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WesternPinkLotus's Art-Cafe - KupiPoint/Art Exchange

WesternPinkLotus's Art-Cafe

General FAQs:
Q: So... what is this again?
A: It's just a little "store" if you want to call it that. I made this because of my need to doodle - and lack of kupipoints needed to doodle. x.x
So, in exchange for three kupipoints, I'll do an oekaki of something you request me to do (I will not do certain themes).

Q: What aren't you willing to draw?
A: Boy-love (whether extreme or mild), nor will I draw girl-love. And nothing the ToS/Guidelines forbid. That's all so far. Once I think of more things I'd hate to draw, I'll put them up. xD
Q: I still don't get it.
A: It's simple. You message me a description of something you want drawn, whether it be your favorite characters from an anime - or your original characters and the situation you want the character(s) to be in. :3
Q: So you're essentially doing this kind of for free?
A: I guess I kind of am doing this for free, since I won't get any kupipoints to spend or anything. But I don't really need kupipoints for anything other than oekaki. xD I'm desperate, you see. But tips would always be nice. n_n
Q: Do you have some other artworks I can see than the ones in your oekaki profile?
A: Yes, I do! Yeah, I'm a SasuHina freaky-fan.

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Okay, please attack me with requests and offers. xD
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