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Andy Sixx

The Sexiest man on earth
His real name is Andrew Biersack
He's 6'2 and was torchered all his life just because of the way he dressed
He went to a Catholic School in High School
He was Chased in the halls being called Cutter emo and Fag
He was also called The Devil
He was Beaten all the time
He makes Songs about himself and others being beaten and torchered in school
He knows mosts of his fans have been torchered in there life so he makes songs about that
Thats Y I Love him
These are some Video's
Andy Six Vlog #12

The return of VLOGCIFER

Never Give in: Black Veil Brides 2009

And Her are are some Songs
Morticians Daughter-his song andy sixx wrote about his girlfriend scout taylor compton(actress) whose father is a

Devil For me- Andy made up for the theme of the band, he's basically reffering to people to don't live up to what they

Knives and Pens- This song is about people being judged, and even though they are misunterstood, they'll stick together
to stand up for what they believe in. The video was basically Andy Sixx (singer) Explaining how he can relate to his
fans and he knows what they are going through just because of apearence.

Hello my Hate-

The gunsling- really just saying that the person this is sung about(which is not neccesarrily Andy Sixx because he sings
it) has done alot wrong with himself and his life so he knows darn well that he is already going to hell so taking this
one last stand against something is worth it even though it may result in soing something even more wrong than the
initial problem(killing the man)
 (No Intro)
Stitch these Wounds- bout a girlfriend, that was a mistake. because he talks about how their love is dead, But i suppose
it could be about something else, because the title is misleading: "We Stitch These Wounds" or about a girl that broke
up with him and the title "we stitch these wounds" i think it means by wounds his broken heart 

And Lastly Some Pictures
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GeGeGeorgia says:   20 February 2010   469111  
He looks better when he's not being so hardout hehe (:
‹VampiresaRaven› says:   20 February 2010   321030  
Lol I Love Andy
He is the Sexiest man On Earth
‹i love my boyfriend› says:   21 February 2010   726754  
hes hott
‹VampiresaRaven› says:   21 February 2010   382042  
Yep I Love him
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   31 March 2011   669450  
I fucking love him.
‹VampiresaRaven› says :   31 March 2011   323933  
Hells Yah. He's a sexy beast <3
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