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[Quotes] The Kind Of Stupid Things We Would Say [Friends, Family, Myself]

Lexx (x_WednesdayADDAMS) has this awesome quotes page. And I became a sheep and completely took the idea. Pshh. Sorry Lexxers. x) - - - {The Quotes & Stupid Things We've Said} (Talking About The Dance) Eli: Dylan, I really can't imagine you clubbing. Dylan: Yeah? Can you imagine me STABBING YOU WITH THIS SPOON? (Driving Backwards & Trying To Set Cars On Fire On NASCAR Gamecube) Sarah: Oh my god, there's so many white cars. Me: Sarah, don't be racist. (Deciding What Movie To Watch) Dad: How About 10 000 Leagues Under The Sea? Nan: How About Free Poor Willy? Me: Nan, I think you got that wrong... (Ranting About Hell Knows What) Dylan: And they wear bandannas and jeans down to their knees and walk around like Asian bats because that's how they roll. (Talking About My 8 Year Old Brother's Music Taste) Dad: He listens to Guns n Roses, he's good. Mom: Yeah, but he's got that terrible Ank Alkevich stuff on there too. (Trying To Convince The Noon Hour Supervisor Not To Kick Us Out) [Keep In Mind Dylan's Canadian And Basically Nothing Else] Matthew: Is it because we're too loud? Sarah: Is it because we drop food? Jean-Luc: Is it because you don't like us? Me: Is is because of my shoes? Dylan: IS IT BECAUSE I'M BLACK? (What I Sound Like After 1.30 Of Circuit Training) Me: Oh god, I got no sleep so I'm SO hungry. More will be added later. : P
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