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Did ya know.....?

Did ya know.....
When women lose their virginity its normal that they don't bleed. They probably broke their hymen during activities such
as horseback riding or masturbation.

Did ya know......
Its completely safe to have sex while your pregnant unless the doctor tells u otherwise. The baby will not have an
allergic reaction to the condom either because the condom doesn't touch the baby. The penis goes into the vagina not the
uterus. The cervix keeps the penis out of the uterus. You should only refrain from having sex while pregnant if u have a
history of miscarriages or health problems that would make sex risky.

Did ya know.......
Using only one condom sux ass. U dry out quickly. Its *Thrust thrust thrust* Aw.
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‹Abbeh› says:   5 February 2011   895153  
Did you know....
You just scarred a thirteen year old with this page?
Lmao sorry it scarred me. I shouldnt have read this.
‹xX_God_From_Hell_Xx› says:   5 February 2011   507805  
LMFAO!!!!!!!!! Its me wat do u expect. Well now u know.
‹Abbeh› says:   5 February 2011   435135  
i aint reading this no more xD 
‹xX_God_From_Hell_Xx› says:   5 February 2011   330081  
Lol Aw. XD
‹Abbeh› says:   5 February 2011   347032  
Okay Maybe one more time. xD
‹xX_God_From_Hell_Xx› says:   5 February 2011   734301  
XD C its addicting.
‹Abbeh› says:   5 February 2011   437805  
Lawl yeah ik xD Perverted stuff is fun.
‹xX_God_From_Hell_Xx› says:   6 February 2011   837953  
ZombiesMayRise says:   8 February 2011   230209  
Hahahha xD That got me laughing
‹xX_God_From_Hell_Xx› says:   9 February 2011   795370  
Yep. XD
ZombiesMayRise says:   9 February 2011   832316  
So funny 
‹xX_God_From_Hell_Xx› says:   9 February 2011   671798  
Cuz Im epic like that. I get this shit online. U dont need books when u have the
interwebs. :3
ZombiesMayRise says:   9 February 2011   107289  
Lol wow.
My friend was like "WtfxD" 
‹xX_God_From_Hell_Xx› says:   9 February 2011   287487  
‹Abbeh› says:   9 February 2011   361613  
If I showed this to my friends they'd be scared. xD
‹xX_God_From_Hell_Xx› says:   9 February 2011   455384  
XD Not mine.
‹Abbeh› says:   9 February 2011   266445  
Lucky :P I would love to have a lot more perverted friend.
‹xX_God_From_Hell_Xx› says:   9 February 2011   458217  
hahah Yep. I also have Psychopaths and Schizophrenic and Sociopaths as friends.
There amazing. XD
‹Abbeh› says:   9 February 2011   501740  
Im Depressed >:O And Bi-polar.
‹xX_God_From_Hell_Xx› says:   9 February 2011   590072  
Oh and Suicidal and Bi polar friends too.
ZombiesMayRise says:   9 February 2011   689542  
o.o their bomb 
‹xX_God_From_Hell_Xx› says :   10 February 2011   211451  
XD I have a whole range of friends.
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