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78 M Palestine
speaks English and Cornish
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Note: This site wouldn't let me put my real age in (it's infinity, if
you're curious), so I just put 1940 as my birthday. OR LET ME HAVE GOD


Yep! So God's joined kupika! This, my not-so-loyal subjects, it the
miracle you've been waiting for. I'll just answer these questions

Do you smoke: Nope, but when someone ejaculates all over the floor,
they do.
Do you like sports: Fuck no, unless it's walking over hot coals so you
can prove your loyalty to me. Oh, and boxing, it's great to see two
infidel smash eachother up for no good reason.
Your favourite food: Ambrosia, of course!
Your skills: Oh.. I dunno.. creation, destruction, smiting, all that
Are you single: Yep. It's great! I get to impregnate all the virgins I
Do you have any pets: Look in the mirror, bub.
Do you believe in god: Okay, when I find out who asked me that...
they'll not be in a position to ask anymore questions, I'll tell you
that for nothing.
Do you wear glasses: Yes, actually.
Your hair colour: Blueish grey. You've no idea how hard it was to find
a hairdresser that would do a blue rinse for a god, but I found one...
in Texas, actually.
What kind of music do you like: Psalms, mainly, and a bit of Pink
Love -- what is it: A laugh, really. I only created it to give you
something to make dramaz about.
Can you sing: Like an angel.
What do you see in other people: Pillars of salt.
Favourite Movie: Roundhay Garden
Scene, can't beat the classics
Are you an introvert or an extrovert: Introverted, really. I don't
come out much.
Love, romance, or both: Neither, just virgin impregnation. Mary wasn't
the first I tried, actually, the others all woke up, so I didn't...
you know.. finish.
What is your ambition: Haha...

See you at the end! I'll try to keep the flying scorpions from
stinging you too much... not that it matters, you'll be in intense
pain for seven days anyway! Nothing you can do! Haha.. I still laugh
at that 'mercy' bit in my bestseller.

Q&A Section   
‹rainbowflavourbatman_♥› 8 May 08  
God... Lyncheh lied about somethin. D:
She's baaad. XD
The_L0rd 25 May 08  
She's totally going to hell.
‹Courtnee;;κᵁᴾᴄᴬᴷᴱײַ› 26 Apr 08  
um.....excuse me, "God"? there is one God and one God only and He reins above.
Not on kupika so, "God", You can get the steppin out of here and if you really
were God...MY God...then you'd say the right response back to me. You may hate
me all you want but, you are definately not MY God..........Have a Blessed Day.
The_L0rd 25 May 08  
Yeah, I reign above, OVER kupika, since kupika is on the earth?

Duh, srsly.
‹[[§ylviĄ]]› 26 Mar 08  
so u visit hell?
The_L0rd 26 Mar 08  
Not so much.. it's a bit hot for me.
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› 24 Mar 08  
I didn't say you said those exact words.
It was a exaggeration, but being all knowing, you should have known that.
But even making an account and calling yourself "God" and saying you can smite
"insolent mortal" is boasting in some form.

Ah, but God did come as a human in Jesus, setting the boundry between mortal and
immortal close.
He did not curse, boast, or any other sin.
God=Jesus remember.
Rules are the same for everyone <3
The_L0rd 26 Mar 08  
I did know that, that's how come I pointed it out.
Well, if you call that boasting, the whole bible is basically one big boast. I
call it telling the truth, personally.

Yeah, I already explained about Jesus, he was 'finding himself'. He found
himself nailed to a cross, in the end.
Go back and read what I said again!

I don't get why you're tying to argue theology with me... I wrote the book on
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› 23 Mar 08  
Wait a moment...
The bible says "Thou Shall not Boast" [[Don't ask me where considering you
should know... and I forgot :D]]
But here you're boasting about being "God".
That's... very ungodly.
When God came down in human form, Jesus, He didn't go around saying "Oh, look at
Me! I'm Jesus and I'll SMITE you :D!!"
He was humble and merciful.
WHat's up with that part of your profile?
The_L0rd 24 Mar 08  
Now, I don't remember exactly what I said, but I'm pretty sure those exact
words weren't included.

But, how many times do I have to tell this to you people? There are different
rules for gods and mortals, roughly that I can do whatever I like and you do
what I say or you end up in hell. I killed someone for ejaculating all over the
floor, you are not allowed to do that (nor are you allowed to kill people).

Haha.. he was a pretentious little dick in his teenage years, Jesus was. He had
all these beliefs about divine responsibility, look where that got him.
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