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25 M Canada
speaks English
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 (made by The_One... ME)

My name is Jacob. I am the kind that likes to be the One. I don't want to be known as THAT KID. I want to be known as The One. I am not smart, I am not stupid, I got Straight B's and one A on my report card. All the B's in like... the stuff that involves thinking, and the A in P.E. My talent is Yo. By Yo, I mean YoYo. I am the best Yoyo-er you will ever meet. I won a $3000 scholarship for collage/University with my YoYo skills. In total I have won about 17 Compatitions/ Talent shows with my YoYo. I was on the new's once with my YoYo, I also stared in a kids show once, teaching the basics of Yo. On May 11, 2007, I won a yoyo compitition and I got $10,000, It was on TV on A&E and I won first place, and I was the youngest, the yoyo compitition was in New York, so if you saw it, tell me what you thought of it! I have some musical Talent, too. I play electric gutair, and I have been playing for 7 years, and I am awesome at it. Thats right, I have been playing since I was 6! I love Rock. I am not very busy, I basicly just hang around the house, go on the computer, etc. I practice my YoYo for about 2 hours a Day. It usually takes me about 1 and a half hours to eat dinner (I am a slow eater) My family is.. Emily- My youngest sister, right now she is 4 months old. Carla- My second Youngest sister, she is 6 right now. Brad- My twin brother Me- Known as "That Kid" in my house. Melinda- My oldest sister, she is 16. My mother My father. And my mother is pregnant again... the baby is suppose to come out around late October.. (unfortunetly) We live in an apartment, but my Dad owns the whole Apartment building, so we get about $90,000 a week just from the rent of others. I do live in an apartment, but we live in 3 actual apartment Suites. Me, Brad, and Melinda live in one, together. Melinda cooks and takes care of us. And My mother and Emily live in one. And My Father and Carla live in the last one. The Suites are all next to each other so we can just walk down the hall for like 20 seconds if we want to see each other. My Mother usually brings Emily over to my Suite for dinner, but sometimes she cooks herself. I sometimes wish I lived in a house, because it gets annoying walking back and forth.. but without the Apartment building, we would not be as rich as we are now. I usually spend my weekends at my cousin's house. My cousin goes to me school and she is an awesome person! She is very kind, and she is my age. <>
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Once apon a time there was a girl who has a crush on me. I didn't mind that she had a crush on me, infact, I was cool wit dat, it kinda made me happy to know that she did. I really liked her as a friend. Her username was the_girl_no_one_likes . Other girls and boys on Kupika started to call her a stalker. It made her sad. So, she decided she would try to trick me into liking her, so she made a new account called yoyosaxgirl. She pretended to be this "Ultra cool yoyo artist". Right away I knew that it was not some stranger who I had never met, but it was of course the_girl_no_one_likes. I told her that I knew she owned both accounts. She was really mean and was swearing at me, so I got mad at her. Soon, the_girl_no_one_likes, and her other account (yoyosaxgirl) went on there marry way and left Kupika (deleted there accounts). Finally the worries that the crazy weirdo would come back were gone. But then 4 weeks later there was a new friend of mine, her name was funcanadian. Funcanadian was really nice to me, and she told me that she had a crush on me. I was cool wit dat. I dont care when girls have crushes on me, I still like them as friends. Well, it turns out that funcanadian, the_girl_no_one_likes, AND yoyosax girl are all the same people. But, soon there was a new member here on Kupika, her name was gothskater, and after a while I realized that now there where 4 accounts by that same person, they were the_girl_no_one_likes , funcanadian, yoyosaxgirl, AND gothskater were all the same people. And then here comes a new member called yoyosaxgirl2. She comes and starts swearing at me, but like the nice person I am, I decide I will give her another chance, and I decide to be nice to her and say stuff like, "I missed you, I am so glad you are back." I was of course I was lying to her, and she knows it. And instead of taking mynice words to her heart and thinking, "Wow i guess he is giving me another chance" She swears at me, and admits that she is the other accounts. So, now I warn you all! if you want me to like you, please do not make multiple accounts, and try to mock my love of the yoyo, and then try to make me love them ALL. I learn to like people for who they are, if they do not take advantage of me, and then make more and more accounts. There are alot of girls here on Kupika who have admitted they like me. I dont get mad at them, I dont tell them to leave me alone, I am still there friend, and if I like them back, i will tell them that I like them too. So if you like me tell me, please do not keep it a secret, please do not make multiple accounts. I like honest people. I LOVE GINGER ALE!! ~~~OEKAKI'S~~~ ~~Thank you's~~ I would like to thank: HotCheerleader x2 kiwiface Linda_Linda x2 Danielle10 horni_bitch_who_will_cyber_with_u x2 sexychik08 nascargirl bluechick x2 Glamgurl bailey2005 x2 ILoveThe_One x4 ashley14567 emo_loves_you lew213892 23LiLmIsSsUnShInE32 puppyprincess jessieangel10 godess4dad inkylady92 x2 Thunder Irosha_Sisuken BeachBum77 patick_stump_lover_16 AND, Whoever else cares to make me an Oekaki iFriends rock! LOL. Most of my Kupika penpals are so awesome. This is an Oekaki that my friend, Thunder made for me. It's called iFriends. It's me and her. If you would like to know some more stuff about me, feel free to contact me, or something. I am very kind, and I would love for you to talk to me! Thanks! --Jacob


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25 Aug 07
Sorry for leaving. I know what you are thinking "That just one less person here". And you are...
25 Aug 07

1) So, there is this girl...

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Please Just forgive me.Dog..Kiwiface's drawing, my colouring

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Q&A Section   
Jahannam 26 Aug 07  
Oh! You're leaving? Well, I guess it would be appropriate to say goodbye then!
I still would like to do that drawing for you, if I ever get it on the computer,
would there be a way to contact you to show you?
If you still want it, that is >__>
The_One 26 Aug 07  
yea, i will give you my email.
23LiLmIsSsUnShInE32 26 Aug 07  
=[ o ok =[ 
ill miss u
The_One 26 Aug 07  
23LiLmIsSsUnShInE32 26 Aug 07  
how r u?
The_One 26 Aug 07  
leaving. I am just writing the last of my diaries.
Carter 13 Aug 07  
i don't have a crush on a god dam kinderguardener
The_One 13 Aug 07  
then why did you say you did? THats kinda unessasary
CookieDough 12 Aug 07  
We have never talked before, I checked and it said we never even started a
The_One 12 Aug 07  
Oh... sorry... I must have thought you were someone else, sorry... LOL.
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