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_Pikachu's request

"Pikachu's Plot"

                                                     A Short Story by The_Storyteller
"Bye Misty! Take care of Pikachu for me!" Ash Ketcham shouted as he walked towards the bus stop.

"Bye Ash!" Misty shouted back, "Bring back a souvenir for me!"

"PIKAAAAA!" Pikachu shouted cheerfully.

"TOKIE!" Togepi shouted.

Ash had been asked to speak for a Pokemon convention in Japan and, being the cautious one that he was, he knew Team
Rocket would show up and try to take Pikachu. As a precaution, he asked Misty to watch after Pikachu while he was at the
convention. Misty had agreed, since she was too busy with other things to join him. (At least, that's what she told Ash.
Basically, she used this trip as an excuse to party at Ash's expense.) Ash had asked Misty to stay at his house while
she watched Pikachu. 

He also said that she could help herself to whatever was in the fridge. Misty's eyes lit up when he said this, as she
had always enjoyed his mother's cooking, and she usually made too much so the fridge was stuffed with leftovers.

Shortly after they said their goodbyes, Ash got on the bus that was headed for the convention, and Misty, Pikachu, and
Togepi walked into his house. Ash's mother, Delia, wasn't home when she walked in, so Misty decided to fix herself a
snack. Looking in the fridge, she saw a large plate filled with roast beef and mashed potatoes. Her mouth drooled at the
sight of the large roast and she took the plate out. Placing it in the microwave, she set the timer and walked over to
the kitchen table and sat down. Soon, the roast was done cooking and Misty pulled the plate out of the microwave.
Setting it down on the table, she walked over to the silverware drawer and got some utensils. When she turned around,
Pikachu was standing there. He had something behind him, as if he were trying to hide it.

"Pika!" he said, cheerfully.

Misty jumped. She hadn't seen Pikachu or Togepi since she walked into the house. "Where'd you come from?" she asked.

"PI!" Pikachu said as he stepped out of the way of what he was hiding. Behind him was a tall, thick, strawberry
milkshake. It was covered in whipped cream and topped with a cherry. "PIKA!"

"For me?" Misty asked, "Why, thank you, Pikachu!"


Taking the milkshake, she sat down at the table and began to eat. She consumed the roast and the potatoes rather
quickly, but the milkshake took some time to finish as it was so thick. It was delicious and very filling. She began
feeling full after only finishing half of the shake.

"Pika." Pikachu said, sad that he thought Misty didn't like the milkshake.

Seeing this, Misty took the glass and chugged the rest of the milkshake. "Ohhh...." she said, "I shouldn't have eaten it
that fast. I have a headache now. But it was good."

"PIKACHU!" Pikachu shouted excitedly.

After finishing her snack, Misty took her dirty dishes and washed them. Pikachu and Togepi skipped up onto the sink and
began splashing Misty. 

"Hey!" Misty said with a laugh, "You're getting me all wet! Ha ha ha!" Grabbing a towel that was nearby, she began
wiping where she got splashed, which was mostly on her stomach. But as she wiped her stomach off, she got a shocked look
on her face.

Feeling her stomach, she felt it had bulged outward slightly. "Wow!" she said with a shock, "That snack was bigger than
I thought. Oh well, no biggy." She liked the fact that she could stuff herself without Ash scolding her about her
getting fat.

After finishing the dishes, she sat on the couch and turned on the TV with the remote. She had been flipping through the
channels when all of the sudden, Pikachu appeared again with another milkshake. This time, it was chocolate. "PIKA!"

"Oh wow! Thanks!" Misty said, nervously. She was still full from her snack, but she didn't want to hurt Pikachu's
feelings. So she drank it.

"Ugh!" she said after finishing it off, "I feel like I'm gonna pop!" Just then, Pikachu and Togepi hopped up on the
couch and began to rub Misty's stomach. It felt good to have her stomach rubbed. Slowly, she drifted off to sleep.

*The following dialogue is translated Poke-speak. So if you're wondering why Pikachu started speaking plain english,
that's why.*

"Hey!" Pikachu said to Togepi, "We have to act fast. We don't know how long she's gonna be asleep."

"Right." Togepi said, rushing to another room. Soon, Togepi dragged back a funnel and three gallon jugs full of

Placing the funnel in Misty's mouth, Pikachu and Togepi lifted the first gallon to the rim of the funnel and began to
pour. Misty was in such a deep sleep that she didn't even notice the coldness of the milkshake hit her throat and went
down into her stomach. Soon, her stomach began swelling like a balloon. As the first gallon emptied into her stomach,
the button on her pants popped off. Shortly afterwards, the second and third gallons were poured into the funnel, while
Misty slept and 
consumed the shakes, completely oblivious to what the Pokemon were doing to her. After the last of the milkshakes were
consumed, Misty looked like she had swallowed an overinflated kickball. Rubbing it again, Pikachu said to Togepi, "Soon,
we'll have a nice, big pillow to sleep on."

"YAY!" Togepi shouted.

"See," Pikachu said, "you didn't see me do this, but I loaded the milkshakes with Ultra Mega Super Kicky Big Wow Weight
Gain Powder. Soon, her stomach, NO! Her whole BODY will be softer than any pillow you or I have ever slept on. Now, act
like nothing happened."

"Right." Togepi said.

*Back to normal Poke-Speak*

"Pika?" Pikachu said, sitting atop Misty's bloated stomach. Drowzy, Misty opened her eyes and looked at her stomach.

"WAUGH!" she shouted, knocking Pikachu on the floor, "I'M HUGE! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?"

Pikachu got back up off the floor, shook his head, and hopped onto the couch and began to rub his head against the taut

"Pikaaaaa....." he said, obviously enjoying it.

Misty looked at Pikachu funny, then asked, "You like this?"

"PIKA! *YES!*" Pikachu shouted.

"Hmmm...." Misty pondered, "Alright. I'll leave it the way it is." Misty then thought to herself, "Be honest with
yourself, girl. Your stomach looks like a balloon! You know you like it! In fact, why don't you try to make it bigger?"

"Who wants a snack?" Misty asked, "I know I do!"

"PIKA!" Pikachu shouted.

"TOKIE!" Togepi said excitedly.

Going into the kitchen, Misty unloaded the fridge of all of it's contents, which included a massive bowl of pudding, a
large jello mold, a tub of whipped cream, numerous cooked meat dishes, some leftover pizza, and a big container of ice
cream. Heating up the meats and the pizza, Misty began consuming the pudding. She found a large straw, placed it inside
the bowl, and began drinking it. Her stomach seemed to swell with each slurp, getting fatter and fatter. After finishing
off the pudding, she immediately went to the jello. Stuffing herself at such a fast pace that she didn't even bother to
chew, she finished the jello off in no time flat. Soon, the weight in her stomach had begun shifting to other parts of
her body. Her breasts swelled to the size of basketballs, straining her top. Her legs filled out from side to side,
while her butt and hips swelled faster than her legs. But her stomach was still keeping in the lead, having swelled down
past her knees. Then, the meats and pizza were done and she quickly made short work of them. Her stomach had begun to
swell out more and had begun to touch the floor. Her breasts finally brought her top to the breaking point and had begun
to tear down the middle, but her butt and legs were as thick as logs. Finishing her binge off with the whipped cream and
ice cream, Misty sat on the ground, completely exhausted, stuffed to capacity, and hardly able to move. Rather than
trying to get up, she decided to fall asleep in the middle of the kitchen. Pikachu and Togepi hopped up onto Misty's
soft stomach and got ready to fall asleep. 

"*What did I tell you? Comfy, huh?*" Pikachu said in a 'I'm right' kind of voice. 

"*Right!*" Togepi said in agreement. Soon they fell asleep.

That was just the first day.

The week went on like this, with Misty stuffing herself, not worrying about what Ash thought, Pikachu and Togepi giving
Misty milkshakes, and Mrs. Ketcham cooking extravagant amounts of food for Misty. As a result, Misty slowly got fatter
and fatter. Her whole body grew almost as fast as her appetite did. Her breasts had swollen to the size of what Misty's
stomach had been after she consumed the three gallons of milkshakes that Pikachu and Togepi made. Her legs were the size
of overstuffed pillows and her hips and butt could take out the couch that resided in the Ketcham household.
Surprisingly, Mrs. Ketcham didn't seem to mind that Misty was almost immobile. In fact, it seemed like Mrs. Ketcham
encouraged it with as much food as she made.

Soon, the week was over and Misty was so fat that she couldn't move. Her weight had peaked at a little over a ton. Her
body took up the entire living room of Ash's house. Misty was happy at her accomplishment, but Pikachu and Togepi were
overjoyed at the fact that their 'Pillow Girl' experiment, as they referred to it, was a success. Resting on Misty's
massive stomach, the two Pokemon were most definately comfortable.

"Misty! Mom! I'm home!" Ash said, walking up the sidewalk towards his house. Opening the door, Ash saw Misty and his jaw
immediately dropped to the floor. "WOW! MISTY! YOU'RE HUGE!!!!!" he shouted.

Misty giggled, causing her whole body to jiggle like jello, "Yeah, I know. Isn't it great?"

"Pika!" Pikachu said with a yawn.

"TOKIE!" Togepi agreed.

"I guess this kimono I bought for you won't fit you now." Ash said, with a nervous laugh. Misty laughed, "I guess not,

"Oh well." Ash said, "I guess that doesn't matter now. In fact, you're more beautiful than ever."

"Really?" Misty said, shocked at what Ash said. To that, Ash nodded and hopped up on Misty's stomach and snuggled up to

Looking down at Pikachu, Ash winked and mouthed, "Good job, Pikachu!"

"PIKA!" Pikachu shouted, flashing a peace sign.

The End!
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