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God Is Real!Don't You Doubt It!

God's real.No doubt about it.We didn't "just happen" as you heathens say.It's so impossible.You guys are
I can't believe you guys are alive-alive in the form of handsome and pretty.....and on the inside you are
hatable,ugly,mean,despicable creatures!To think I even look at you don't believe in God,even!Guess
what.I'll tell you something "good".YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!Did you mark the quotation marks?I got proof that God's
real!!!!Go to church.Stay there for 1 hour if you're not a sucker.Read the Bible if you're not a weenie.Accept God if
you're a winner.

Then you'll go to Heaven.I believe in God cause He saved me from my sins-and from Satan.Mark all these well.This is NOT
rude.It's for your own good,people.OWN GOOD.
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  Tsunami_Rider_The_Vaporeon — Page created: 21 November 2007
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‹ruthie .› says:   10 April 2008   892879  
A bit unlogical... What are your reasons? I don't wan't to be part of a religion
that condems people for not reforming to their views.
Tsunami_Rider_The_Vaporeon says:   16 April 2008   147217 guys don't know how to read.....
‹AmyBeetch™› says:   16 November 2008   266286  
How rude of you, to disrespect your own God like that. Wasn't he the one who said
something like, "Don't tell ones thoughts otherwise."? I could've sworn it said that
somewhere in the Bible.

Ohhh, and threatening that you'll go to hell if you don't believe in him ain't
fooling anyone ;D
Akiba23 says :   2 April 2009   498427  
God gave us free will for a reason we can stray from Him if we want to.
Oh and what religion are you?
Because my uncle is the same way.....He's a christain.
I'm catholic. Barely.....I was raised as one anyway.
Truth be told God might just be a force like the sun or whatnot.
Most people think of Him as a person because the thought of 
someone watching over them is comforting and they can't deal with
being all alone or not mattering to someone(that's why we make friends have children
and find lovers).
Is that why you say that? 
Or were you raised that way?

Er.. sorry if I offended you.
I like to know what goes on in peoples heads.
Humans are fasinating. The way we think and all.
I want to major in psychology.

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