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My photoshopped Images

WaffleFry's Photoshopped Images
In here is going to be a collection of images I photoshopped.
Feel free to bash em and trash em, I don't care.
Ok so this is my favorite one of all time. It's kinda creepy but I just love how it turned out:

This one was supposed to make someone look kind of like a witch:

This one is just light streaks and glitter:

This one is supposed to be stitched lips and you have to use Angelina Jolie for lips right?

This is kinda of an alien one. Just overlay and colored her eyes:

This is the same girl but this is really hard to do. It's putting a pic in text or brushwork and is tricky:

This is a Hannah Monzombie! Oh yeah, she's America's sweetheart alright:

This is one I did when I was first starting on photoshop a couple years ago with J. Skell

I just messed with the lighting on this one. I just love the cast picture:
Dead Kelly Clarkson:

Kristin Stewart Pictah

Gwen Stefani Vamped Out:

Vintage Pic. I was into Joe Jonas when I made this, not anymore though:

This took a long time to do because you have to mess with the color balance and shtuff

This was making the pic seem more oldtimey

I colored the pic in, this was an all black and white image and first:

This was my first blend with Demi Lovato:

Selena Gomez with a light streak around her:

This was a kewl pic I made randumbly from a tutorial

This is like the image wayy up there but with a gradient background

That's it for now. All of my other images are from my site and they have my site name written on them in big letters.
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  WaffleFry — Page created: 6 August 2009
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‹Eli.Ray.Sunshine› says:   6 August 2009   614613  
those are all really cool, i like the last one the most.
‹Eli.Ray.Sunshine› says:   6 August 2009   115937  
oh, u know what u could do? to make kupipoints, u could photoshop pics that people
give with requests, im not sayin u should, but that would be cool.
WaffleFry says:   7 August 2009   428333  
That sounds like an awesome idea! I'll definitly do that!!
lollylovex3 says:   7 August 2009   878226  
I'm in love with the first one :D :D
WaffleFry says:   7 August 2009   786787  
haha me too.
hannahboo says:   9 August 2009   782957  
i love the one 6th from the bottom
WaffleFry says :   10 August 2009   888385  
The Ellen Page or the Asian girl one?
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