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Put Up for Adoption

If you can't take care of something or if there is someone who has been abandoned or beaten senselessly, like for
instance, if you have an online child or an online pet, then come to Maddie and I for adoption. We will take good care
of him/her/them until someone comes and wants to adopt your child/pet. If have any questions, ask me or Maddie aka
mystical_stories_author. mystical_stories_author will be on between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. And I will be on between 7:00 and
8:00 pm.

Here are someone that needs a home:

^13-year-old girl, Gina, beaten for no reason.

^7 months old, twin girls, Jessica and Amber, abandoned.

^8-year-old twin girls, Melissa and Karissa, beaten and abandoned.

^3-year-old toddler, Angie, beaten.

^6-year-old girl, Farah, beaten.

^10-year-old girl, Stephanie, abandoned.

^2-year-old girl, Janice, abandoned.

^2-year-old boy, Jake, abandoned and beaten.

^14-year-old fraternal twin boys, Josh and Nick, beaten.

^12-year-old boy, Dustin, beaten and abandoned.

^Zack, age 15 and Brandon, age 14, beaten and abandoned.

^(from left to right), sisters Ashley, Natalie, and Marie, ages 7,8, and 9, beaten.

^Identical twin boys, Dylan and Cole, abandoned.

^14-year-old boy, Thomas, beaten.

^(from left to right), brothers David, Cody, Danny, and Kevin, ages 14,16,17, and 18, beaten and abandoned.

^15-year-old boy, Oliver, beaten.

^(from left to right), brothers James, Alex, and Nathan, ages 14,12, and13, abandoned and beaten.

^16-year-old boy, Ryan, beaten.
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  Triple_XXX — Page created: 11 December 2007
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Sassy_Taylor2 says:   11 December 2007   833241  
awww.......! about how many children can each person adopt?
Im_Your_Kat says:   23 December 2007   219363  
can i adopt Gina, Angie, David, Cody, Danny, and Kevin plz?
Triple_XXX says:   27 December 2007   278398  
only one child..... or group of kids... like David, Cody, Danny, and Kevin.
catyboo says:   13 January 2008   139135  
Can I adopt the anime sisters sisters Ashley, Natalie, and Marie? I will protect
them with my life!
sexii_one says:   20 January 2008   453789  
can i adopt Janice shes gawgous 2 kupika points ill give u!
Yukis_Locket says:   23 January 2008   644696  
Can I adopt Stephanie and Josh and Nick please? :D  ^-^ 
*would take all of them, but wants to leave some for other people*
StarTrekkie says:   4 February 2008   133753  
ill take any girl, but i'd REALLY REALLY like Ashley, Natalie, and Marie PLEASE!!!
i'll give them a better-then-best home and everything they neeed~!!!
katali121 says:   23 April 2008   698231  
Melissa and Karissa please
JessyRAWWR says:   28 May 2008   445371  
Janice and Jake please!
‹♥Purple Elephant♥› says:   14 November 2009   979672  
You have way too many people that were beaten. You could have had some that were
abused mentally, or parents didn't love them, or something like that.
TTClemons says:   22 August 2015   109327  
I want to adopt Dylan and Cole, the identical twin boys, please.
TTClemons says :   22 August 2015   853363  
I just saw the date you made this page. I turned seven that day. I'm surprised that
there are this many. 
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