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~The Kupika Times~ *News Paper #1*

The Kupika Times #1 heart Pictures, Images and
Photos Welcome! smile Pictures, Images and
Photos Lets welcome these Kupika users that joined this week. Monday May 25,09 (2:00 to 3:30)- Zara_x, Live_life_As_it_Comes, Lovely_V Tuesday May 26,09 ( )- The News- by Vampire Princess19898 Topic: Safety around Kupika Chain Mails Got To Stop __________________ Even Kupika said to not post them, but people do it anyway. It's really slowing Kupika down. Anyway, most people hate chainmails on this site or any websites. There is no such thing as, "If you don't forward this in within 5 minutes, you will never wake up tomorrow,"! Most of the time, they are tricking you to do the wrong thing. The good chainmails are a whole different story. Those don't slow this site down, it makes the site faster and you happy. It's okay to post those, "If you believe in God, copy this into your profile, then you showed that you aren't scared to say you believe in him,". A lot of people want the good chainmails to keep going, but the bad ones to stop. How could you help? You could post a comment saying nicely, "This isn't true. You should stop with these kind of chainmails. You're just tricking people into something. Please stop,". Maybe type/post something on your diary, a page, club, etc. to persuede people to stop. Use your mind and common sense too. Maybe if a lot of people help, chainmails might be banned from Kupika... (atleast the bad ones). _________________________________________________________________________________________ Is the AnonPost Getting Too Inopropriate? ________________________________ I've been on the AnonPost just to see what people are talking about and it's gross. I definetly do not post on there how bad it is. I'm not blaming on the innocentswho don't post on AP- but just think about it. 7 or 8 year olds go on it and they don't know what it means of some things people post. The kids probably show to someone or say something on there that could get them in trouble. Anyway, they get rude and show things that have adult content. Even Kupika has an online saftey part (way bottom). It even states- "Kids, if you feel someone is harassing you, blacklist that person as soon as possible." Those innocent kids have the right to do that. Another thing they said that goes on at AnonPost- "Never, ever, give out your personal information to anyone! - your full name - your phone number - your home address, your school, your city - your email address, your Piczo address, your MySpace address, etc. - basically anything that can be used to identify you!" Yep, I basicly agree. If you have any ideas to help, please do it! _________________________________________________________________________________________ Review _____ Just to be safe about the rules- here is the Terms of Service for Kupika. A lot of people have been breaking the rules I have heard. "This Agreement constitutes your rights to use Kupika (the "service") and our rights regarding the service. We may modify the Agreement at any time and without prior notice, and it will apply to existing members as well. Account Creation and Termination Everyone is eligible to create an account for free. You may not, however, create multiple accounts for malicious purposes, including but not limited to: deceiving other users, flooding the service with dummy/fake members, and taking unfair advantage from the service. We are not responsible for any kind of damages done to you by an anonymous stranger. You should take care of yourself. If you cannot do that, please, leave Kupika as soon as possible. If you are a minor, or under 13 years old, please be very careful. By creating an account, we assume you have gotten a permission from your parent. Never, ever, reveal your personal information to anyone! We reserve the right to terminate your account for any reason -- but this will rarely happen Obligations Be nice to each other. Be nice to non-members too, e.g. Do Not Post Copyrighted Materials. Your Rights You may use all parts of the service that are made available to you. Basically this means you should not hack the service in any way. You may also use the picture of your character for non-commercial purposes. If you put it in a publication please give us some credit. For example, you can put the picture of your character at your blog and have that picture links to your profile page at Kupika. Our Rights We may use the content that you made publicly available in the service for any purpose. (Don't worry, we will never sell your personal information or publish your letters without your permission.) We are not lawyers. And we don't think people will read this entire Agreement anyway. But if you want to help us write a better Agreement please let us know." _________________________________________________________________________________________ My Advice To You chibi Pictures, Images and Photos "Just stop all the bad things you've done and start out your day/life a different way." _________________________________________________________________________________________ Riddles Tom and his younger sister were fighting. Their mother was tired of the fighting, and decided to punish them by making them stand on the same piece of newspaper in such a way that they couldn't touch each other. How did she accomplish this? What do you call a fish without an eye? What is cheese made backwards? What flowers do you wear everyday? _________________________________________________________________________________________
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