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Thank God it’s the last week of seconded year of high school! Clover thought to herself while she got out of her car.
She stood there, just staring at the building that would imprison her for one last week. It had two thick glass doors
that where leading cheerful students in their jail. She finally looked away to lock her door of her red 911 porsha. As
Clover walked to those doors a group of guys stared at her with a big smile.
“Hey there Clover!” Said a guy that was being pushed by the others to the front. He was average looking with blond
hair in a surfer flare, teeth straight and bright. Ummm okay looking but sorry not my type! Clover told her self.
She nodded her head as she walked past him. His friends started to laugh at him and tell him they where right and he was
wrong, she would never give any guy the time of day! Rude. I do too…I talk to Leo and Hisoka! Clover stared down at
the sidewalk.
She wanted so much to just get the day over with and fast.
She got to her locker and Leo was waiting for her. He always knew what kind of mood she was in when she got to her
locker, even if she tried to hide it like she was doing know.
“Hey.” Leo said trying to look in to her face that was hiding in the books she was putting in her locker,
“Clover?? Helloooo…. Anyone home? Oh you think you can hide that pretty face from me?” Leo joked putting his hand
gently under her chin and pulling her face upward toward his. She studies his face to see if he could read hers. Yup he
sure did. Why Leo do you always know what I’m thinking! She thought angrily.
“Leo, people today just hate me. For what, money? What has that to do anything with me? That’s just my family,”
“Shhhh…Clover its alright. They don’t hate you, maybe they just don’t like you because of that but they don’t
hate you.” Leo said cutting her off. His hand went to her chin to the side of her face as she shred a tear. Her wiped
it away before it caught any speed down her cheek. She took his hand in hers and whispered thank you.
The bell to get to class rang just then and Leo and Clover stood there for about a minute staring at each other. They
never had a relationship together and never really thought about it. They where like brother and sister and that’s
what the whole school thought as well. Clover thanks the school for that one.
Clover walked away first, she said bye with her back toward him and walked to her first painful class, homeroom 5 or
also known as Biology. Ugh…. Another hopeless day with Alex the Flirt! Clover thought as she walked by all the
“groups” of people that stared at her. Alex sprinted to his seat and pull out his chair so the Clover would have to
say something to get to her seat, all the other ways where blocked with more people form homeroom nightmare! He sat in
the chair legs crossed laying on top of his desk, smiling at her with the ‘ha got ya’ look on his face.
Alex the Flirt was not all that bad looking it was just his persona was gross, always trying to find new ways to look at
girl’s breast! Ewww (sigh) way cant he just be like Leo? She said to her self when she first heard about this guy.
“Hey Clover. How’s Daddy??” Alex said in a from out of spacey voice, laughing at his friends that where waiting
for Clover to say something to the person that just called her out.

“Hello Mr... Uh what was it again?” she said in a tried sigh. As soon as she said Mr. Alex was up on his feet and in
her face, close enough to lick her nose if he wanted to. He was very much taller then her but she didn’t even flinch
as he stood up.
“Don’t you dare!” Alex said in a little higher voice then normal. By this time everyone stopped what they where
doing, even the teacher was watching form the door. They where all in shock that Clover Caillat just talked to Alex of
all people.
Clover walked right by him when he said this because he wasn’t in the way anymore. Alex stood there like the fool he
was, staring at the people that stared at him with their mouths open. The teacher walk up to the whiteboard while he
looked down at his tie to see if was in the right place. Nice way to start the day Clove! My goodness now everyone will
be looking at you for the rest of the day. She told her self as she opened her planner and wrote down what was on the
board for today.
“Akmm, okay alright class, please open your books to page 233 and read the chapter.” Said Mr. Orchard, “Begin.”
The students where in their seats now but still made those little glances over to Alex and Clover to see what we would
do. Alex just sat there with a look of pain on his face. Clover smiled at this and then quickly looked back into her
book as Shelby, the girl that sat across from Alex, looked at her.

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