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ooookkkaaaay, peeple! This will be my page for all sorts of random vids and random feelings and radom thoughts!!! WHEE!!!! If I don't update this thing in a while, then that's because either: A) I forgot all about the existence of this page B) I have a LOT of homework C) I am not here (physically, mentally, or spiritually, y'know?) D) I went insane. Which has already happened, so no worries, 'kay? here are some guidelines: 1. I will either be bunnybear, Jessica, or F.R.E.D.D. on this page. No, I don't have multiple personalities, it's just that Bunnybear is extreme insanity and sugar-hyness, Jessica is normal me, emo me, or slightly happy me, and FREDD is hyper me, but not so insane. If you see me going B:{says something}, then that's bunnybear. if you see me going J:{says something}, then that's Jessica. If you see me going F:{says something}, then that's FREDD. 2. my vids will be either labled FUNNY, EMO, WEIRD, BUNNYBEAR, JESSICA, or FREDD. funny is funny, emo is emo, weird is weird, bunnybear means that the vid is totally insane, jessica means that that vid is one of my personal favorites, and FREDD means that the vid is totally random and I had no clue why I put it on. 3. RPT stands for random poem thing, RET stands for random essay thing, RST stands for random story thing, and I'll tell you if I think of anything else, 'kay? okay, have fun!!!
oookkkaaay, this is the website section: FUNNY 1) 2) uhm, youtube vids? oookkkaay, then, uhm... BUNNYBEAR!!!!! FREDD FREDD (oh, yeah! FREDD vids might almost always be weird al...sorry...but he's cool!!!) = FUNNY
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  The_Great_Disaster — Page created: 17 June 2007
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carrotsoup says:   20 June 2007   288847  
Wow... Intresting guidelines. I think it was um... the FREDD part that formatted it,
though. :D
The_Great_Disaster says :   22 June 2007   964977  
hahaha!!! yeah, I knew you would like that esther!!!! I was thinking specifically of
you when I did it!!!! I think this is the first time in my life I have actually been
organized on accident!! so how do you like the vids??

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