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A vampire could be many different things now-a-days. So can a witch. So these are the races my characters are. Please note that I'm only defining my own characters' races, not yours! This is more of a reference for myself so that, a year or from now, I can remember what powers and abilities my characters have. (I started compiling this page years ago now, and I'm glad I did!)


Basically, demons are just creatures born in Hell. They are mainly evil, but few have developed their own sense of morals and freewill. Even then, few choose to live a traditionally good life, and those who do often have difficulties. These demons that develop consciences are hindered by very simple, one-dimensional personalities. In their true form, they look similar to humans, but much frailer and smaller, though they have comparable strength. Their eyes (which lack pupils or the whites), hair, skin, and wings (which are bat-like and extend from their upper backs) are of grayscale or dark warm colors. Demons have the ability to fly and teleport short distances. They can also change their image to appear more human, which includes correcting their eyes, changing their skin tone, and retract their wings. Of course, demons can possess humans. Their fire abilities vary, though the average demon can burn things with their hands. A demon isn't born in the same way as a human; they are created by Satan to do his bidding. Many are sent above the surface to torture, kill, or otherwise bother humans. While above the surface, demons must feed on humans to survive. The only way to kill a demon is to banish it from the surface through an exorcism. An exercised demon cannot return to the surface, and is often destroyed by its creator due to uselessness. My demons: Daer Ma


Dromedels, or "elves of the night" in English, are only myths to humans, and in some places of the world, completely unknown. They are typically quiet and serious, though there are a few exceptions. Their skin tones range light purples and blues to silvers and light grays; their eye colors are pale purples, blues, pinks, and grays; and their hair colors are indigo, dark purple, navy, dark gray, and black. These elves sleep a couple hours at night, and nap often during the day, requiring much less sleep than humans or other elves. The blood of those born into the royal family are able to become invisible during the night. My dromedels: Valaina Lindethiel


Working on it... My nephilims: Elyssa


Working on it... My undead: Marlaina Daum


Vampires have the same eye color as before, but their skin is noticeably (but not dramatically) duller than before. They have fangs, reflections, and shadows. Aside from the addition of fangs and the skin color, there is no other physical change. Vampires are not weakened by garlic, holy symbols, running water, silver, or lack of invitation, and can be killed in any way a human can, including drowning, fire, or a stake to the heart. They have a normal lifespan, though they have unnatural healing abilities and aren't prone to diseases, infections, or illnesses. They are stronger than before, but aren't unnaturally strong, and have normal senses and speed. They cannot fly or shapeshift, and have no special abilities. They are rather influential, though, with their power to persuade increasing with age (as a vampire). Vampires can only procreate with each other, and their children, also infected with vampirism, are often very attractive, much paler than their parents, and have the ability to compel humans. Vampirism spreads through bites, only if the human survives. Age, health, and amount of blood remaining after the feeding affect chance of the human surviving; typically, an average, healthy adult with an adequate amount of blood will survive. Vampirism can be spread through transfusions. Vampires are not inhabited with demons. They need blood like a human needs water, but food is still a requirement. Animal blood may be consumed, but it is far less nutritious than human, and vampire blood is sickening. My vampires: Claire de LaLune

Witches and Warlocks

Witches are very simple and weak mages, mostly relying on potions and charms. If they do cast a spell, they often do it as a coven. Their lack of power comes from the fact that witches are not born with the talent of magic, but rather pick it up as a study. Witches can specialize in a school of magic, though due to their lack of power, this is both rare and difficult. Witches are most commonly females, and often have dark or evil intentions. This is often due to the individual being exposed to something negative in their life, and they chose to learn magic to seek revenge. This isn't always the case, however. The term "witch" is often used to describe a male; however, the term "warlock" is politically correct. My witches: Claire de LaLune


Wizards are powerful mages who use wands or staves to project the magic they are born with. Wizards study the arcane arts for hours a day, generally focusing in one school of magic; a specialized mage is much stronger than a general mage. Wizards are naturally stronger dealing with one particular element over the other three, though it's uncommon that they will restrict themselves to their particular element. Wizards have the ability to summon a familiar to aid or protect them. Because the familiar is simply a manifestation of the wizard's own power, the familiar draws its magic from its master, which can be very draining. The shape of the familiar is determined by the nature and personality of the wizard, and cannot be chosen or changed. On average, wizards live about twenty-five years longer than humans.

Sorcerers and Sorceresses

Sorcerers and sorceresses are true masters of arcane and otherwise magical powers. Magic isn't just spells and incantations, it's a part of their soul; they can control it with their mind and body, rather than being restricted to wands, potions, and spells. They do not require hours of studying to understand their innate power, though studying the arcane arts never hurts anyone. Their familiars are not magical manifestations summoned by a spell; the familiar of a sorcerer is a creature born from the same soul. Thus, these familiars have their own magic and do not necessarily have to draw from the power of its master. On average, sorcerers live about fifty years longer than humans. Like any mage, sorcerers are born stronger in a specific element, although not all choose to focus on just that one element. Though most are considered dark or evil due to the corruption of too much power, there are few who don't let magic get out of control. My sorceresses: Arielle
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