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23 M United States of America
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YESTERDAY'S HERO "LET'S NOT TALK OF LOVE OR CHAINS, AND THINGS WE CAN'T UNTIE" I Had to Fall to Lose it All ΔΩΘΣΣΓ Life's Too Short for Boring Conversations So Let's Not Waste Any Time ΣΩΣΓΔΘ All the Things I Want to Do to YOU are Very Naughty; But they All Start with a Kiss No One Else Has Got Your Eyes Can See the Things You See It's Up to You to Change Your Life And My Life's Up to Me
formerly known as: and also more recently... ABOUT ME -dominant- -controversial- -educated- -opinionated- -grammatical- -sexual- -literate- -lexical- -lyrical- -poetic alchemist- -WRITER- -realist- -empathetic- -8 years celibate- -perpetually single- -hopelessly romantic- -never gets the girl- -creative- -witty- -charismatic- -loner- -balanced- -contradictory- -suffers from Peter Pan Syndrome- -known to sing in public- -...and dance too- MY PERSONAL AD "THERE IS A CRACK, A CRACK IN EVERYTHING. THAT'S HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN" WHAT SOME SAY ABOUT ME: We_all_lie_so_well said: You are mine. End of discussion. EliRaySunshine said: You are an incredible person from the inside out. You care about people the way they need to be cared for whether they deserve it or not, and you are a perfect listener. You're strong, reliable, and honest. wanderluskitten said: You're an amazing person, you've been through so much and you truly care about everyone that you meet. I'm extremely happy that I took the time to meet you and talk with you. I don't think there is any other person that I can be more open with. I hope you continue to be the amazing person that you are. obsydian said: I say you are a really interesting and badassly nice person. At least thats as much as i know of you which isnt much. But hey you at least tak to me, thats nicer than a lot of people calebmartin said: I haven't wanted to rip your face off. So that's saying something. Because I hate people, and you don't seem that bad. You're pretty cool. Bombpants_and_Undershells said: From the short time I've known you, I think you are a chill and mellow person. You seem to be there to listen to someone when they need it. eRectangle said: Tbh you're hot af. ListenToMe said: You are handsome, kind, and amazing in every single way. You help me. I love talking to you, and I don't ever wanna lose you. You are a shining star in my life. weepingunderwillow said: you're charming and sweet and very intriguing I wish to know more. talk to me so that's a plus. We should talk more so please message me soon!<3 Alaki_The_Greatest said: You are very nice and sweet :P ((god I cant be mean???? D) and You have a very caring personality, you handle stress very well and there isn't much I know that you have put your mind to and quit in the middle of it because it was "too hard" ((wait o3o I don't know of anything that you have given up on o3o))you have a very determined soul though you have had more than your share of hardships you still come out on top. I love you dear <3 WHAT WILL YOU SAY? (mssg me your blurb about me) You Know My Motivation, Given My Reputation; Please Excuse Me, I Don't Mean to be Rude - But Tonight I'm Fucking You

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28 Mar 17
Every Hacker knows there are two basic forms of "hacking" something. Hacking the hardware/software...
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HerpesFreeSince93 6 Nov 17  
Wow your not that  bad as ppl say you are.
YourEddieBear 11 Nov 17  

and thanks ig
Merril_22 18 Oct 17  
Why are ppl so mean to you??? 
YourEddieBear 21 Oct 17  
In a Nutshell: I was talking to this one girl that lived in Georgia. She was 16
at that time. Was acquainted with her on here since she joined but we didn't
talk much back then, Anyways in 2009-2010 we started talking more friendly. We
talked mostly on MSN messenger and emails not on here. Her Aunt found out when
she used her Aunt's laptop and didn't log off. Her Aunt went to the Georgia
police to complain how her niece was talking with an older man but since the Age
of Consent is 16 in Georgia, and there wasn't really anything illegal in our
emails themselves, there was nothing that they could do about it since if I were
to have gone to hook up with her in Georgia it would have been legal. That
didn't go over so since I was living in California at the time, they had the
LAPD take over her email and from that point for several months a detective
pretended to be her. They lured me to a location to meet her - as she had
previously told me that her Aunt would be taking her on a European vacation for
an early 18 bday present this time the girl was 17 years old... when they
took it over they changed that trip to one to California. Since the age of
consent is 18 in California, I was arrested and charged with "arranging to meet
a minor" for sex, which I plead guilty to. 

The part I find amusing about the haters is how they seem to find my talking or
messaging even Adult women offensive.   apparently, I'm not allowed to have
any interest friendly or otherwise in anyone no matter how old they are.
grayne 27 Aug 17  
aren't we getting a little too old for this site?
YourEddieBear 27 Aug 17  
For the site? Or the people on it? Well this should be the last year of the
site and it is dead anyways. As for the people, most have grown up as predicted
n I think the average user is over 18.   As for me using Kupika , I only pop on
for old time's sake. I don't usually spend more than a minute anymore. There's
pretty much nobody here worth talking to. The one or two that I would talk to,
don't really talk to me so I don't waste my time.
Angeline321 26 Jun 17  
Dear YourEddieBear,
My blurb about you is that you are a terrible person. All of thosen blurbs on
your profile are fake! Why the hell are you still on Kupika?! You are a
pedophile,molester,and juvenile dipshit!!! Get a life!!!!
YourEddieBear 26 Jun 17  
I think you miss the point of a "blurb" lol
crazyhot 26 Apr 17  
Personally I think it's to feed your ego
YourEddieBear 26 Apr 17  
How is that when there is no one here that likes me? That makes real sense.
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