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Evolution : The World of Sacred Device! & Evolution 2 : Far-Off Promise!

Nobody gives these Dreamcast titles (or it's cut-down Gamecube remake, Evolution Worlds) any attention! Well I hope I
can open people's eyes with this little page! =)

Evolution : The World of Sacred Device!

Read about it on Wikipedia!

Basicly, Mag Launcher and his friends Linear Cannon and Pepper Box, his rival Chain Gun, and his butler Gre Nade go on adventures into ruins to find appraisal items. Mag wants to become the greatest adventurer in the world! However, there is a legendary artifact known as Evolution. And the antagonist Eugene wants to find it! With the use of Cyframes, ancient technology now being used to explore ruins and fight off monsters, Mag might actually have already found it!

Which brings you to...

Evolution 2 : Far-Off Promise

Read about it on Wikipedia!

Mag Launcher, Linear Cannon, and Gre Nade have now been sent to a new town since Mag has become the greatest adventurer at his home town Pannam. Here, it's pretty much the same routine, except now that the Society is interested in these strange orbs Mag starts finding. And who is this strange new friend Linear has met who seems to know so much more about her than anyone else? Yurka makes his appearance and may have something to do with Linear!

Evolution 1 & 2 are both for the Sega DreamCast.


Evolution Worlds

Read about it on Wikipedia!

Evolution Worlds is a remake of both games for the Nintendo Gamecube! What's better, it condenses both games into one! However, that also means that some parts of the game are taken out, and the ending to the first game made easier since it is no longer the end of the game. As a plus though, to those who would rather have English voiceacting in Evolution, Evolution Worlds has English voiceacting! However bad that may be for people who have grown fond of the original Japanese voice cast. Another fun thing about Evolution Worlds though, is that the Evolution 1 half of the game uses Evolution 2's new cleaner graphics! At the end of Evolution Worlds is the same ending song that Evolution 1 had, so it's really something!

The song is practically dead on the internet! "Door~ kaze ga fuku HOSHI de..." sung by Miki Takahashi. The only place I know that you can find it is at the following Youtube link:

*Might contain spoilers!*|

However, I liked it enough that I ripped an mp3 of the song from the video if anyone wants it!

I hope you feel like going to play the game now! >=P
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‹Raiko the Strange› says:   23 April 2009   956768  
But still...Gre is the greatest character...
WakariNora says :   11 May 2009   197544  
omg! Another Evo fan! ^^ Huzzah!

I like Yurka myself :3. He's just misunderstood! >>;;;;;;? but Mag is so cute too..
and Linear is so sweet... and Chain is win 8D and Gre's cooking LOL

oh, I don't know! I love them all. <3

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