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Reflection by Athena Theodoropoulos

As i walk in the hallways at school.. i look around.. people stare at me, they think i'm scary and don't want to
talk to me... i try and hide the tears... the fears.. the lies... and the cries... i try to let go of the past.. but it
always comes back to haunt me... i try to hang on to the future.. but then i end up falling. in my nightmares.... is
where i will forever stay... i cannot get out.. i have dreams that get crushed.. i have love that can never be.. i have
friends that i never talk to anymore.. i see them in the hall and they just walk by me as if i was just their
imagination... </3 Do i have a chance... to live and be free for one day? Do i ever get to see past the grave yards?
Does anyone see my pain? Does anyone know I'm dead inside....? I walk in front of the mirror... i see the life i want
past that mirror... i see a different side of me... the happy side. I look at myself.. i look unhappy.. depressed... and
feel despair arise inside me. People might notice and do nothing about it.. some people don't notice cause they honestly
do not care... In my reflection i see my happy side walk away... i wish to be in the mirror and live a happy life.. then
i stop and think.. what if i'm just a reflection? What if i'm inside the mirror and i'm the other side of me's
reflection... the opposite side of her is me.. which is why i will always be.... a reflection.. 

I smash the mirror and my hand starts to bleed... i look at my hand and ignore it.. i wonder if i can just escape. I
start to run... i jump out the window. The school has two floors and i'm on the top floor. But i didn't care.. i jump
out and fall. I fall to the floor and survived. I ran from the school that my soul fears. I run into the forest that is
filled with tree's and bushes... but no beautiful flowers. I wonder if i'm running to the direction of hell. I trip and
fall. Now on the ground i think... it doesn't matter if i die... no one will notice... </3 I lay there... morning rises
and night falls.. the sun shines on my face.. I think that i should get up and see if anyone noticed i was gone. i get
up i look around... i see that i am in a meadow.. think maybe god has brought me here to find happiness.. i start to
run. I keep running... faster and faster... the meadow is endless. I let myself fall... i start to cry.. which was all i
could do. I remain now and forever... a reflection in my soul.... </3
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