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Pokemon EGG Guessing Game!

Can you guess the descriptions of these pokemon eggs? Winner gets an oekaki request or something they want. JUST NO
CYBERING. NO SEXING and nothing of that kind. GOT IT??? Miku's already mad at us. ANYWAY, here are your descriptions to

1. A light blue egg that has a line marking and two dark blue stripes. The egg is slightly damp.
2. A blueish-purple egg with a big white spot. There's a spiral pattern on the spot. The egg is slightly damp.
3. An egg with a blue top and green bottom that is divided by a yellow band. It's completely covered in slime....
4. A blue egg with a green top and a yellow band on the front. The egg is slightly damp.
5. An egg that's a dull dark blue colour. The two red spots on it almost look like eyes. It's supposed to be the egg of
a plant.
6. A grey egg with a big black blotch on the front. The blotch has a small red spot on it. Sometimes shakes a bit if
it's touched.
7. A brown egg with a tan bottom. The tan bottom has a few markings on it. This egg reacts strangely to some items.
8. A pale yellow egg with two pale red spots. It's supposed to be part of a pair.
9. A dark blue egg with a tan bottom. Something seems vaguely familiar about it....
10. A dark blue egg with a tan bottom. Something seems vaguely familiar about it....
11. A pale blue egg with two grey spots on it. The lower spot is larger than the top one. It looks like it'd take a
while to hatch. 

Ta-da! now, GUESS AWAY!! And by that I mean guess as hard as you can like you're trying to get an A+ in a test.
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