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OMG. It's a Super-Battle.

This is what happens when an English teacher gives us two journal entries in a row:
    1) What is your dream job?
    2) Free-Write Friday

Heheheh... Wifey/Emily/ Now-Arch-Nemesis and I did contradicting things. She said part-time super hero for #1. I said
part-time super villain. Guess what we did for free-write? The epic battle. Yes. Let's get this straight right now.

Me, aka, the super villain/ Vampyrisma.
Emily, aka the super hero/ Kirkvonstrogonoff III 

I'll post the conversation battle when we do more. And I forgot my journal at my moms. Hehe ^^" I'll do as much
as I can for now.

I see a hero! This means a fight...

Oh, yes! Your pathetic vampire powers have no chance against my blinding AWESOMENESS! *strikes a heroic pose*

Ok... that's not sad at all... *strikes an evil vampyre villain pose*

No... what will be sad is the way you are DEFEATED! BY ME! *strikes a different and more heroic pose*

*strikes an even more epic evil vampyre villain pose* You are the one being defeated Kirkvon... strog... Kirk...
Whatever your name is!

Ok, I'm running out of poses! So... ATTACK! *runs for you, misses, turns wildly, arm flings out accidentally and
smashes you in the face*

*falls backwards but still tries tripping you as you run by*

*dodges trip, laughs* Haha! You think I will be fooled by so pathetic a trip as that-- *falls on a rock*

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