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Forbidden Love

Hey this is my Yaoi story that I have been working on. I don't do paragraphs because paragraphs are annoying. Hope you
like. I will edit it later cause I'm being lazy.

First Chapter
     It all started when I transferred to this all boys academy after my mom decided that I shouldn't go to public
school anymore since I got into too many fights. My name is Skye and I come from a royal family of demons. I am unlike
most of my family though. I have silver wolf ears and a wolf tail that go well with my silver eyes and silver shoulder
length hair. Most of my family just have the personality and power of the animal they are or represent. Anyways, while I
was wandering the halls lost I ran into a gorgeous boy with light blue eyes and black hair. I stare at him and he smiles
kindly. "Sorry about that. Are you new?" He asks me and I answer "y-yeah I am. My name is Skye Crosszeria, from the
Crosszeria royal family and next in line to become king.” He bows with respect “it’s nice to meet you. I am Ryu
Nightfang. You won’t meet much royalty here such as yourself but I’m sure you’ll feel right at home here at Cross
Academy. I like your wolf ears by the way.” I stare at him in shock. No one had ever said that to him. They usually
made his life hell. “I hope I will too,” I finally say. “I went to public school but my mom made me come here
because I got into too many fights. She was worried so she thought I would get into less fights if I went to an all boys
academy. I don’t get how but it was my mom’s decision so whatever.” He laughs a little and I looked at him
questioningly. “I am sorry. You’re just quite amusing. I don’t mean to insult you or anything,” he says
apologetically. I smile and say “No it’s Ok. You didn’t insult me at all. I was just confused on what you were
laughing about.” He smiles and asks “want me to show you around the school?” I answer with a simple nod. He shows
me around the school and we chat a bit. It’s funny, I just met him yet it feels like I’ve known him forever. He is
so kind. I’m glad I came to this school. Later, I head to my new dorm and lay on my bed. I was glad Ryu was my
roommate too. Something comes to my head that has been bothering me for quite a bit so I decide to ask Ryu. “Hey, Ryu.
Um….what does the guys at this school do about dating?” I ask. He smiles and says “some guys date girls from other
schools some private all girls schools or private unisex schools or even public schools. But other guys date guys from
this school. Half the guys here are gay or bi,” He answers truthfully. I then ask “what about you?” He smiles and
answers “I am bisexual and have dated guys from this school but I also have friends from other schools and some of the
girls from those schools I’ve went out with.” I nod. I guess I’ve never really thought about orientation until
now. I really don’t know what I am. I guess I won’t know until I make out with a guy but who? The only real friend I
have here is Ryu and I don’t want to ruin our friendship when we just became friends or even make it awkward. I sigh
and roll over to sleep. My first day of classes begin tomorrow and I don't want to be tired for them. I wonder what
classes they have here. Probably similar to public school classes. I fall asleep and sleep soundly. The next day Ryu
wakes me up and I get into my school uniform, brush my hair, and head to my first class with Ryu. "So Skye you psyched
about your first class?" I shake my head "no because I have gym." He laughs at my remark and I laugh a little too still
a bit shy and awkward about all these new changes. He says "don't worry. Gym is actually pretty fun. Right now is the
kendo unit so its even more fun. But health is a bit worst since we mostly talk about sex ed. And their quite
descriptive about it. So after high school you will be scarred for life from everything you learn in health." I laugh
and say "great. That makes me feel so much better." We smile and I split off from him to head to gym. They hand me my
gym uniform and I head into the boy locker room to change. Its kinda a bit awkward since we have to change in front of
everybody but I bet I will soon get used to it. I go to the quiet part of the room and change there. There's only like 2
other guys there. I get changed into my gym uniform and sense something abnormal. "Somethings wrong..." I say to myself
and run outside into the gym when I am fully changed. My eyes glow blood red and I sense any demonic activity among any
of the students. I see a strange man with long light green hair and red eyes(Its Tsubasa from Shrine Maidens!!!!! I did
get my idea off of him) at the gym door. He bows and walks off. I run after him and after running for a bit I soon lose
sight of him. I look around not even knowing where I am. I look around not knowing how to get back and not knowing where
to go. No one is around to save me. I start running more out of fear then anything else. I was used to being alone but I
never thought I would be at this school. Someone grabs me and I let out a scream of bloody murder. I hear a familiar
whisper of "Skye its me, Ryu. No need to be afraid." I run into Ryu's arms happy to hear his voice. I have never felt
this relieved or scared before. He looks at my eyes deeply and somehow we just start making out. I have never felt this
for any guy before but I feel someone watching me and as he strokes my sides I let out a shiver. I whisper against his
lips "someone is watching us. I can feel their presence." Ryu looks at me with his gorgeous eyes and for some reason
they erase all my worries. I confess "I have never felt this way for any guy." We go back to making out. I end up
pressed against the wall moaning in pleasure as he kisses and nips on my neck. I feel fangs and widen my eyes "Y-Your a

Chapter 2
"Y-Your a Vampire????" I ask him shocked. "Yeah. I am. Do you hate me now because of it?" I shake my head at him. "N-No
of course not. I would never hate you. I think I've actually fallen in love with you but our love cannot be. I am
royalty and you are a..." I think of what to call him and he adds after a few moments "a wandering peasant." He says
without changing his gorgeous serious face. I look at him and nod slightly. "But even so....I will love you no matter
what." I hear someones voice say "How cute. Too bad its against your role as prince to love a peasant such as him." I
turn quickly and see the man with green hair and red eyes staring at me with a grin on his face. "Now if you were to
fall for me that would be a different story. I am Prince Tsubasa." I notice he's wearing the schools uniform. "You go to
this school?" Ryu nods and says "Yeah. I thought Crosszeria sounded familiar. He is Ryu Crosszeria." I stare in shock
and he adds "yeah. I am your long lost cousin. I abandoned our family because I didn't like how things were being run
but I kept my title and last name. I lie about still being apart of that family just so I can get respect from people
but thats all. I am so happy I finally get to meet you." He steps forward and I step back. . “Aw don’t be scared.”
Ryu notices my fear and gets in front of me. “He doesn’t want any family reunion with someone like you." I unsheathe
my sword and he gets his spells ready. Tsubasa growls at us and attacks us with his sword. We start battling intensely
and Tsubasa and I clash swords. I growl and kick him. I get on top of him and get ready to kill him but he touches me
and I feel myself falling in a black hole. I can't help but fall unconscious. I wake up and see only darkness. I try to
rub my eyes but feel my arms chained and I struggle both scared and angry. I hear a familiar annoying voice say "I told
you , you should of picked me instead of that commoner." I yell at Tsubasa "you stupid demon. I won't love you even if
you were the only person I could love. He is kind and protects me. I love him." Tsubasa laughs. I feel him breathe down
my neck and then lick it. He made me shiver and it annoyed me how he turned me on even though I didn't want to be turned
on by this bastard. The only one I wanted was Ryu. I feel his lips on mine and I continue struggling. I yell "Ryu!!!!"
Tsubasa stumbles back and I sense Ryu's presence. I hear fighting and struggling and feel different lips on mine after a
few moments. I blindly say "Ryu?" and get answered "yes it is me, love. This is an illusion made be him. I was able to
get by the illusion with your help of course." Tears run down my face and the blindfold covering my eyes gets removed. I
see light as the illusion fades and I fall the the floor. I smile happily and I whisper to him "I love you Ryu. Please
be mine." We start kissing once again but this time with more passion and love like we needed each other. Moments go by
and I am pressed against the wall and were both naked. He kisses all over my body and I moan in pleasure. Soon I yelp
once I feel him slip inside of me. I have always been sensitive to peoples touch which is why I tried to keep my
distance from everybody but for once in my life I wanted it more then ever. I grip his back and moan with each thrust.
We continue kissing each other and he finally cums inside of me. We both pant trying to catch our breathes. I whisper in
his ear "Ryu, I love you more than I ever loved anyone. But demons and vampires are forbidden to have any relationship
with each other." He smiles and touches my cheek "Don't worry. What they don't know wont hurt them. I promise I will
protect you with my life." We kiss again and soon we finally start getting dressed and head back to our dorm.
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