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Hymn To The Great Cat Thy head is the head of the sun god Thy nose is the nose of Thoth Thine ears are the ears of Osiris Who hears the voice of all who call apon him. Thy mouth is the mouth of Atum Thy heart is the heart of Ptah Thy teeth are the teeth of the moon god Thy wiskers are the rays of the sun Thine eyes hold the sun and moon Pulled from the book, TIME CAT Congrats to my new apprentice, Kirlia! < --Gothere,please ROLEPLAY PrincessDiahanv(princess) 10yrs January1 L-Bunnies,snow,yellow DL-meanpeople,rain,red SakuraHamskii(bodyguard) 14yrs August30 L-Purple,Diahan,sleet DL-Pink,robbers/burglars,rain Lily 8yrs March7 L-Bunnies,flowers,sunshine DL-Cats,bees,clouds NinNin 6yrs October7 L-Training,combat,jonin DL-Dopes,non-ninja,genin MORETOCOME! 3 Hexagontal Oragami LYRICS TO MAGICAL VFORCE (my cousins idea) Season 1... You like to, you like to, you like to waaaaa! Magic season is o here! Having fun with you! Come along and sing with me, about the magical season! Ko-ko ko-ko sumi sumi tai. Nati nati suma nati ko-ko ko-ko ko-ko ni! Come along, into a magacial place! Sumi sumi ni, a ka-ki kowari. Sumi te, natu kokauare. Haaa, MAGICAL! *clap clap* *pretend tv turns off* Season 2... Go scree! Go scree! Go scree! Go! Magical is the thing you wanna learn. Spells, curses, anything you want. You can make your teacher lazy, or your arch enemy crazy (phyco). So come on here, closer, BAM! Magical V-Force. Magical V-Force. Magical V-Force. YOU, WANNA, BAM! Season 3... Sumi tae, sumi tae, sumi tae tae tae! Mini haha, who su nadi. Aha-aha, wari ko. Nidi, sumo kadi. Nadi-adi-adi-adi-adi-adi-adi-adio me bow! Shippuden season... (season 4) Ko-ko nudi adi sow! Hiya hiya bowi nuli ko-ko sula! Adi, adi aku sumi tei! A nako nako nako nako sumi noya to te. A bako bako bako bako sumo ako sowe. Gon! *gong* O...kay? <a href="¤t=472465547_l.jpg" target="_blank" style="white-space: normal;">crazy sasuke Nyeh...please subscribe *not for real* to this.
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Okay... *thinks: dork*
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