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25 Ways To Spot A Freshman

1. Freshmen are the only perky people in your 7am class during the first week of classes. 

2. Though many students look lost, freshmen are the only ones to ask where the elevator to the fifth floor is in a two
story building. 

3. Freshmen think they have time to watch TV and study. (We upper-classmen know that we only have time to watch TV.) 

4. Freshmen use the word "Brewski". 

5. Freshmen say please and thank you at meals rather than grunt and growl. 

6. The freshmen will say "Good Morning Professor " in unison. (The upper-classmen will arrive a few minutes afterward.)

7. Freshmen care about how many classes they've skipped. (Upper-classmen care about how many meals they've skipped.) 

8. Freshman sing in the morning. (Upper-classmen don't do anything til noon.) 

9. A freshman will still be wearing his high school class ring. (Upper-classmen have long ago pawned their's for beer.)

10. Freshmen call home for more than just money. 

11. Freshmen ask you if you're 21, for "no reason". (Yeah right) 

12. Freshmen don't stay out late. (Because it's past their bedtime.) 

13. Only a freshman can be grounded by his/her parents and be on campus. 

14. Freshmen will take the time to shower before a speech. 

15. A freshman's alarm clock is set 2 hours before his/her first class even if the class is at 7am. (An upper-classman's
alarm lock is set 10 minute before any class after 10 am.) 

16. Freshmen make kool-aid and buy cases of soda.(Upper-classmen buy Boone's Farm wine and buy cases of the cheapest
beer they can find.) 

17. Freshmen will offer you a soda. (Upper-classmen will kill you if you think about their beer.) 

18. Freshmen do laundry once a week. (Upper-classmen don't do laundry.) 

19. Freshmen respect RAs and think they can help solve their problems. (Upper-classmen avoid RAs to keep away from

20. A freshman with a car = free taxi for his/her friends. (An upper-classman with a car = a way for him/her to pay for
the weekend.) 

21. Credit card companies will give a freshman a credit card on the spot, so that as an upper-classman you will be
paying for your freshman year adventures. 

22. Freshmen will politely ask if you can turn down the volume on your radio. (Upper-classmen pound on the wall.) 

23. Freshmen love the cafeteria food. (Upper-classmen eat it because they can't afford a pizza.) 

24. Freshmen will dress nicely just to look nice. (Upper-classmen will dress nicely for a court date.) 

25. Freshmen will take the time to read this and forward it to their friends. (Upper-classmen will only waste their time
writing this.)
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  Trainer_Yellow — Page created: 9 July 2008
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‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   9 July 2008   634518  
Lolz, in the Philippines, the freshmen in high school are roughly 12 - 13 years old
XD I'm one of them. And my sis is an upperclassman but she doesn't drink alcohol
Trainer_Yellow says :   9 July 2008   593498  
yeah seriously (i found these on a random website)

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