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Anime Yourself

Hey I saw some things like this after stalking profiles out of boredom and I thought it was cool so I just thought I'd
do it. Plus I'm dying of boredom here and I'm listening to Blind Guardian-Curse my Name

So basically just give me the following that you want your character to have:
Eye color
Hair Color
Demonic Form-In case you want your character to be a demon
Demon? If so what kind?(Tell me what your mythological creature is)
Age and/or grade

I might use these characters as my own just so you know. I might change a few things a round but I do need Ideas for my
story. Right now I'm working on Alice, the German vampire who is from a royal family and one of the very few characters
who actually have alive parents. The rest of her family is dead because their palace in Germany burned to the ground and
they had to move to England. Oh yeah the story does take place in England and it has to do with some legend I made up
but Its pretty good. I just need to finish it. Lol. Anyways. Back to this. Just give me info that you want me to put
down and I will put it down and find a good pic. Thank you for your time. :D I will add me later. I'm being Lazy

Name: Rayne
Age: 17
Grade: Senior in High School
Appearance: Photobucket

User: SoulLostandFound
Name: Amy
Age: 16
Appearance: Photobucket
I know her eyes aren't really green but this pic is good enough right? ^^'

User: ‹~WildBerri~›
Name: Hikari
Age: 16 Junior
Appearance: Photobucket
Demon form: Photobucket
Link to this page: copy-paste
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‹Find.The.Man.Behind.The.Monster› says:   22 May 2011   536259  
Eye color: Green
Hair Color: Brown and wavy. Shoulder length
Age:  16
Name: Amy

Cheers m'dear!!
Vampire_Legolas says:   22 May 2011   629986  
:3 Alrighty. I'll try to find a good pic for you :D
‹~WildBerri~› says:   23 May 2011   912310  
Eye color: Red
Hair Color: Blonde
Demonic Form-In case you want your character to be a demon: Uh idk whatever I guess
Demon? If so what kind?(Tell me what your mythological creature is): Fox
Age and/or grade: 16 Junior
Name: Hikari
Vampire_Legolas says:   23 May 2011   886834  
Kk Do it Asap
LuckyNumber19 says:   24 May 2011   891647  
Eye color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde (Light blonde. Not as dark as my avi's blonde colour.)
Age and/or grade: 21 looks like an 18 year old -_-
Name: Abbie
LuckyNumber19 says:   24 May 2011   668530  
Forgot to put:

Can I be a human? and THANKS
Vampire_Legolas says:   24 May 2011   953574  
Yup. I will try to find a good pic for you :D 
LuckyNumber19 says:   26 May 2011   340209  
Thank you!  
Vampire_Legolas says:   26 May 2011   519721  
I'm having a hard time finding one but I will find one. :3 I am determined to find
‹Parallels.♥› says :   30 May 2011   767678  
Eye color: blue
Hair color: dark brown
Vampire or human
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