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My Poetry (Pain and Misery realted)

Ok, so, these are some of my poems that i wrote. Yes, it was me who wrote them. These one's all have a dark or
miserable feel to them. I am almost always adding to them. Enjoy ♥♥♥

If you love me let me go
And fade away from my soul
I just can't care anymore
It's a choice i can't fair for
So save your breath I do not need
To hear this all again, the seed
The shadow within my cries
The light I remember dies
Wishing is all we both can do
And this pain we feel all new
The shadows of red I see
And I guess blood fills the sea
Tears fall from our eyes
You have lied to keep control
My soul was punished long ago
If you still know
Don't every tell me so...

When I was with you
All seemed to be right
But now that you're gone
Now that you've betrayed me
My life spirals down
Into the abyss on misery
The only thing keeping me alive
Hope and another love
Who will find some way
To make me happy again
Though I cry when I think
About all that we went through
And yet you walk away
With no remorse or regret
And as I keep drowning
Through this sea of silence
And wish nothing more
Than to end my life.

'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly
I'll do what it takes, then I'll say good bye
I know we wish it could be over
I know I wish life was a four-leaf clover
As I see the end come and go
As I see my tears fall and overflow
Into the darkness and out of the sun
I will not forget anything you have done
I used to love you but since you are gone
We will just be a memory of a time I once loved

Misery is now my life
Pain is now my dream
Hate is now my shadow
My heart is black, it seems.
Darkness vails my future
Lies vail my past
Fate vails my thoughts
And light has gone to fast.
Blood taints my sight
Screams taint my hearing
Sulfur taints my scent
Death has begun its nearing.

Death's Serenity:
 Silently sleeping
 Not a bird to be peeping
 Light knows not your face
 Night only knows your grace
 Death's serenity lies over you
 The tranquil waters blue
 Sliding under deaths dark light
 Moving not under my sight
 Living without you
 I can't see it true
 You slowly leave me
 Into Death's Serenity
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  ‹Kanin› — Page created: 25 November 2009  |  Last modified: 28 November 2009
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sxc_bella says:   26 November 2009   886402  
They are so good. =]=]=]
‹RushingStars★› says :   26 November 2009   601287  
You should join my poetry club!

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