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Goth Debate!!!!!

I got bored but I really want to know what the people of Kupika have to say about the Style, genre, etc. Some think
they are freaks but others think they are hot. What do you think? Honesty is required. Don't worry I won't get offended.

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‹Hypochondriac› says:   1 October 2011   739570  
i think goths are awesome! :D
exquisite says:   1 October 2011   181779  
The style can look good if done nicely, like other stereotypes. The genre I actually
do like! Gothic music can sound very calm sometimes.
Vampiric_Nightmare says:   1 October 2011   142608  
When I'm really depressed I wear thick black eye shadow. My parents don't approve of
it and think I'm gay but I'm only bi. 
‹Ms.Pandanie!~› says:   5 October 2011   534152  
i think they are hot :3

i enjoy wearing all black sometimes and i think some people pull it off very well.
but i think it generally looks better with pale people

i think there is nothing wrong with black eyeshadow. it is bold and i am all for
makinga  statement
Vampiric_Nightmare says:   22 October 2011   541268  
Plus I've found out a lot of the Goth/Emo culture are bi. So when I go to raves its a
total score!!!!! Or even when I go to clubs(the ones that I find are vampire wannabe
clubs and they even do some blood play there). Yeah I'm 16 and can go to raves and
clubs. I know someone who can get me into these things(and make fake Ids) XD 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   22 October 2011   742032  
I do think that the style can work nicely, my fifth cousin has natural pale skin and
black hair and is one, and she is an example of that. Wannabes, back down, though.
‹Ms.Pandanie!~› says:   23 October 2011   508405  
Thats awesum!!! i am bi and i love raves!!! but i cant say that i am goth..for one i
would be a fail cause my skin is not that pale.

i definitely enjoy the style and i am not gonna try because, yes i dont want to be a
Vampiric_Nightmare says:   23 October 2011   880261  
Well Vampire wannabes are really just vampire lovers who want to be a vampire and
become one with the night. But instead they just cut someones arms and drink their
blood. I dont do it because I'm not that sadistic but it is a fun thing to try.

I really don't care what people think of me at this point. I've lost so many friends
this year that when I had a hole in my pants in my ass I didn't care. I really don't
give a fuck. If people want to make fun of me go right ahead. Don't be shocked when
your house is blown up. My ex boyfriend was on probation when I dated him and now I
think he'll kill someone if I ask him too. Though I'd rather deal with things myself. 
‹Sophia Meztli› says :   23 October 2011   972555  
those pic is awesome and goth is really cool and desin pretty cool 

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