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Is my house haunted? D:

Okiee, so I am pretty sure my house is haunted. Is it me or am I just seeing things? My sister see's the same things as me as well... ~~~ There is a girl I see, she dresses like a prairy woman in a nightgown. Her white dress falls just above her knees. Her shins are fat, buff and 40 year old woman like. She has plain brown hair, wavy too. Her eyes are green and she has deep cuts everywhere but no blood. ~~~ Everyday I see her right at the end of my bed... She doesn't seem mean, and she doesn't seem nice. ~~~ One day I was in bed, and I kept seeing somebody walked past my door, I kinda got creeped out so I went to my mom's room. She offered me to watch T.V with her for a while, I refused, so I turned around, and I looked into my room, it was dark, and I saw her, I saw her shins and part of her dress. ~~~ Sooo ... What do you think? =)
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  XanthiaHollow — Page created: 14 March 2010
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ice_princess45 says:   15 March 2010   780448  
It's POSSIBLE that your house may be haunted.  But it's just as likely to be a
figment of your imagination.  I suggest that, if it really bothers you, you seek the
advice of someone who's a professional at the subject.
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says :   15 March 2010   997730  
I'd like to come to your house to see. Don't try anything like spirit writing or
creating a circle, that'll bring the wrong spirits through. Like ice_princess45 said,
seak professional advice.

I do believe your house may be haunted though. If anything more happens, message me.

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