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Heart breaks in my body

Hey whats up i dont how many thing ive broken in my body or disoacated in my body and how many times ive put my self in
danger but thats what im here for ill start with my sholders nce i went to my ranch and i went diving in our river and
there were a pile of rocks and i dived in and my sholder hit the rocks and my shoulder went staight back and i lost my
air and i came back up i just dont no how and i ran away for like 2 hours no one new i just raped my sholder up and i
was wering a jacket for a while then i told my dad what happened and i was about to go to the hostpital but my dad
pushed my sholder back in place and i yelled so loud i was lucky we were at our ranch or someone would have thought
someone got merdered. But now im okay.
  Next i broke my arm i was riding my bike and my brother was riding the four weeler and and he was coming around the
four weeler and he didnt see me and i prest the brakes so hard that i flu off and my brother prested the brakes but my
arm ways under the four weeler weel and my brother tryed to pull it up and i got my arm out but my bike was still under
there so i had to filp the four weeler over i almost got it then my brother helped me and pulled it out and we let the
swelling go down and tolled my dad two weeks leter and he didnt believe and i shouded him it and it was all swollen.
   After once we were throing a football in my room and my friend hit my dresser really really hard and it fell on me
and all the glass broke on my back cause i was facing him and it scrached stabed it hurt me then i ran out side bleading
alot i was takeing them all out and i just was hurting everywere and then i snuck in the house to get some badages and
and i stayed in a clouset a fue hours later they found me sleeping in there.So it way okay after they found me but i had
to go to the hospilal cause there was one big pease that we or anyone could get out so i had sergery then well i think
ill save asaulting that cheeta so later
 i dont care what happened to me 

            Unhappy storys unhappy dreams 
   theres a moment in time were you will just have too foreget everyone you ever love its hard but you will have too do
it cause if your friend or family that dies its hard to foreget them. If  youmove its hard cause you would have too
foreget alot of friends you will have too foreget them make new friends you will have too foreget them again cause you
in college its hard cause you will miss them you cant leen on your friends cause its hard to lose them and you wouldnt
want to do that its hard to foreget them you dont want to do that 
but you have no chose you never have a chose its always someone else..s chose so dont think you can make chose its hard
its always hard to do it by your self you think you have 
the closest friend but you should no that they always bring you down you have goodtimes then you learn too love this
person but then they dont love you back you shouldnt you go thow
life thinking everyone has your back so re-think your life and your friends it will hurt so much
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  Tohoru — Page created: 10 August 2007  |  Last modified: 9 February 2008
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lust4revenge cries:   10 August 2007   964941  
owwww X_X tht hurt for real 

i didnt even do tht and i can feel it X_X owww
Tohoru says :   10 August 2007   286617  
Well it hurt when it happened

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