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Lil bit of Coding Help ( ゜◇゜)

Frequently Asked (Coding) Questions. These are FAQ on CSS and HTML.~ I've been asked about them many times, so I'm going to share several tips of FAQ on css/html to help anyone out. Now, some are just EXAMPLES, feel free to edit the coding to your liking~. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Align images Left/Right/Top/ETC and text wrap To align images right, left, etc and have text wrap around it, use this:

Replace the area that says align=left to whichever position you want your image to align, options are left, right, texttop, middle, absmiddle, bottom, absbottom and baseline. Example of aligning an image to the right? Here you go! description Enjoy, just replace the image url with whatever image you want. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Spin your Links, etc, 360 Degrees For your Skins: This will make your links, etc spin 360 degrees when you hover over it. Of course, feel free to edit it to your liking. It doesn't have to be .p_profile_page.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hide by Disabling For Your Skins: If you want to hide your contact box, oekaki box, etc from your profile, just include display:none; Examples:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bg on Navigation Space Area For Your Skins: If you want a background image/colour to cover up the area behind the navigation bars on your profile:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Link, Visited,Hover,Active For Your Skins: These are used to add special effects to some selectors. a:link {color:#FF0000;} /* unvisited link */ a:visited {color:#00FF00;} /* visited link */ a:hover {color:#FF00FF;} /* mouse over link */ a:active {color:#0000FF;} /* selected link */ Add them after whichever selector you're adding special effects to, examples:

Note: a:hover MUST come after a:link and a:visited in the CSS definition in order to be effective!! Note: a:active MUST come after a:hover in the CSS definition in order to be effective!! Note: Pseudo-class names are not case-sensitive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Editing Contact Box Buttons Individually For Your Skins: If you want to edit your contact box navigation buttons individually (the Send message, Send item, etc), and even the link decorations for when you hover over them, use these: (what each does is self-explanatory)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More in Depth Edits for Diary box, Oekaki box, etc and Q&A For Your Skins: To edit more in depth with the Diary boxes, Oekaki boxes, and Q&A, even as far as the dates in Q&A's boxes and visitations, use these: (what each does is self-explanatory)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Layout Hacks by neoeno For Your Skins: To obtain 10 stars:

To add words/symbols/numbers after or before your stats:

To add words/symbols/numbers after or before the "hours ago" data:

Disable the Thumb Down option in voting input:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ascending Hug Boxes Effect For Your Skins: Ascending hug boxes effect, going from small-to-big according to oldest-to-newest: (example on my profile)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Opacity and Transparency To make an area, an image, and even text, more transparent, use opacity:.5; You can change the opacity to whatever you wish, from opacity:.1; to opacity:.9; If you want to use transparencies on your double layouts, profile, etc, feel free to use my transparency images!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hide Music Whether using MixPod coding, etc, just make sure to change the widths and heights within the code to 0! If the option is available, change it to hidden. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To make a scroll box To make a scroll box, make sure you add somewhere in your coding overflow:auto; and a width:_px; and height_px; Try it! It even works on your Skins. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The ‘overflow’, ‘overflow-x’ and ‘overflow-y’ properties These properties specify whether content is clipped when it overflows the element's content area. overflow-x: hidden; is to prevent any left and right scrolling, overflow-y: hidden; is to prevent and up and down scrolling. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Round Corners To make round corners, use border-radius: 20px 40px 20px 40px;. The radius paddings (20px 40px 20px 40px ) go in the order of (◤px ◥px ◢px ◣px ). You can mess with it to make bigger or smaller round corners. Or you can simply use border-radius: 20px; if all corners will be the same radius. *Browser support is growing of late with Mozilla (Firefox), Webkit (Safari/Chrome/Konqueror), Opera and the IE9 Platform Preview all offering a decent implementation of the spec, although Mozilla and Webkit still require their respective -moz- and -webkit- prefixes (note Mozilla Firefox 4.0+ no longer requires the -moz- prefix). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Box Shadow and Text Shadow To add a box shadow effect on your layout, etc, use the correct one depending on your internet browser:

For text shadow, use any of these different kinds: Bold text-shadow: text-shadow: 0.1em 0.1em #333; Fuzzy text-shadow: text-shadow: 0.1em 0.1em 0.05em #333; or text-shadow: 0.1em 0.1em 0.2em black; Readable white text-shadow: color: white; text-shadow: black 0.1em 0.1em 0.2em; Multiple shadows: text-shadow: 0.2em 0.5em 0.1em #600, -0.3em 0.1em 0.1em #060, 0.4em -0.3em 0.1em #006; Engraved text-shadow: text-shadow: 1px 1px white, -1px -1px #444; or text-shadow: -1px -1px white, 1px 1px #333; Outlined text: text-shadow: -1px 0 black, 0 1px black, 1px 0 black, 0 -1px black; Neon glow text-shadow: text-shadow: 0 0 0.2em #8F7; or text-shadow: 0 0 0.2em #F87, 0 0 0.2em #F87; or text-shadow: 0 0 0.2em #87F, 0 0 0.2em #87F, 0 0 0.2em #87F; *Browser support is growing of late with Mozilla (Firefox), Webkit (Safari/Chrome/Konqueror), Opera and the IE9 Platform Preview all offering a decent implementation of the spec, although Mozilla and Webkit still require their respective -moz- and -webkit- prefixes (note Mozilla Firefox 4.0+ no longer requires the -moz- prefix). This is a bit dangerous, as you can see if your browser doesn't support 'text-shadow'. Use the css3generator to help you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Personal Cursor Many cursors to choose from at Cursors-4u. Copy this part from the codes: cursor: url(, progress; Want to add your own image as the cursor? Then do this: cursor: url(IMAGEURL), progress; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bulletin List Style Property To make little bulletins with images of your choice, use:

Do you know how to make bulletins appear? Use < li >, example:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Link and Image Locations To make an image link:

To make just a plain link like this:CSS Designer

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Do you know about You should! Turn those long urls into something rather preferable and short! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Possibly more will be added soon, if the questions keep coming. : )
Link to this page: copy-paste
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‹OnceUponAStar› says:   14 March 2012   951558  
hello, ur a life saver
‹??????› says:   14 March 2012   469817  
I'm glad I could be of some help. (: 
branches says:   15 March 2012   718610  
Fantastic! Wish I was on a desktop instead of a stupid phone so I could tinker
around with these. o3o
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   29 March 2012   452321  
First, you made a page for layouts/scroll boxes. Then you made a page for skins.
Finally, you made this page. And I have to say that this page is the best. XD Thank
you. You made me learn a lot. ^.^
‹??????› says:   29 March 2012   270149  
I'm happy I could help. (: Have fun tinkering with the codes when you can! ~
Ha ha, thank you very much! I'm happy to help! No problem, it's my pleasure. ^3^ 
‹℘ίŕaţέş όғ ţħέ ςάŕίввέάή› says:   29 May 2012   125044  
Can you tell me about Q/A link? I mean its url ?
So i can post it in my profile with a picture?
‹??????› says:   30 May 2012   766400  
‹℘ίŕaţέş όғ ţħέ ςάŕίввέάή› says:   30 May 2012   523273  
No the link for asking them not all the q/a 
‹►Lord♪The♪Đestroyer♪of♪Đreams◄› says:   3 June 2012   898835  
I can't click change skin because of the high opacity?
‹??????› says:   3 June 2012   815242  
I'm sorry sir, but that wouldn't be possible since you will need the ask button/link
to send the message, AND the box to write your question/etc at the same time. If I
sent you the url for asking them, it will be an error and say "Your question was too
short." An alternative thing you could do is hide all the Q&A things except for the
submit ask button and the area you type your question/testimonial/comment in. Try
this and let me know if it's okay with you:

@thegame Oh no! That has happened to me, too! D: I'll do my very best. First, do you have another account? The other account can really help.
  • Firstly, login with a different account other than thegame. To make this easier, let's pretend your other account is called bananachip (yeah IDK).
  • Once there, go to the Skin page and delete bananachip's Skins (if it has any). Enter the skins from thegame, BUT remember to REMOVE the high opacity part that messed it up.
  • I got your Skins code and I removed the high opacity for you. Just copy this:

  • Next open a new tab. Log out from bananachip in the new tab, and log back in to thegame.
  • You would still have the tab open where you are in the bananachip account in the Skin Page. Press save changes. After you press save changes, you will be in the account thegame with the Skin fixed. (:
  • I hope this helped! I know it's very confusing! DX So if you're still confused, I'll try to make a visual and use pictures if you still are confused.
    ‹►Lord♪The♪Đestroyer♪of♪Đreams◄› says:   5 June 2012   431383  
    How you can do that??  
    Yeah! this helped allot well i never thought it would be this easy.
    Thank you. You made my day :D 
    ‹??????› says:   5 June 2012   704790  
    No problem! 
    You made my day with your comment! ^3^ You're welcome, I'll always try my best to
    help a friend! 
    ‹--tell×me×why--› says:   6 July 2012   902598  
    i was wondering if you could help me make a costom skin?? something all fancied up
    and too complicated for me to do on my own
    ‹??????› says:   6 July 2012   402357  
    Sure! I am fine with making you a custom skin. n__n
    Just tell me all the details and what you want (pictures, position, colours, etc). 
    ‹--tell×me×why--› says:   7 July 2012   743148  
    i trust your creativity, so ill tel you some things:
    well i want kind of like a punk/emo theme right?
    I like daimond and checkered patterns
    i want the color to be dark grey, dark red/ blood red, and black
    and i want the "about me' section, the 'clubs', the 'q & a', and 'my pages' showing,
    nothing else
    i want everything to either be centered, or to the right side (when looked at) but
    not so that you have to use the bottom scroll bar on ur computer, yenno?
    and if you make an 'about me' background, can i get it both in a solid code and
    possibly transparent slightly, in case i cange the background to plain black?
    ‹??????› says:   9 July 2012   606165  
    Okay, so this is what I have:
  • Punk/emo theme and possibly add in checkered/diamonds pattern
  • Colour scheme dark grey, dark blood red, and black
  • Hide everything but the clubs, about me, Q/A, and "My Pages"
  • Have it centered or to the right, but not so that we have to scroll left to right with scrollbar
  • About me bg coded and transparent Okay, I can try to do this! (: I'll do my very best! Once I get it done, let me know what you want added/changed, I won't mind! I'll get to it tonight. n__n
    ‹--tell×me×why--› says:   10 July 2012   743219  
    ‹??????› says:   17 July 2012   397250  
    Ohmygosh, I'm so sorry for taking so long! I got caught up in other things that your
    request slipped my mind! I'll get to it right away! >o<
    I am sorry. D; 
    ‹--tell×me×why--› says:   17 July 2012   579395  
    That's okay, i know youre a busy person.
    As long as it looks awesome, i dont care  
    ‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   20 July 2012   146038  
    Hello there! I was just wondering about the music player on your profile. c:
    How did you get it? I'd love autoplay music, but I also want people to be able to
    pause/stop it if they need to.
    ‹??????› says:   20 July 2012   101571  
    Hello! ~
    Ah, I used; it's very simple and the website
    explains everything. ^3^ 
    ‹--tell×me×why--› says:   20 July 2012   816744  
    not to be nosey, but have you gotten to my request? oh god, i hope im not being
    pushy... i guess im just impantient, but im sure you very busy, but still.... 
    ‹??????› says:   20 July 2012   682305  
    Oh my goodness, I'm sorry! I actually have it ready, but there is one thing I am not
    sure about! I was going to message you about the last details, but I forgot. No, you
    aren't being pushy at all, but you have the right to be impatient; I've made you wait
    too long. I'm so sorry. Q A Q 
    I have more free time right now, so don't worry about it! I'll message you on the
    details. > w< 
    ‹--tell×me×why--› says:   20 July 2012   510398  
    okay. do i need to mesage you because i dont have my message button displayed 
    ‹??????› says:   20 July 2012   592095  
    No, it's fine, I'll message/letter you. :D 
    ‹--tell×me×why--› says:   20 July 2012   431877  
    ‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   20 July 2012   645601  
    Aaah thanks so much :D I've been wanting one of these for a while!
    Thank you again ~ 
    ‹??????› says:   20 July 2012   707818  
    Hurray~, and no problem! ♥ I'm glad I could help. <3 
    ‹SilverEcstasy♥› says:   28 July 2012   638136  
    I can't get the spinny links to work. :I
    ‹??????› says:   28 July 2012   160270  
    What browser are you using? I believe it only works in Firefox, from what I know so
    Sorry. :c 
    ‹SilverEcstasy♥› says:   28 July 2012   993042  
    I tried it in google chrome and firefox. :x
    ‹??????› says:   29 July 2012   828753  
    What? o_o Really? Hmm, let me check on it. Sorry maybe the coding's off.
    My apologies.  :C
    Okay I tried it just now, and it seems to work for me.
    Maybe it won't work for you because it gets stuck. :O
    If it does that, try pointing your cursor at a link in the middle of the link, it
    won't spin if it's on the edge.
    Keep trying different links, especially shorter ones, which are easier to spin.
    If it still doesn't work, let me know. ; o ; Sorry. 
    ‹SilverEcstasy♥› says:   29 July 2012   207482  
    I'll try it out.
    Thank yewww.
    ‹??????› says:   29 July 2012   843782  
    <3 Any time. n.n 
    cigarsandpanties says:   7 August 2012   513410  
    is there a way to get rid of the advertisements? e_o
    ‹??????› says:   7 August 2012   873841  
    I'm sorry, only hina can do that. He chose not to block them. D; The ads don't bother
    me but if you'd like to get rid of them, maybe try this. :O 
    ‹YourNeighbourhoodKouhai› says:   15 September 2012   544011  
    Quick question, is it possible to get rid of the header navigation bar and replace
    it with something else? Or is that limited because we can only change stuff inside
    the p_profile_page class?
    ‹??????› says:   25 September 2012   541564  
    I'm sorry, it's not possible to get rid of the header, or not that I know of. D:
    Yes, we can only change/edit whatever is inside the p_profile_page, I believe. Sorry
    for answering so late, I haven't been on for a while. 
    ‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   18 October 2012   675147  
    I know you don't really have time, but can you let me know when my custom skin is
    ‹Doin' time› says:   21 December 2012   793699  
    how do you add text if you have no about me section?
    ‹??????› says:   21 December 2012   968096  
    I don't exactly understand the question..
    Why would you add text to the about me section if you have no about me section? 
    ‹Doin' time› says:   21 December 2012   488998  
    how do I link the message link, blacklist and add as friend to a words?
    ‹Doin' time› says:   21 December 2012   227741  
    Nevermind :3 I got everything I'm just confused where to put the actual text of my
    ‹QueenNubia'sSpiritualBirth› says:   1 January 2013   238587  
    How do you make the links (Home,Diary,Etc.) at the top have a background too?
    KushCupcake says:   22 January 2013   791279  
    How do you put the html code in the box like you have up there 
    I forget how to do it..
    ‹alieninators› says:   10 February 2013   103166  
    How do you align the images next to each other?
    ‹??????› says:   10 February 2013   259790  
    Haha, I'm glad it worked out.
    I have it up there, under the section "Bg on Navigation Space Area"

    @KushCupcake Are you speaking of < raw > ? Try using < raw > and then < /raw > but remove the spaces in between. @ALIENINATOR Here's the HTML code to make side-by-side images (repace imageLocation.jpg with each graphic's URL):

    Do that for however many rows you want, then add < p style="clear: both;" > to break out of side-by-side alignment if you're going to start typing a paragraph. Here's the building blocks that make it work: < img src ="imageLocation.jpg"> Replace imgLocation.jpg with the URL of your image. You'll need to upload it on a free image host like Tinypic or Photobucket. (more help on image hosts) style= This allows you to add special "style" commands (CSS) that fine-tune the image. width: This sets the width of each image in pixels ( px) float: left; means "push it all the way to the left, and let whatever I write next fill the space next to it." If you think about it, this is how the letters in a paragraph of text behave: they tile from left to right, and when they run out of room, they flow onto the next line. Float causes images to behave the same way. You can also float: right to tile from right to left. margin-right: This adds white space around each image. It's optional. You can define the same margin: on all sides, or just to one side and below. An example of using margin-right, width, etc.

    ‹??????› says:   10 February 2013   858039  
    If you want to do that with image links, like on your profile, simply align the links
    next to each other, without skipping spaces and such:

    ‹alieninators› says:   10 February 2013   229142  
    Gosh, thanks a bunch, that really helped!
    ‹??????› says:   10 February 2013   231217  
    No problem. (: 
    ‹Dyne› says:   11 February 2013   538664  
    First of all, thank you for all the effort and help you've given.  It's really
    I'm sorry if this was explained somewhere on this page, but I can't find it.  I'm
    having trouble decorating friend links in the friend list when you hover the cursor
    over them.  I've tried cases like:
    .p_friendlist_preface a:hover {text-transform:lowercase;}
    .p_friendlist_preface a:hover {background-color:blue;}
    Clearly I'm doing it wrong XD  I assume I'm putting it in the wrong class.  Any help
    will be truly appreciated!
    ‹Dyne› says:   11 February 2013   333838  
    You do it to the full profile page with the .p_profile_page a:hover class, then do
    each individual classes that you don't want to have the hovering affect?  Seems to
    work, but I'm sure I'm missing something...
    ‹AmberAmbivalence› says:   7 March 2013   872248  
    Hello Yanely, 
    I was wondering if you were willing to share how you got the music to play on this
    What player did you use and what did you do to make it invisible yet still able play
    the song?
    If aren't willing to share then that is completely understandable! ^^
    ‹??????› says:   9 March 2013   371316  
    I am sorry for this terribly late response! 
    If you want to decorate your friendlist links, .p_friendlist_preface a:hover
    {text-transform:lowercase;} or .p_friendlist_preface a:hover {background-color:blue;}
    won't work. That will only decorate the border that's above the friendlist. I'm
    sorry. :c
    You do it to the full profile page with the .p_profile_page a:hover class, then do each individual classes that you don't want to have the hovering affect? Seems to work, but I'm sure I'm missing something...
    Actually, you're not missing anything, you're absolutely right! Sadly yes, we have to edit individual classes that you don't want to have the hovering affect you're trying to achieve. @AlmaceSlaughter Hello! I use Billy which I have more information on in one of my diaries. There are several ways to hide it, and what I use, after getting the coding, is change width and height to 0 or use < span style: opacity:.0; " > music player coding goes here < /span>
    ‹AmberAmbivalence› says:   9 March 2013   819368  
    Ah, Alrighty thank you very much! c: 
    ‹??????› says:   9 March 2013   792332  
    No problem! I hope I helped! >u < 
    ‹Kneekole› says:   29 March 2013   957363  
    Okay Question...
    How do I like add a flashing background on my profile.. One that effects the whole
    page I mean... and how to I create a link that goes to my messages, pic stream, etc.
    Pleease get back to me ASAP c:
    ‹??????› says:   29 March 2013   675068  
    To get a flashing background that covers the whole bg area, you use  
    .p_profile_page {background-image: url('IMAGEURLHERE');background-repeat: repeat;
    background-attachment: fixed;}
    just replace IMAGEURLHERE with the image you want.
    For messages, etc:

    so replace LINK LOCATION and "Blah blah" with, for example, "http://" and "Message" which creates: Message
    ‹Kneekole› says:   29 March 2013   933212  
    Thanks :D 
    I tried that too earlier but it didn't work. I'll try again! Thanks alot! ^_^ 
    ‹??????› says:   29 March 2013   664050  
    I'm glad I could help.
    If you want the bg to also cover the area on the very top where it has the links to
    "Home" and "Oekaki" and etc, include this in the .p_profile_page section:
    .p_profile_page {margin-top:-440px;padding-top:-400px;padding-top:380px; }
    Adjust the margin and paddings to your liking. (: 
    ‹Wallflour²› says:   30 March 2013   201231  
    Umm sorry another question.. is it possible to create a link that goes to my Q&A? I
    don't know :D
    ‹??????› says:   30 March 2013   877684  
    I don't think so. You mean like to a link where the little box to enter the question
    shows up? That doesn't work, I'm sorry. :c I tried, or at least, I haven't figured
    out how to yet. It is possible to create a link that goes to view the q&a's you have
    received and answered, like this, but that's it. 
    I'm sorry. ; A; 
    ‹Wallflour²› says:   30 March 2013   340531  
    It's ok :D I thought so to! Thank you o.-!
    ‹m e m e› says:   20 June 2013   749054  
    Wow this helped me so much >u<
    ‹YourNeighbourhoodKouhai› says:   25 June 2013   680795  
    Wow, this is so helpful, except I don't know what to do about positioning my twit
    box in the center of the page without making it overlap other elements.
    ‹??????› says:   28 June 2013   157549  
    I'm glad. (:
    I'll try my best to help you on that!
    For now, see if it works when you adjust the padding, 
    .p_twit_box {padding-left:200px;} 
    ‹m e m e› says:   18 July 2013   433815  
    Question; I'm not sure if you have it up there, but is there a way to change the
    'ask' button to another thing (ex. Cat, a small pic)? I saw a profile with it like
    that but I don't know how it's created in that way.
    ‹m e m e› says:   18 July 2013   638916  
    Okay, nevermind. I figured it out.
    Now I have another ^^;
    How can we make our friends list usernames smaller? 
    ‹??????› says:   18 July 2013   410702  
    Oooh that's tricky! You need to change the .p_ profile_page {} font-size to something
    small, but if you do that most of the text on your profile will be small unless you
    give each section a font-size. Like about me section and etc. Also, you can try
    .p_profile_page a:link {} and make the links smaller, and if you don't want your
    links smaller in a certain section then use for example, .p_aboutme a:link {} to keep
    the links in your about me a normal size. 
    ‹m e m e› says:   18 July 2013   642699  
    Okay thanks, I'll test it out!
    CyberToothTiger says:   7 August 2013   299747  
    Thank you-))) for showing this info, very much appreciate !!!
    ‹??????› says:   8 August 2013   932137  
    No prob, my pleasure! (: 
    ‹_atheenuh_› says:   13 August 2013   522343  
    How do you put a picture of something on your page?
    And also, I need help with the scroll box :c
    ‹??????› says:   13 August 2013   606531  
    You can just copy the link and paste it on your profile. A link that works, and has
    .png/.jpg/ etc in the end, ahh and you can upload images onto photobucket and copy
    the direct link. Just paste it on your profile. Use tinypic as well! 
    Okay, what do you need help on? c: 
    ‹_atheenuh_› says:   15 August 2013   815411  
    I'm confused on how to get the scroll box x:
    ‹fucked› says:   4 September 2013   386059  
    hi there! 
    > so I want to display my stats on my profile but they look all jumbled :c how do I
    fix this? I also don't want my character there. Is there a way to display the stats
    without it?
    > I want to center my hugbox and twit box; how do I do this?
    > I always want to center my Q&A boxes/content in the middle of my profile like the
    scrollbox. How do I center & resize it? 
    ‹Mary Jane Holland› says:   23 January 2014   888883  
    Amazing! Tis me, Derrick a.k.a your apprentice of some sort. I am quite bored right now so I decided to tinker and I've never made my profile look like the way it looks now! Thanks! ♥
    ‹BURN TO MY FLAMES› says:   11 April 2014   178480  
    everytime I try to add a cursor, it doesn't work
    can I please know why
    and can I please request if you can give me a hetalia japan cursor code plz
    ‹2tbsp› says:   13 October 2014   681866  
    i've been leeching off of your guides forever now, so i figured i might as
    well comment.
    honestly, yanely, you're a godsend.
    like, how did you become this amazing with css?
    my - and almost everyone else's - profile would be shitty without you.
    thank you for existing.
    ‹??????› says:   17 October 2014   629363  
    This seriously is making me smile, thank you so much!!
    Lmao I'm not even sure but I just remember googling tutorials all day. I was also
    inspired by other kupi-coders! I would just test out and mess with the css. A lot of
    research and tweaking basically lol 
    Dang idk how to stress this, but thank you /*so much*/, feeling appreciated for..all
    the coding and things I've put out there, it makes me very happy. 
    I'm also very honoured and thrilled when I see people using my themes, or layouts, or
    even just little fragments of the css coding and then like incorporate it / put it
    together on their's all so amazing and creative, I'm really glad! But ahh
    something about your comment haha I don't know but it reallly made my day
    And lmao I'm glad I could make even a slight little difference with my existence,
    thank you for your comment and everything anD YOUR PROFILE IS BEAUTIFUL. I'm in love,
    you have great organization and choices and everything, it's smooth and pleasing to
    my eyes !!
    ‹??????› says :   17 October 2014   959070  
    I was so hyped up over that comment i forgot to answer this, and I'm like
    1/2 a yr late i'm sorry 
    Ahh okay, I tried finding a nice cursor of Japan from Hetalia, but if you have
    another in mind, tell me and I'll replace ( that is, if you're still interested in
    this bc it's been like half a yr D: )
    I'm not sure why it isn't working for you though, but here's a code I suggest you try
    out and see if it works:

    Copy and paste that to your skin page, if you want the cursor to cover your whole profile then paste in the .profile_page section. ~
    HTML Tips

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