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what the stink is wrong with some of u!?

In a pokemon club..
(I dont curse. so dont excpect me to.)
I have questions for cute_torchic (stuck up jerk of a chicken)
fiery_flareon (stuck up JERK of a fox)
and naruto (The guy you all know and shouldnt love)
and moltres (the stuck up rude thing of a bird)
Why are you so mean and sassy and stern and rude?!
Why did you just all of a sudden command for me/kirlia to get you a bottle of WATER!?
Why are you so mean to me and kirlia?! She didnt cause that wound on you,knucklehead.
"Why did you all of a sudden call me a very rude thing?! I was just being truthful about how annoying and dumb dawn is!!
It doesent hurt to express urself about ur feelings!! Gosh!! 
You of all people call me IGGHNORANT!?
whats that supposed to mean! SOunds like u think i ignore ppl and is ruder then all of you. Well im not. I stand up for
my pals,like kirlia for ecxample.
Honestly. Once again,you did something mean to kirlia.
Getting all worked up just cause she threw a mad,mutated purugly at TORCHCI!! NOT YOU!!
sooo,i had to hurt you for that.
Im telling the truth.
Go look for urself.
Im not insulting you.
Its just the way i go.
I dont just leave things unsaid.

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  The_Raichu — Page created: 18 August 2007
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‹Fairy.Wind.› says :   18 August 2007   141271  
im quiting the club but ill come back when i have to

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