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12 Scrollboxes★Layouts 45

Yanely a la Layouts|★|Scroll boxes a la Mode (Some of these may not be compatible with Internet Explorer. I recommend getting Google Chrome or Firefox! I am sure with those all will be fine.)
*It's best to read everything! UPDATE: August 15th, 2012 I fixed that random autoplay music that was coming out of nowhere other than my own music player above. Someone decided it was funny to have a hidden autoplay music player on their comment. u_u --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: June 14th, 2012 I have transferred the codings for the scrollboxes and layouts to for more kupi page capacity and space. Before I had reached my character limit, but now I'm free to add more scrollboxes/layouts. I also have deleted some layouts and ready to fill in some new ones. C: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoy Yanely a la Layouts and Scroll boxes a la Mode;100% Original. To create these I have used Oekaki Shi Painter, SAI, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0, and MS Paint. Not the best, but I like them enough to share them with everyone. They're fun. :D *Rrrrrules: Please do not modify the image or take credit of my work/layouts/scroll boxes. Don't redistribute. Don't steal. *Questions, comments, feedback? Also, please comment if you're using one or intend to. Just to make sure you are not skimming through everything, in your comment please include your answer to: who is better Batman or Superman? >:D Feel free to advertise this page with my stamp banner.

You can credit me with this at the bottom of the layout. It's not required, but most appreciated, so that if somebody would like to use the layout they'd know where to find it.

-------------------------ORIGINAL SCROLL BOXES!-------------------------
These have a transparent background and can go on any background colour.
Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Thank you. Code is found here: Enjoy! :D
~ 2.
Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Thank you. Code is found here: Enjoy! :D
~ 3.
Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Thank you. Code is found here: Enjoy! :D
~ 4.
Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Code is found here: Enjoy! :D Thank you.
~ 5.
Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Code is found here: Enjoy! :D Thank you.
~ 6.
Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Code is found here: Enjoy! :D Thank you.
~ 7.
Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Code is found here: Enjoy! :D Thank you.
~ 8.
Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Code is found here: Enjoy! :D Thank you.
~ 9.
Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Code is found here: Enjoy! :D Thank you.
~ 10.
Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Code is found here: Enjoy! :D Thank you.
~ 11.
Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Thank you! Code is found here: Enjoy! :D
~ 12.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please read the rules at the top before taking one. Code is found here: Enjoy! :D Thank you.
-------------------------DOUBLE LAYOUTS!------------------------- These layouts contain the code border-radius: 20px 20px 20px 20px;! That code makes round corners. The radius paddings (20px 20px 20px 20px ) go in the order of (◤px ◥px ◢px ◣px ). You can mess with it to make bigger or smaller round corners. I hope that helps and to see it used more now. ^ ^ 1
1. Pink Lace ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 2
2. Pastel Stripes ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 3
3. Girly Stripes ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 4.
4. Zealous Zebra Print You can change the background colour from white to example, red, and the zebra print white part will turn red! ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 5
5. Watermelon Smiles ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 6
6.Apple Smiles ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 7
7. Pear Smiles ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 8
8. V y r e ✖ I m p e r i a l - 刃傷沙汰 ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 9
9. V y r e ✖ I m p e r i a l - 燐光 ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 10
10. V y r e ✖ I m p e r i a l - 毒ウォーズ ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 11
11. V y r e ✖ I m p e r i a l - 大虐殺 ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
12. Paint Love ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 13
13. Change the bg colours from both layouts from navy to anything you want for a diff bg colour, and the flowers will be of that colour. ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 14
14. Simple a la Mode Pink ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 15
15. Teacup Purple ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 16
16. Teacup Green ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 17
17. Teacup Blue ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 18
18. Scarletious ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 19
19. Japanese Emoticon World ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 20
20. iheart Pink ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 21
21. iheart Blue ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 22
22. iheart Orange ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 23
23. Table cloth one ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 24
24. Table cloth three ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 25
25. Unusual Pattern-Green ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 26
26. Unusual Pattern-Red ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 27
27. Roses ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 28
28. Pastel Doll ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 29
29. Hearts <3 ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 30
30. Silverstein ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 31
31. Endless Clouds ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 32
32. Rilakkuma Pattern ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 33
33. Bunny Pattern ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 34
34. Bunny Pattern V.2 ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 35
35. Endless CLouds V.2 ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 36
36. Floral Transparency V.2 Change the background colour to whatever you like, and the floral will be of that colour.~ ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 37
37. Floral Transparency V.3 Change the background colour to whatever you like, and the floral will be of that colour.~ ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 38
38. Transparent Butterflies Change the background colour to whatever you like, and the butterflies will be of that colour.~ ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 39
39. Drowned Thoughts ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 40
40. Fabel (Vyre Imperial) Pattern ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 41
41. Linda, Danelly, and Hades (Vyre Imperial) Pattern ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 42
42. Group (Vyre Imperial) Pattern Change the background colour to whatever you like, and the bg of the image will be of that colour.~ ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 43
43. Lawliet (Death Note) Pattern ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 44
44. Engraved Pink Pastel Stone ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
~ 45
45. Engraved Green Pastel Stone ~~Code is found here!: Enjoy! n_n
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‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   7 August 2011   339449  
These are amazing! :D One of the bests, I have to say. I have always wondered how
you rounded the corners also. XD I will probably use one of these in the future, just
a heads up. Also, I totally think Batman is better. XD
‹??????› says:   8 August 2011   681057  
Aah, thank you very mucho! ! <3 ;3;
I'm glad I could help you with that, rounded corners are purty. c: Yay, thank you,
I'm honoured and glad! Batman, awwww yeee-aaaah. ;D
Grin says:   8 August 2011   318115  
I'm going to snag the black bunny scroll box for my profile, because it is
simply adorbs. And you did wonderful work with all of these layouts/scroll boxes. I
particularly like the ones where I can recognize which oekakis were used. Very, very
nice! So much talent. <3 Also: Batman beats every "superhero" ever. Just
‹??????› says:   8 August 2011   126439  
Ah, thank you so much for using it then! I'm overjoyed! <3<3 ;A; Why thank
you, ha ha yes, and using my oekakis was my easiest option. cx Thank you QwQ <3,
though mostly I just have so much time in my hands, not much talent!~ Oh and he does,
of course! ;D 

I saw the bunny in your profile oh my dear I'm so happy, and you're advertising me,
I'm honoured! ! /bows  I see you centered it, maybe this code will look nicer when
centered. :D You can use this code instead if you'd like! <33

Grin says:   8 August 2011   277295  
Pish posh. Whether you have time on your hands or not it's still talent. No
problem. Always happy to advertise someone who deserves it. c: And thanks for the new
code. <3
ene says:   8 August 2011   420224  
SO pretty, these are good.  I am using one for my profil! BTW BATMAN FTW!
‹RushingStars★› says:   8 August 2011   778312  
Ahh! You made a scroll box out of my favorite oekaki of yours! :D I'm so happy.
Totally using some of these. I've never seen Batman, so I'll be different and say
Spiderman. xP
‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   8 August 2011   321664  
I'm going to use these sometime. Not right now, because it's like, 2:21 AM and I have
no idea what to use these for, but I WILL use these. I WILL. D:<
These are just friggin-- OMGACUTEBUNNYTHING. IT'S SO CUTE.
I'ma try to make this comment really long and pointless. >:D
You know what, I don't wanna get yelled at, so I'm ending it here.
You are so talented, and amazing. JUST EFFIN AMAZING. OKAY?! OKAY.
‹Dr.giggles› says:   8 August 2011   516089  
these are sooooo beautiful i might use one of the scroll boxes :'3
‹??????› says:   8 August 2011   679048  
Ah ha ha than thank you dear. ;w; <3 Oh no problem at all, enjoy!~
Aaah thank you! ;U; Batman ftw indeed! <3
Really? I'm glad, I wonder which one it is? cx I'm happy you're happy! :D Thank you
in advance, then! >3< <3 Spiderman is freaking awesome, too. ~ Though I suggest to
watch Batman some day when you can, if you want to. :D 
I'm glad you'll be using one, feel free to any time! QAQ
Ha ha yes a bunny! :3 Drawn at random!~
<33333 kloveyoutoooo. 
Thank you Nicole, and awesome, feel free to whenever you wish! ;w; 
‹Dr.giggles› says:   8 August 2011   783957  
thank you!!!:3
im still trying to figure out which one to use *.*
‹RushingStars★› says:   8 August 2011   374237  
Haha, I believe it's the 15th scroll box. :D The one with the girl sitting in the
middle of paintings. Love it@ 
‹??????› says:   8 August 2011   818035  
No problem at all.~
I didn't make many cute ones, sorry! ^ ^;
Really? Cool! I'm glad! I was not sure about putting that one up but now I'm pleased
I did. Sorry, I should really number them, shouldn't I? I'll number them right now
‹✿Peachiie❀› says:   9 August 2011   553395  
Batman!!!!!!(≧∇≦)/ I'm using Simple a la mode Pink. You have done a
wonderful job with this. I'm surprised you took my suggestion! I agree with
Lucy101_is_back and everyone, this is one of the best, I second that!
JackieSkel says:   9 August 2011   501336  
Omg, I love these! They're so cute! :D
‹??????› says:   9 August 2011   444794  
Oh thank you for using! Oh thank you again, ah ha ha. ;A; Not sure if one of the
best, but that makes me happeh. One happeh nincompoop not worthy of such kindness.~
Thank you, and thanks for using one! I see you centered it? These scroll boxes will
look a little off when centered, maybe use this code instead if you wish! It will
look better!:

JackieSkel says:   9 August 2011   125459  
Oh okay :D thank you!
‹??????› says:   10 August 2011   664168  
No problem. n_n ~ 
ene says:   10 August 2011   666965  
Yes!  You get a 10 from me for good work and hard work. 
‹Shadow♥› says:   11 August 2011   980930  
This are just so amazing :O
I'm thinking of using the purple scroll box that says hello, number 11 :D
though I'm going to use it in a club signature if that's okay?
hmm Spiderman or Batman? I don't know, they're both cool XD
I'm totally rating this page a ten :D
‹??????› says:   11 August 2011   765417  
Thank you. ;V; <3
Yay! ~
Oh thanks, go ahead and use it! (:
That's totally okay, anywhere you'd like in Kupika. n_n
Very cool indeed. *^*
Thank you miss! ;U; 
‹Shadow♥› says:   11 August 2011   326947  
Thank you :D
Imagine if they worked together :O
It's okay :F
The music is so lovely :'D 
delirious says:   12 August 2011   329265  
Batman, definitely. 
I'll be using a couple of these from time to time, whenever in the mooood.
Is that o-k?

You've done an excellent job in here, I'm impressed. c:
‹??????› says:   12 August 2011   100058  
No problem. C:
That would be something I would really want to see!
D'aww thanks, I really like it as well, it's calming.<3 

<33 Oh heck yes! 
That is definitely okay, go ahead whenever~ ; o ;

Aw thank you very much, it has lifted my day QuQ♥! 
‹Shadow♥› says:   12 August 2011   619330  
I just have to ask, where did you find the music? 
‹??????› says:   12 August 2011   505118  
The music? Youtube, they are Numb by Linkin Park- piano version, The Piano, by Yann
Tiersen, Crystalline by Filip Van Petegem.
‹Shadow♥› says:   12 August 2011   373538  
Thank you very much :D 
‹??????› says:   12 August 2011   463421  
No problem. C: 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   13 August 2011   986739  
Just testing....i really like these...especially the third layout
‹??????› says:   13 August 2011   610266  
Thanks! :DD
Btw when using that layout, you should also change the second background colour to pink, like this.
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   13 August 2011   522012  
OK  i couldnt find the place to do that 
‹??????› says:   13 August 2011   339284  
I'm sorry about that, I just cascaded the codes. I'll try making it more visible now.
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   14 August 2011   564640  
Its not changing colour now, only the text bg is
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   14 August 2011   447917  
Um can i use one of ur bg pics as a single layout for my letter css? I would use the
already made double layout but i cant use it in css
‹??????› says:   14 August 2011   964649  
Really? I don't know how much simpler I can make it, did you see the newly added:
background-color:anycolouryouwantgoeshere; ? So if you see that replace those words
with a colour. C: I hope that's better. 
Sure go ahead, it'll be my pleasure. ^_^ 
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   15 August 2011   741534  
Yay thankyou! 
phineasandferbaregonnadoitall says:   17 August 2011   656534  
And Perry. c; The music is so relaxing, usually when I don't expect any music on a
profile or something I get scared, but the music here seemed to just flow and be so
welcome. :D May I use one?! I am using one!!
phineasandferbaregonnadoitall says:   17 August 2011   392801  
You get a 10!
fantasmical says:   17 August 2011   623557  
ahhh i believe i'm going to use scrollbox number 10 if you don't mind (:
it's adorable, as they all are (:
‹??????› says:   17 August 2011   197751  
Perry oh my dear of course. uou <33 Cool, I'm glad I'm not scaring away visitors now.
cx I did aim for selecting welcoming music, same as my profile. Sure you can use one!
;u; Oh I get a 10? Thank you good sir, thank you! 
I don't mind, I'm enchanted, go on ahead, dear! ;w; <3
Aww thank you so much! ;//o//; 
‹[x.L♥ve Is The Movement.x]› says:   18 August 2011   704139  
Hello there, Yanely. I'm using one of your scrollboxes.
Just view my profile to see it, I don't feel like counting to find out
which number it is. Lol. I love it, though. You're amazing. :D ♥
‹??????› says:   18 August 2011   608424  
Hello, and thank you for using it! :D
Ha ha no you're amazing, thank you for using it and having it so neat and organized
on your profile! Your profile is always so beauuuuuitful. ♥ ;w; Teach me. 
‹RushingStars★› says:   19 August 2011   447622  
How do you get the scroll boxes centered?
‹??????› says:   19 August 2011   876232  
You change the margins (margin: ??px ??px ??px ??px; ) it goes by top, right, bottom,
left, but I can help you with that! (: Which one is it you want centered? ~ 
‹RushingStars★› says:   19 August 2011   620620  
I want to center number 15~ 
‹??????› says:   19 August 2011   748181  

Alrighty, here you go! (: I tried making the box where you enter text a little bigger for more room. Enjoy and thank you! n_n <3
‹RushingStars★› says:   19 August 2011   711743  
Thank YOU! :D 
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   20 August 2011   228550  
how do u make a transparent background?? ive tried everything but the transparent
part either comes up black or the whole picture is white!!! please help <3
‹??????› says:   20 August 2011   435373  
No problem! *u*

Aaah you can use mine if you'd like, there are different transparency levels
throughout my layouts and scroll boxes. ^ ^

To make one, though, open a program like Photoshop, make the size of the canvas
whatever you want. Have only one layer and colour all of it white. Then set the
opacity to 50% or however much you want. Save as png.

If you mean on images and you want the bg transparent, select the bg with the select
wand tool and erase the selected bg in Photoshop. (: Save it png. 
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   20 August 2011   795425  
oh okk. ill try that thankyouss
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   20 August 2011   525078  
its not really working because i want the picture i made not transparent and the bg
fully transparent...... i want it to turn out like this layout u made:

Your text here~~
‹??????› says:   20 August 2011   127312  
Oooooh I see, for that layout, I used a flower brush found in Photoshop and just used
it everywhere with the colour white and covered the whole canvas. Then I set the
opacity to 90% or somewhere around there, saved as png. Then I set it as the bg for
the first part of the layout. For the second layout part I did not use any bg or
transparency, just a bg colour. :O If you need a tutorial let me know, my
explanations are not very good. 
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   20 August 2011   308255  
lol i know how to do that.....doesnt matter. i worked it out for myself
sonne says:   20 August 2011   257547  
Wow, these are brilliant! (:
Great job making these~
captainjoo says:   21 August 2011   151121  
I've taken the pink and blue scrollbox.
It's really nice, and I love all of these. c:
You can view my profile if you want to see it.
‹??????› says:   21 August 2011   145478  
Ah okay, I was not sure what you meant but I'm glad it worked out for you. ^-^ You're
doomed if you want me to ever try to explain something. xD
Ah thank you very much! ;w; ♥
Yay, thank you, I appreciate it! Enjoy. ♥
Aw thank you dear!~ 
I see it, and it brings a smile to my face. <3 ;//u//; 
cam_cutie says:   23 August 2011   257448  
These are amazing. *u*
‹??????› says:   23 August 2011   644389  
D'aaw thank you! ;A; I'm not done yet tho, ha ha, 'going to replace some soon. c:
Thanks again and feel free to take one whenever you feel like it. ~ 
phineasandferbaregonnadoitall says:   24 August 2011   729018  
No prob girly. :D 
Xima writes:   25 August 2011   805894  
All of your scroll boxes and layouts are spectacular!
‹??????› says:   26 August 2011   454019  
Thank you Xima dear! ;U; 
‹RainbowRains› says:   7 September 2011   863774  
Soooooo..... Could you make a layout with .Toxic.??? I love my avvie soooo much in
that. It's cool if you can't thoug, I was just wondering. AAAAND, just to show that I
really was paying attention, AQUAMAN
‹Ms.Pandanie!~› says:   8 September 2011   588537  
haha i used one! these are amazing! love your artwork :D u DEFINITELY deserve the
i had a bit of difficulty doing it though cause kupika is being stupid but ig ot it
‹??????› says:   8 September 2011   358117  
Why sure I'd love to! (: It will be fun! How do you want it to be/look like? (:
Aquaman is cool, too! :D
Oh thank you darling, I'm flattered. ;//u//; I'm glad you used one, I hope you

Kupika can be silly at times. D:
Awww yeah it looks neat-thank you for using it, and you are gorgeous!! Oh my gah your
hair. <33 
‹Ms.Pandanie!~› says:   9 September 2011   220662  
‹Ms.Pandanie!~› says:   9 September 2011   451798  
oopsie! yeah kupika can be sometimes!!

and thank you! i dont think i am gorgeous :P thoug hi always looks at myself in
and it was SUPPOSE to be purple but its cool now too :D

once again your artwork is AMAZING :D 
OrejasDeBurra says:   17 September 2011   912221  
So beautiful. Every single one of them. Batman, I suppose. No, wait no. Umm.....
Yes. Batman. No, wait! The Joker. Oh, yeah. I'm different. 

Butter, I cannot get the profile- background -image- thing to match with #31. 
Oh, I'm just saying. c:
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   17 September 2011   941541  
You're amazing.
‹??????› says:   25 September 2011   802898  
Thank you, you nerd<3 ;w; 
Oh my gaaah yesss Joker, you so clever. ;D

Thank you for letting me know! :o
Why must you lie? D: Thank you, and so are you! QwQ 
Xima writes:   2 October 2011   607125  
I would like to use this one for my club.~
‹Loli› says:   6 October 2011   952827  
Can i use this one for a page and the ribbon one for a hack?
‹??????› says:   6 October 2011   666559  
Oh thank you, I'm honoured! ;w;
Sure, of course, hope you enjoy! <3 
spidersensitivity says:   20 October 2011   624105  
hullo, i'm probably taking the one of the pears, thanks a lot!
i'm more into Marvel, but i have a ridiculous soft spot for the The New Adventures of
Lois & Clark, so i'm going to have to say Superman.
‹??????› says:   21 October 2011   136154  
Thank you so, so, so much for using a layout of mine, and enjoy! QwQ
Ah I see~ o3o <3 
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   22 October 2011   712274  
amazing! How do you get the second layer transparent?
Also I remember one time on ur profile you had an overlayer of falling petals
how did you do that because i tried and I dont get it
‹??????› says:   22 October 2011   763835  
Thank you! *^* The second layer? I go to photoshop, have the canvas completely white,
then lower the layer's opacity to 50% or however much you want, depends on how
transparent you want it. I save it as .png, then use it here. :3 You can use my
transparency images if you want, so you won't have to go through the trouble. They're
free to use. ^ ^
The falling petals? Oooh wow, that was a while back! But it seems you already have it
on your profile, it looks neat! o3o 
‹??????› says:   22 October 2011   615997  
Btw, thank you for using a layout of mine, I'm honoured<3  QAQ 
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   25 October 2011   549100  
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   25 October 2011   384453  
This one is giving me trouble, how did you egt your text where it is that says "please read rule before..."
‹??????› says:   25 October 2011   720625  
No problem!  
I checked on your profile, and to get that just use the code I give you, unless
you're trying to do something else. :O To get my text in that area, I first give my
CSS second layout code height: and width: for the scroll box size, and then use
margins like this: margins 0px 0px 0px 0px; to be able to place the scroll box where
I want. I also include overflow:auto; to make sure there is scrolling enabled. ~

I'm sorry you're having trouble, before you put the code in, make sure you put < /div
>< /div > and THEN the Fabel scroll box code provided here.  n__n

‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   26 October 2011   205735  
thank you so much! I did make it into a text box though, I hope you dont mind! I
give credit.
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   26 October 2011   906492  
okay so i tried as you said and it either didnt do nothing or it made it worse

Could you possibly make that whole code for my or just copy and paste to my the one
you used on this kupipage or something???
‹??????› says:   26 October 2011   954893  
No prob! Oh, well actually, the code I provide is already a text box... :o

Is this how you want it? If not I'll try again! !
‹Skinned&Buried✖Alive&Breathing› says:   27 October 2011   500991  
NO but like the picture with the scroll box like you display on this kupipage

^ like durwin.
CookieMonster94 says:   4 November 2011   663058  
JoJo stole this one
‹??????› says:   4 November 2011   641624  
You have deleted your account. Do you mean you're Jojo and you are going to use it or
someone literally "stole" it? o3o

Ah well, I can't find out now. 
mutesong says:   7 November 2011   417878  
what do you use for your music?
like what site? 
‹HymnForTheShameless;› says:   13 November 2011   551507  
These are so cool. :o
Batman all the way.
‹??????› says:   13 November 2011   371466  
Gah, sorry for answering late. xc
I use the codes they provide for profile music in Tumblr! C:
Thank you! > w< 
Kairon says:   20 November 2011   312130  
can i use the bunny and teacup one? ill credit you but i just wanna make sure =3
‹??????› says:   21 November 2011   846523  
Sure, you're free to use them!~ :D 
Xima writes:   26 November 2011   902161  
I thought I should let you know I used your transparent sheet for two layouts.One for a friend and one for myself. I should've ask first before using itOTL
‹??????› says:   26 November 2011   382055  
No it's fine, you can use whenever, but I do appreciate it that you have let me know!
Thanks for using! ;A; Btw, which oc of yours shall I draw? 'u' 
Xima writes:   27 November 2011   247365  
Thanks! ;u; LAKJSDFLKAJSF These two. ;o; You can make them genderbent if you want.~ Pretty much can do whatev's you want to mine. :D Aisha, the wavy red hair one is mine and Heisatsuki, Heisa for short, with short ginger hair is Erika's. o3o ‹░Çråkàh♠läçk!ng♠JâK♠eR░›"> ‹*╳✥ ᴻᶤᶢᶢᵄᶩᶲ ✥╳*›</>">
‹??????› says:   27 November 2011   645167  
Ah, those two lovely ocs! ;w; Of course! So you wouldn't mind if I genderbent them?
Is it fine with you if I make it yaoitistic? *shot* 
Xima writes:   28 November 2011   816333  
Thanks! ; w ; Not at all! If its more comfortable for juu. 'u' Tots fine, tots. ;D
‹??????› says:   11 December 2011   680846  
Who is seme and uke between them? c; 
Xima writes:   12 December 2011   683595  
Aisha, the red head, is Seme and Heisa, the ginger is uke. 8'D kajslfkdjsjf thanks so much once again. ; o ;
‹♪♥Twisted~X~Angel♥♪› says:   30 December 2011   264351  
I adore the pastel doll! <3
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   12 January 2012   441087  
T-THE MUSIC IS GORGEOUS!!!!!! <3333333
I shall once again use one of these XD
xXElves_Ate_My_RamenXx says:   15 February 2012   156356  
im going to borrow this one ^.^
DragonChai says:   23 February 2012   229270  
I am going to use one/a few of these, if you don't mind ^w^ And by the way, Superman
is better. Batman is just a smart guy in spandex. But his show is better ^w^
exquisite says:   31 March 2012   309580  
These are amazing. And the music is so calming, I just find myself coming back here
for the music. x3
JustDucky says:   8 April 2012   908986  
Uhm. Well I want to know if you can like, make one. with a cute ducky. ;w; pwease. Also, I am using the one like thisss.
‹ᵖᵒᶜᵏʸ› says:   11 June 2012   780670  
may I use one? o:
‹??????› says:   11 June 2012   354455  
Thank you everyone, sorry for this late reply. I've been meaning to respond but I'm
very forgetful.
Thank you nonetheless! ^.^ <3
Yes ma'am, please go right ahead! C: 
‹??????› says:   11 June 2012   282444  
Thank you for your KP transfer, and even though I'm not open for requests atm, I'll
consider drawing your avatar because it's very cute and I have no inspiration right
now. cx So your request will be a boost! 
‹ᵖᵒᶜᵏʸ› says:   11 June 2012   327568  
o: Mine's not cute! >w<; you'res is. 
‹άĻ-ħάίqά ţħέ ғάίŕч› says:   23 June 2012   267259  
Hey i am still very sorry but i cant copy any thing i want skin codes and i dnt know
i cant open that fucking window 
i am really sad 
‹??????› says:   23 June 2012   377860  
What of that song?
I am sorry it's not working for you. :C
Which one is it you want? I'll get it and send it to you. 
‹--tell×me×why--› says:   6 July 2012   738666  
how did you get the embeded music?
‹??????› says:   6 July 2012   594951  
I use mixpod, save it as the Blogger code, and edit the width and height to 0px. I
also get rid of some extra stuff in the code. 
Also, sometimes I get the code from tumblr. 
‹--tell×me×why--› says:   7 July 2012   922097  
cool, thanks
bunnyboorants says:   3 August 2012   395126  
I might use a few and Batman, cause he doesn't have super powers he's a normal
‹DeadBySunrise› says:   15 August 2012   891228  
i'm going to use 39 ^-^
‹♥Lover_of_Mr._Green♥› says:   15 May 2014   511096  
Could you make some of these to apply to messages? I tried them, but they dont seem
very compatible... Idk.. maybe im doing something wrong?
‹Ⅴαღ℘ir℮ ʟor∂› says:   23 June 2014   787157  
 lol funny enough, it was me xD Sorry though 
‹ɱʋʈʂʋɱɨ› says :   24 November 2015   956724  
I'd like to use one c: 15. These are wonderful, thank you! Also... Neither of them
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