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Things i wanna do before i die :D

This is a list of things i wanna do before i diee.. :D

1. Go to Aussi
2.Go to ireland
3.Go to Scotland
4.Go to Wales
5.Meet Christofer Drew
6.Get a bearded dragon
7. Take amazing photography
8.Get snake bites
9.Get my monroe
10.Get my nose peirced Donee :D
11.Get my industrial
12.Get angle bites
13.Get my eyebrow peirced
14.Go on a missionary trip
15.Get an ipod touch- DONE
16.Move out.. lol
17.Meet Trace Cyrus
18.Meet Mitchell Musso
19.Meet Mason Musso
20.Work at the S.P.C.A or helping Animals
21.Adopt a child
22.Learn to play guitar pretty good
23.Learn to skateboard pretty good
24.Go to disney world
25.Help streetless people
26.Help suicidal kids
27.Pimp my room- DONE
28.Become a vegetarian - Donee :D
29.Have a child
30.Help homeless children or children in poverty an outfit
32.get a horse
33.get spider bites
34.grow my hair to my waist
35.Get a Wii
37.Dance in the rain- Donee ! :D
38.go to England
39.Get a new phone- Donee ! :D
40.Meet ALL my alive family
41.Go to Niagra falls- DONE
42.Join all the sports teams at my school
43.Get hounour roll all terms
44.Get the new half blood prince DONE
45.See haunting in Conneticut DONE
46.get a new deck
47.go to a different school Donee :D
48.get a new trampoline DONE
49.learn to sing
50.learn to draw
51.fix a car
52.pimp my car
53.try to find an elchmino
54.get high tops DONE
55.write a good song
56.try to publish the song
57.master guitar hero 
58.paint my room DONE
59.get my drivers licsence DONE with someone everyday of summer
61.have an awsome party DONE
63.get my bro's back room
64.keep my room clean. lol out most of the day DONE DONE DONE stop animal cruelty
67.get a part time job or summer job
68.Meet new people when i go to Trenton
69.Get my mom to let me go camping on may long weekend DONE
70. get a backpack to hold my skateboard DONE
71.grow my shitzu's hair long. R.I.P Baby <3
72.give a cat a bath DONE
73.get an A in math 
74.Stay on the phone for 5 hours straight DONE
75.Make a wrong phone number call and try to get them to stay on the phone and talk to you. nocternal for a day DONE
77.go to an awards show
78.Run around the neighborhood with katie in our bathing suits yelling
79.Go up to random people and get them to sign my shirt DONE
80.Help old people :D lol
81.Volenteer and the hospital
82.adopt abused animals
83.raise over $1000 for one charity
84.Give all my stuffies to orphan kids or kids in the hospital
85.Go up to a skiing or snowboarding hill
86.Go to build a bear! and build a bear. lol
87.go tubing down the channel
88.go white water rafting
89.go on a cruise
90.go camping with katie with no one around with nothing at all
91.climb the wall of china
92.get into a brawl. lol
93.Dig an underground hole
94.walk accross canada with katie
95.go 80's style for a day DONEEE
96.get a dirtbike
97.try out for american idol. lol
98. eat a whole crap load of pop rocks with a drink! Ouch! lol DONE
99.Pretent to creep some people with katie
100.T.p someones house with katie. lmao

`More coming soon :D
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‹Natalie Ann Smiles.(:› says:   23 November 2011   777134  
I did #5.
He wasn't wearing any shoes, his feet looked dirty.:/
‹bigciity-dreams› says :   27 November 2011   560645  
Omg! You are sooo luckky im soo jelous of you!

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