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YWN's Original Characters

My Original Characters

All of these characters are available for roleplaying.

If you are interested in roleplaying with any of them, please contact me. I will only roleplay in letters.

Veeta'Zaia nar Panma

A Quarian female (age 19) on her pilgrimage. Hopes to create a full encyclopedia of every alien race in the galaxy (council and non-council) to present to her people so they can become more knowledgeable about the alien races inhabiting the galaxy.

Meriah (no last name known)

Pureblood Asari maiden currently living on Omega after her father's death (former Eclipse sister). Runs a small bar called Dark Matter with the money her father left her.


Male Turian adult (aged in his late 20's). Parents were killed by Batarian mercenaries raiding their home. He was lucky enough to survive by hiding. His uncle (father's brother) and aunt took him in and raised him. Now an adult, Jarac, who hates Batarians as well as humans (his father was a young boy during the First Contact War and passed along his hatred of the humans to Jarac) kills all Batarian and human mercenaries, assassins, and thieves, believing he is protecting and fighting for his people (the Turians).

He is always roleplayed with his cousin, Calla, since they live together.


Female Turian adult (aged in her late 20's). Cousin to Jarac. Grew up with him after his parents were killed and her own parents took him in to raise him. Specializing in poison biotic abilities, Calla follows her cousin and helps him take down Batarians and humans. She doesn't agree with his xenophobic ways against them, but she hasn't "found" herself.

She is always roleplayed with her cousin, Jarac, since they live together.


Odette, a Pokemon trainer (age 18 years) that specializes in Psychic Pokemon. She keeps mainly to herself and her Pokemon. She prefers to stay away from people. She will avoid talking to them if at all possible. Her favorite Pokemon is her Ralts, who she has nickname Rara. Though Ralts is rather new to her team, she immediately grew attached to the Pokemon. Her other Pokemon include a Grovyle, an Espeon (Fiona), a Banette (Puppet), and a Gyarados. Odette will battle if challenged, but she does not seek out battles on her own. She prefers to spend her time traveling with her Pokemon and meeting many other types of Pokemon to find the perfect sixth member of her team.


Rara is a baby Pokemon in all meanings of the word. She's less than a year old and is the Pokemon of a Trainer named Odette (who specializes in Psychic Pokemon). She's very shy, but attaches herself to friendly Pokemon and trainers quickly. She also has a huge sweet tooth. She'll run and hide when fighting breaks out, and hardly uses her ability or moves.

Level: 6

Ability: Synchronize

Moves: Growl, Confusion, and Double Team

Sex: Female

Likes: Dancing to music, snuggling with a fuzzy blanket, and sweets

Dislikes: Fighting


Fiona, also one of Odette's Pokemon, is a royal snob. She doesn't get along with other Pokemon very well. Because she was bred by a professional Pokemon breeder, she thinks she's a top-of-the-line Pokemon. She is also very picky about what Pokemon she associates with in a romantic matter. Fiona is also like a second Mom to Rara (after Odette) because she's often stuck babysitting Rara when Odette lets her run off and play.

Level: 43

Ability: Synchronize

Moves: Baby-Doll Eyes, Psybeam, Psychic, and Calm Mind

Sex: Female


Puppet is a classic trickster. He loves to play tricks on Pokemon, appearing suddenly behind them, tapping them on the shoulder, and disappearing just as quickly. He gets joy from watching others suffer, and sometimes will play the devil's advocate just to screw other Pokemon over. He isn't one to rush into a fight, but if Odette (his trainer) asks him to, he will and will enjoy making his opponent suffer. (He also has tendencies to be turned on by watching others suffer.)

Level: 40

Ability: Insommnia

Moves: Shadow Ball, Screech, Will-O-Wisp, Hex

Sex: Male


Drake was chosen by Odette at the beginning of her journey. She named him Drake because he looked "like a little green lizard dragon". He was very motivated and had dreams of being the best Pokemon fighter the world would ever know, but when he evolved into Grovyle, he just lost all motivation. He found that life was much better after smoking a blunt or two and gorging himself on Cheetos and Sunny-D. Odette viewed Drake as the leader of her team, but his unwillingness to fight is bringing the whole team down. Drake has the power and the potential, but he chooses not to use it. Drake also is extremely attracted to all fire types, despite the dangerous risk they pose to him.

Level: 30

Ability: Overgrow

Moves: Mega Drain, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, and Grass Knot

Sex: Male

Likes: A good blunt, Cheetos, Sunny-D, fire types (both genders)

Dislikes: Being burnt by fire types when rejected, Doritos, and being forced to fight when he isn't willing to

Rick (Shortened for Ricardo)

Rick was caught in the wild by his trainer Odette. She caught him as a Magikarp with the purpose of evolving him and having an incredibly powerful Pokemon on her team. She treated him with respect, love, and trained him like any other Pokemon. Rick felt loved and was very happy. He never felt useless because of the way Odette treated him. However, when he evolved, his natural rage collided horribly with his happy, friendly attitude, resulting in turning Rick into a bipolar emotional mess. Rick has tried holding down many many MANY jobs. He's done almost everything, from customer service in retail to serving in a restaurant to working at a hot dog vendor cart in Lumiose City. He only stays with one job for a few days before a customer makes him so mad, he unleashes a Hyper Beam on the poor customer. Rick has been fired so many times, he has lost count.

Level: 82

Ability: Intimidate

Moves: Hyper Beam, Dragon Dance, Crunch, and Hydro Pump

Sex: Male

Dislikes: Being called "Dick" instead of "Rick" on purpose.


Evanescent was named such by her parents (her mother, a teacher, and her father, an author) because she was so white, it looked like she was fading away (like a ghost). She was a normal pony: happy, carefree, and excited to get her cutie mark.

When she was a student of Cheerilee, the Crystal Empire was saved and restored. Miss Cheerilee took the class on a field trip to tour the Crystal Empire. While on a guided tour by one of the Crystal ponies, Evanescent sneaked away and got into a tower that had been blocked off because it was once part of Sombra's kingdom. Inside, she found a stone that was shaped like a heart. Excited to show her friends what she had found, she grabbed the stone. What Evanescent didn't know is that this stone was cursed by King Sombra. Sombra's power engulfed her body. An explosion of dark magic was what drew the attention of Cheerilee and the other students. They rushed back to the tower to find an unharmed Evanescent. Except something was odd: Evanescent's right eye was yellow and the pupil was narrow, like a cat's.

Cheerilee rushed her to the doctor only to discover that she had been cursed by one of King Sombra's artifacts. Every time Evanescent would experience heartbreak, a little bit of Sombra's darkness would consume her body.

This led Evanescent to live in fear. She soon withdrew from everyone: her friends, Miss Cheerilee, and her parents. Things so small (not getting her cutie mark, a boy in her class not liking her back, not getting the part she tried out for in the class play) fed the dark magic. By the time Evanescent was a young adult, the magic had nearly consumed her mane and was starting to spread to her legs, chest, and back on the right side of her body. It is predicted that once it covers all of the right side, it will start to cover the left side as well.

Evanescent normally wears a black cloak to hide her face when she goes out. As the dark magic takes over more of her body, she experiences mood swings of extreme anger towards others, desire to intent harm to others, and urges to hide in the dark.


Cloud is a female automaton. She was created by an elderly man who wanted companionship in his last days. However, her creator died before he could activate her. She sat in a closet for many years until a family in the 21st century bought the house. A boy, Nathan, found Cloud in the closet, along with a piece of paper that held instructions on how to activate and deactivate her. He turned her on and brought her to life.

Cloud is programmed to be a companion. She knows how to do basic household chores and can carry a conversation. She sometimes appears to not have much emotion. She is made of one type of metal save for her hands and feet, which are made from another metal entirely and differ in color (her creator ran out of the metal he used for her body and had to use another type).

Since she is programmed to entertain and be of service to others, Cloud wanders from city to city helping others where she can. She dresses in clothing that was purchased for her to wear by her creator. Others often describe it as "steampunk".

Mara Jenkins

Mara Jenkins. Grim Reaper. [Black Butler universe.] Mara is a beginner Grim Reaper who is head-over-heels about Grell Sutcliff. He is her crush and her idol. Mara uses a chef's knife for her weapon. She wears a key around her neck which she stole from the person of her first job (which she doesn't regret, despite breaking a rule and getting on Will's bad side).
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You forgot Catherine T. Booker 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   30 August 2015   853218  
I didn't really imagine ever using her outside of our RP, to be honest. o.o 
‹Boat Man› says:   30 August 2015   201538  
Yeah, I know. It'd be difficult to apply her to anything else, I was just making a
reference that I figured you'd like. :P 
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   30 August 2015   527670  
Well indeed I did. xP 
primwhitewolf says:   13 September 2015   333814  
Your original characters are awesome opossum.
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These are awesome
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