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Tribhute to Junishyii Photo
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This is for the most sensitive child I had ever seen, Junishyii Haniko.She is crying dearly like someone had killed her
family and friends(well, she is an orphan to be exact.)

Remember the movie "Everyone's Fool" or the song?Well,like the stories, Junishyii Haniko is the one that gets her
feelings hurt.
     Junishyii Haniko was a orphan at age 1.Junishyii was born at August 17, 1997. When JUnishyii had no where else to
go, a orphanage took care of her.No one knew how her family was gone but, it was gone.Until my dear saint little
sister,Eve Katana, brought JUnishyii home and Junishyii became attached to Eve right then. Junishyii has the same dream
as Eve, to be the greatest anime and manga creator in the world.Which is why Junishyii started taking notes of a lot of
people.Out of a lot of people, Naive(kupika), Riesha(kupika), Sonicorcksmysocks(deviantart), and probably more,
Junishyii's idol is our very famous Darkoekaki(kupika).......
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Junishyii looks exactly like Yachiru from Bleach, which is why I put up this picture.
    Junishyii may be 9, but she is in high school right now.Junishyii has dislexia.They won't let her do math, but they
let her do the rest since she always keep trying.She plays recorder,piano, and is starting regular violin.She speaks
some japanese, a lot of vietnamese, and a lot of english.Junishyii is a in yokai but, she doesn't look the part.She is a
shinigami and this is her shinigami certified: 
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Divison: 10th
Seat: 5th
Taichou: Hitsugaya Toshiru
Fukataichou: Matsumoto Rangiku
Shi-kai: shinigami's idol(there she chooses each of the following: HInoYasta, Eve, Ichigo)
Bankai: HinoYasa Haki, Eve Karanto, Ichigo Kunosari
Occupation: high school pipsqueak, shinigami
Partners: Eve Katana(11th division, 4th seat), Deniru(3rd division, 3rd seat), Yachiru(11th division fukataichou)
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  Yumi_K — Page created: 13 April 2007
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FaerieClubKim says:   13 April 2007   962922  
thanks for making a tribute to her even though she isn't dead*looks in back of me*
and nee-san, I am gonna keep Junishyii from hanging herself.
Yumi_K says :   14 April 2007   131463  
your welcome.

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