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Come To The dark Side... We Have Cookies

Hello world! Just surfing around and saying hello... I really want to upload pictures but it is very apparent that I am html challenged lol. However I could spend the next few hours figuring it out which means I will not get anything else done.... hmmmm sounds like a plan It has been at least 10 minutes and still no way to figure this out so Im thinking forget it lol, I may be temporarily bored but not quite that bored! Ok back again.. I just wanted to take a moment to say wtf!!!! I was looking for matches of people to write with and I see things like Hey I'm Eminem or Beyonce etc... Are you people aware of the fact that they make medication for people like you Go get you some lmao!!! And please share it's rude to be greedy Photo Sharing and Video
Hosting at Photobucket Sooo let me share a few things about myself ..... 1. I am sarcastic, can't be helped it's just who I am 2. At least once every week or so I suffer from Couchitis, which can only be cured by lengthy hours on the couch watching long hours of T.V with a sufficient amount of snacks and the T.V remote.. VERY SERIOUS ILLNESS PEOPLE! 3. I have been known to become aggitated with my computers and use them for flower pots outside, they make beautiful garden pieces! 4. I think Happy Bunny is hot!!!! Photo Sharing and Video
Hosting at Photobucket 5, If you are my friend and someone hurts you or you just really wanna talk smack on someone, then Im your girl! I don't even have to know them and I will assist you in trashing them because hell that's what friends are for right? 6. My character that I have created on here looks just like me ! Yays an anorexic crack head stick figure!!!! Go me Go!!! 7. I do not play well with others 8. My favorite foods consist of anything I don't have to make myself, which really sucks because I'm the one who has to do all the cooking! 9. I love my 2 Cats , which are now 7 because I just became a catma, we had kitties If someone were to hurt one of my fur peoples I do swear that those said people would apear on the back of milk cartons as missing people! 10. And last and final.. It's not the pants that make your butt look big.. It's your butt :} Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket WOOT WOOT WOOT GO ME SEE THE PIC YEAH THATS RIGHT HE HE HE
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  Tiresam30 — Page created: 16 April 2007
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ImDaTBoY says:   16 April 2007   622119  
Can i have some cookies?
black_fire17 says:   16 April 2007   448748  
black_fire17 says:   16 April 2007   865644  
‹LeatherAndStripes› says:   16 April 2007   817683  
mmmmmmmmm coookies
AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH im the cookie monster!
‹LeatherAndStripes› says:   16 April 2007   522379  
HAHAHAHA yummy cookies!!
Tiresam30 says:   16 April 2007   236219  
My point proven with no effort everybody likes some type of cookie 
Tiresam30 says:   16 April 2007   382399  
Personally I prefer the ones baked by someone else .. but (sighs) that seldomly ever
akacreamy says:   16 April 2007   376915  
i want cookies
ChewyLover_210 says:   16 April 2007   251816  
I don't like cookies
GothyGoth says:   16 April 2007   962733  
Tiresam30 says:   16 April 2007   962237  
Hmmm so there are others with cookies...?
Tiresam30 says:   16 April 2007   961343  
We also offer cheese 
xobratdancerxxoo says:   16 April 2007   316912  
xobratdancerxxoo says:   16 April 2007   681188  
GothyGoth says: 41 minutes ago
xobratdancerxxoo says:   16 April 2007   869843  
Tiresam30 says:   16 April 2007   299865  
Im sorry I didn't quite get what you were asking about the smileys 
Reina says:   16 April 2007   154683  
I saw a shirt like that
Tiresam30 says:   17 April 2007   343216  
Yeah I have seen them before too and I like the saying , it suits me lol 
black_fire17 says :   17 April 2007   517542  
hey look i offer money who wants money.... i so beat u moneys better than cookies
that really didnt make any since yay
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