
Likes: Cats, friends, black, Cosplaying
Dislike: Dogs, work, mean people, large groups of people, cliques
Personality: Quite stubborn when it comes to work, Sakura can be quite kind at times but can be quite a bitch. She
doesn't like large groups of people or cliques and tries to avoid them at all cost. She hates dogs and dogs hate her.
She absolutely LOVES Cosplaying
Appearance: Black neko Pictures,
Images and Photos

Name: Akio
Age: 17
Species: Demon
Origin: England
Accent: British
Single: Yes
With: No one
Personality: Very distant and cold at times. Doesn't really have anyone to connect with and everyone seems to be afraid
of him. He is not emotional at all. He doesn't show his emotion. He hides it in anger, hatred, and/or being calm and
acting like everything is Ok when its not. Likes hanging out in graveyards and always has his sword with him just in
case. Has trust issues. Loves full moons and is a totally different person on full moons. He can be kind when he wants
to be.
Appearance: Photobucket

Name: Mayu
Age: 16
Species: Vampress
Origin: Russia
Accent: Russian
Single: Yes
Personality: She is very quiet and hates being a princess. She is very respected by all people mostly because of her
kindness and beauty. She is soon going to be queen of all the land but right now is just a princess. She loves kittens
but is sad because her mother won't let her get one. She mostly stays in her room but sometimes she'll sneak out and
find something intreresting to do. Though she hates being a princess, she is still very modest and humble. She goes to
private school and doesn't have a lot of friends because she hates that everyone is so snotty and bitchy.
Appearance: Photobucket
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