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Mythological Creatures

Definition-1. A preternatural being, commonly believed to be a reanimated corpse, that is said to suck the blood of
sleeping persons at night.
2. According to Eastern European folklore, a corpse, animated by an departed soul or demon, that periodically leaves the
grave and disturbs the living, until it is exhumed and impaled or burned.
OR alternatively a person who has made a pact with the devil, selling his soul to him in exchange for nearly eternal
life as long as the person sucks the blood from other people (and often kill them).
In sense, you could say a vampire is a corpse that is not really dead although it retains more its human qualities than
a linch or a zombie would. Basically you could also say that a vampire is a corps that has been reanimated. It arises at
night to drink the blood of the living to replenish itself. The word itself originated as the Slavic word obyri or
obiri, which evolved into the Bulgarian vampire. Another word for vampire, nosferatu, comes from the Greek nosophoros,

The story of Dracula!!!!!!
Dracula's real name was Vlad (the Impaler), he was called a vampire because of his cruel torturing methods. This
includes, impaling citizens as he ate in front of them. He also held a rich feast, and all that came to it, he made them
build a castle for him. Records prove that he was indeed a king of Romania and that he died, by an opposing army's
hands. The enemies of Romania at the time (unsure who). The emperor of the enemy country ordered his army to bring
Vlad's head to him, as proof he was dead. And they did so.

Vlad Tepes III also known as Vlad Draculea, Kazikli Voyvoidawas a ruler of Wallachia for the following terms- 1448,
1456-1462, 1476. he was born November 8th 1431 in Sighisoara, Transylvania and died at the hands of the Ottoman in
December 1476 at Wallachia.

On Easter 1459 he arrested all the boyar families as an act of revenge for the killing of his father. He impaled the
older ones on stakes while forcing the others to march from the capitol to the town of Poenari, some 50 miles away. He
then ordered the survivors to build a fortress on the ruins of an older outpost which overlooked the Arges river.
Vlad became quite known for his cruelty and brutal techniques of punishment; people were often skinned, boiled,
decapitated, blinded, strangled, hanged, burned, roasted, hacked, nailed, buried alive, stabbed and so on. He also liked
to cut off noses, ears, sexual organs and limbs. But his all time favourite form of torture was impalement on stakes,
hence the surname of Tepes-meaning the Impaler in Romanian. The Turks even called him "Kaziglu Bey" - Impaler Prince.

His philosophy on honesty and order was known throughout the land. Almost any crime be it lying and stealing to killing
could be punishable by impalement. This law was so effective that he placed a gold cup in the square, anybody could use
this cup to drink from the well but the cup must remain in the square. The cup was never stolen or removed during Vlads
whole reign.
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