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Here Are quotes ==

Beauty only grabs attention;
Personality captures the heart.

I dont know if i've ever been good enough. 
I'm a little bit rusty, & i think my head is caving in.
I don't know if i've ever really been loved.

What a beautiful mess I'm in...

He kissed me.
he really put his arms out and kissed me.
it went through my body like had flipped
some electrical switch and lit me up.
his skin was so warm and he suddenly
was so beautiful and i finally realized
what all the hype was about.

husband:  why do you weep & snuffle over a TV
program & the imaginary saddness of people you have never met?
wife:  for the same reason you scream & yell when a 
man you don't know scores a touchdown.
There was something different
about the way he looked at her.

I live for the moments when you
least expect something wonderful to happen,
but then your whole world changes.

I'm sinking more & more into these lies.

she's my best friend.
if you break her heart,
i'll break your face.
got it?

But boy,
you are my fairytale ending.

she'll flip through her 1,000 songs,
until she finds one that fits her mood perfectly.

time is precious,
so be careful as to who you
waste it on.

Stranger than your sympathy,
and this is my apology.
I've killed myself from the inside out,
and all my fears have pushed you out.
im sick of the same old scenery;
let's ditch this town and run, just run.

i would do anything, & that's what scares me so bad.

& i don't want to feel this way.
i dont want to like him
but i do.

i never really like the rain,
until i walked through it with you.

My hopes are so high
That your kiss might kill me

<3 not much but I really don't feel like doing htis right now..I'm tired =)
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mew_berry_san says:   18 April 2007   523825  
Aw. Some of those are really sweet .... and they are all true.
taicha says:   27 April 2007   655212  
i dont like you
taicha says :   27 April 2007   522429  
i am just playing

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