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~My Role Play Characters~

My Permanent Character

Name: Riaki
Age: Looks like he's 18 but really over 200 years old
Sex: Male
Species: Vampire
Weapons: Usually uses his sword. He is a Swords master.
Personality: He is quite gorgeous and girls tend to like him, Riaki is a traitor vampire. Some vampires like him and
refuse to fight him but others are trying to kill him. Those are the ones he kills. He is really good at using the sword
and they're are very few people who have defeated him. He blends in with humans very well unless he's hungry but since
humans are so much attracted to him, Well vampires in general because of vampire scent, it makes his job easier. He can
even seduce them if he wants. He doesn't really care if they have a family or not they are his prey and he will kill
even if their child is watching. Thats how the food chain works. He is quite distant and tries to keep people away. He
holds a lot of sadness and sorrow but doesn't want people to see his weakness so he hides it. 
Appearance: Photobucket
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  Vampire_Legolas — Page created: 30 April 2011
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Pencil_Jam says:   14 May 2011   733008  
:DDD that is a beautiful picture! did you draw that?!? D:>
Vampire_Legolas says :   14 May 2011   832575  
No I found it somewhere on google. But I did add info to the character. I never
copyright my characters. I get Ideas from anime but I never copy the character from
the anime. I also get ideas from my friends.

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