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More about the real me

I nicked this of someone...can't remember who...but whoever it was...mine is soooo much better...coz its about me!!!

Name: Nita
Age: 15
Birthdate: 12.8.92
Birthplace: U.K.
Location: Southhampton

Hair Color: Black with some red bits in random places
Eye Color: midnight blue 
Weight: 6 stone 13
Height: 5"7
Braces: No
Glasses/contacts: No way.
Freckles: Nopey.
Scars: NO!
Style: Goth/punk/rocker...unless i have a dark day, then i wear just black

Food: Crisps, Chocolate.
Store(s): Ross Arts & Crafts
Color(s): Black, Red, Gray.
Shoe Brand: Anything as long as it does big black leather shoes with high heels
Clothing Brand(s): Anything goth / punk / rocker...
Purse Brand(s): Anything...
This/That: That
Coke/Pepsi: Coke!
Bikini/One Peice: Bikini
Love/Money: Love
Resturant/Fast Food: Resturant (i would say fast food on friday though)
Boy/Girl: Girl
Pop/Water: Pop
Dogs/Cats: Dogs
Abercrombie/Walmart: *shrugs* I dunno....i'm not american
Night/Day: Night
Sun/Rain: Sun (rain at night)
Have You Ever
Cried in school: Yes 
Laughed so hard you peed: No!
Seen your best friend naked: Duh, No!
Taken a shower with someone: NOOO!
Been drunk: ...No.
Smoked: NO WAY
Cried on someones shoulder: No
Let someone cry on your shoulder: Yeah, all the time
Used the bathroom in front of a friend: NO!

Do You
Smoke: No!
Do Drugs: No!
Drink: Never.
Cry often: No!
Change in front of your friends: ...Only if i'm in the cupboard
Talk about private things with friends: Yeah!
Favorite eye color: Gray, Midnight Blue
Favorite hair color: Black!
tatoos: No.
peircings: nope
style: goth / punk / rocker / (sometimes) emo
The last.
person you hugged: *shudder* my nan
person you kissed: My mum
person you talked to: Chitsuki/Hikari
time you cried: Last valentines day...i didnt have a date
time you laughed: YESTERDAY morning
thing you bought: black leggings
person you yelled at: My brother over the phone
person you said i love you to: My bf 
person you told you that they loved you: My bf
person you hit: I don't hit....i bite
thing you drank: Coca Cola
thing you ate: Crisps?

Some more Crap

Screen Name: Twin_Nita
Favorite Band: Do singers count?
Favorite Movie: The scary movie series (1, 2, 3, 4)
Favorite Show: SIMPSONS!
Your Car: Jaguar X-type, Audi A3, Ford Fiesta Zetec
Your Hometown: Southampton
Your Present Town: I donno wt it called
Your Year: Yr10

Have You Ever

Sat on your rooftop?: Nope
Kissed someone in the rain?: Yeah
Danced in a public place?: Yes, I always do it now.
Smiled for no reason?: Yes...I'm doing it at my computer now for no reason..
Laughed so hard you cried?:  No.
Peed your pants after age 8?: OMGF COURSE NOT DO U TINK I AM A BABY?!
Written a song?: Yeah, loads of times for my band.
Sang to someone for no reason?:  I might. I don't know.
Performed on a stage?: Yeah. Acting in year 2. But I did a Talent show in year 4, and a Year 6 leaving play.....oh yeah
and performed with my band on stage last week.
Talked to someone you don't know?: Yeah...on kupika, duh
Gone out of your way to befriend someone?: YES
Been in love?: Yeah!

* . . Who was the last person to . . * 

Say HI to you?: My dad
Tell you, I love you?: My bf
Kiss you?: My dad
Hug you?: My dad
Tell you BYE?: My mum
Write you a note?:  Kyle...
Take your photo?: ME! He, He, He...
Call your cell phone?:  Katie
Buy you something?:  Me...I HAVE TO BUY EVERYTHING!
Go with you to the movies?: OMFG MY NAN
text message you?: Katie

Yeah well that's much better than whoever I nicked this off!!!
He, he he...i nicked it.
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  Twin_Nita — Page created: 15 February 2007
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scooby_doo says:   16 February 2007   961678  
hey u nicked it off me but then i nicked it off sum1 so it dnt really matter
Twin_Nita says :   16 February 2007   714691  
He he he, yeah. lol

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