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Brunettes and Blondes Club

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This is my club for people who have a blonde or brunette charecter or brunette or blonde hair in real life.

Owner= Tomboygurl10


Competition Maker= 1 Person ( Tell me what kind of competition and if I say its ok we can do that )

Prize Supplier= music_rocks
Best Jokes by=
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  Tomboygurl10 — Page created: 27 January 2007  |  Last modified: 29 January 2007
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angel1155 says:   27 January 2007   364247  
I have blonde hair and it is natural blonde too.
Tomboygurl10 says:   27 January 2007   649634  
cool so u r my second member
Angel_Puzz says:   27 January 2007   128452  
can i join i have blonde hair and on this
Jasmyn911 says:   27 January 2007   643135  
So hi Tomboygurl10 this is as you might know Jasmyn911 I wanna join your club I see
my twin already joined.
Tomboygurl10 says:   27 January 2007   128831  
yes she has and people plz fill the jobs asap ty
princetongirl818 says:   27 January 2007   697955  
Can i join cause i have blonde hair on this but not in real life.
I did when i was little but as i grew up my hair got darker.
Tomboygurl10 says:   27 January 2007   225155  
ok u can join
Tomboygurl10 says:   28 January 2007   238227  
people u can apply for a job
chani says:   28 January 2007   412846  
I have blon hair in real.(Did someone actually think it was pink?)
Tomboygurl10 says:   28 January 2007   682594  
Ok so u can join
sexyhotlollipop says:   28 January 2007   383795  
i have blonde hair and blonde highlights so can i join
Skateboardgirlxx says:   28 January 2007   488536  
Hey I dont have blond hair its actually dirty blond but I have a very very blond
charactor!! Lol
Tomboygurl10 says:   28 January 2007   467616  
u can join and u can also apply for the jobs that r up for grabs
kittydog says:   28 January 2007   383154  
i can't join soz.... i don't have blond hair!!
Tomboygurl10 says:   28 January 2007   864488  
u can still join its for brunettes and blondes
Mouse says:   28 January 2007   386496  
I have natural brunette but this is favortism so no thanks.
heygirl says:   28 January 2007   653336  
o wana join iv got blonde hair
dafina says:   29 January 2007   612645  
i'm a blonde hair can join plz  ^_____^
kittydog says:   29 January 2007   251875  
i'm joining
bubzie says:   29 January 2007   738451  
hiya would i be able to join? in real life i have a blondy brown hair
Tomboygurl10 says:   29 January 2007   749579  
ty for joining people now can someone plz enter the comp
music_rocks says:   29 January 2007   129985  
i have brunette hair in real life.not dyed.well,it's kinda brunette/blonde.that's
because it was coulored from being in the sun for a long time
music_rocks says:   29 January 2007   959355  
and can i be the prize supplier?
Tomboygurl10 says:   29 January 2007   991543  
sure u can
Tomboygurl10 says:   29 January 2007   358518  
who wants to make comps plz contact me ty
jade4910 says:   29 January 2007   622227  
im a brown headed girl with a blonde streek can i join send me some letters if im a
Tomboygurl10 says:   29 January 2007   248732  
Since no one has applied for the competition maker spot I have decided on a

The contest is a writing contest ur stories have to be a make up or a real day at a
theme park
fuzzyelmoo says:   29 January 2007   914197  
i got brunette hair wit blonde highlights! woohoo im doubley special!
Tomboygurl10 says:   29 January 2007   263775  
u can join
kittykat1 says:   6 February 2007   546793  
i wanna join cause i am a brunette
coolchic77 says:   17 February 2007   315448  
im A BRUNETTE in real life but in my avatar its black bcoz i wished i have black
hair but still im a brunette in real life
Ruth01 says :   8 March 2007   488998  
Can I join? I am a natural blonde

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