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Self harm - Its no act and its not funny

Self harm is not funny. Even people who make the tiniest scratches on themselves matter. Because it will get worse.
Thats something thats almost certain.

So, they might start out when they are feeling really low or angry, a tiny cut on their arm, leg, or any other part of
their body. Once they've done it a few times, its 

very, very hard to stop. People get addicted to it. They need to to help them sleep, or it calms them down. Soon they'll
be slitting their wrists without even a second 

thought. Not all cutters are suicidal, but some are. If your friend cuts, or anyone you know, they don't need your SHIT,
they need your HELP. 

Sometimes cutters will wear long sleeves, if they don't want anyone to know about it. And sometimes they wear short
sleeves, because they don't care or they 

want everyone to know they cut. A lot of them are asking for your HELP. And, say at school, if someone finds out you
cut, your get teased and it becomes a game for 

them. That is NOT the right thing to do. You should treat them exactly the same or BETTER if you've found out they cut.

People who cut are just as important as people who don't. And the fact that they might be suicidal and planning to kill
themselves sometimes makes them even 

more so. But don't get me wrong, the people who don't cut matter a lot. The people who cut NEED you to UNDERSTAND, HELP,
LOVE, and for you to TELL them that 

you NEED them. They are not a WALKING, TALKING joke. They are PEOPLE and they matter. 

Cutting is NOT the ONLY self-harm people use on them selves. There is also burning and countless other ways of harming

Please, if you self-harm or know someone who does, get help!!!

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  ‹Mahalia♥TheWebsWeWeave› — Page created: 2 March 2009
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trainer_kohaku says:   2 March 2009   586775  
I'll try to help!
‹♥Morgan_Like_Thunder♥› says:   2 March 2009   313169  
That was very inspiring and a very good persuasive essay.
ThE_dEvIlS_kId_ cries:   2 March 2009   775386  
God my friend Bria used cut herself She would wear punk gloves to hide it. I told
her to stop that if she was going to keep doing it she would die of blood loss or
infection and that she was hurt her family her friends and me.She stoped and now is
realy inproving but still every time I see the scares it makes me realy sad...but
before she got help by every one she tried to kill herself!one of the resions she
started was because her bestfriend had sex with her boyfriend.
‹Mahalia♥TheWebsWeWeave› says:   2 March 2009   496546  
Thanks guys ^^
Yes, i cut as well, but i have told a few people and i am trying to get better. It is
very hard to stop and suicide is almost always on the mind. I started when I was very
angry and sad, I wasn't feeling 100% and i dealt with it in the wrong way. Whatever
you do guys, never start cutting!!! lol
‹<20/20Hindsight>› says:   3 March 2009   857329  
wow... i wish those words could be posted everywhere...
i want people to know i cut... but i don't know how i would be treated...
i'm allready treated like crap at school, and the people around where i live are so
judgemental it's not even funny...
‹Mahalia♥TheWebsWeWeave› says :   3 March 2009   272711  
Yeah I know, same here, its really shitty

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