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:some naruto facts i no: ~charecters~ akamaru ( kibas dog) chogi tenten temari sasuke sakura naruto hinata negi zabuza haku kiba gaara kankuro orochimaru shikamaru udon tsunami rock lee mightguy (guy sensei) itachi kakashi iruka sensei jiraiya ino Mizuki demon bros lady tsuande kissame :if there is anymore plz ppl tell me!!!: *charecters blood lines* itachis lines under his eyes( i dont no if that is his blood lines or something) sasukes curse marks gaaras japenese mark on his 4hed(i dont no if that is his blood line) ~clans~ Uchiha clan hidden mist clan? plz tell me if there is more!!! (i'm sire ther is lots more!) _____villages_____ hidden leaf hidden mist rock cloud sand water fall? village hidden in the sand :my favorite charecters: Haku Sasuke Kiba just little facts..... Haku is a boy naruto: 9 tailed fox sasuke gets knocked out bad by haku negi has a mark under his head band naruto shippuudun has a black head band and sakura has a red jiraiya is a toad guy tsunade use jutsu 2 look like a young person sasukes whole clan was killed bi itachi omg 0.0 orochimaru is a snake ....wut was that other one?...... hinata has crush on naruto tsunade is the new 5th hokage gaara is kazakage in shippuudun sasuke has sharigan sasuke is the only survivor ewn itachi kills the whole uchiha clan my questions..... i need to find out more clans!!! do the checters hav blood lines? i need more chearecters!!!!1 naruto videos on youtube.........recommended!!! macarena no justu macarena no justu ( chibified ) naruto fan flashes: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,7 naruto opening: fighting dremers naruto opening fandub or fansub naruto opening: naruto opening 2: haruka kanata Charecters jutsu's shikamaru: shadow possesion jutsu naruto: showdow clone jutsu haku: secret jutsu: crystal ice mirrors ino: ninja arts mind transforring jutsu zabuza: ninja arts: hidden mist jutsu take mi naruto test!!!! letter me yer answers then i will correct them!!!!! 1.who is gaara realted 2? 2. wut is irukas last name? 3. is haku a tracker ninja? a)yes b) no 4. wut opeining is haruka kanata? a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4 5. how old is haku? 6.wut is the sang gauge thing on gaaras back called? 7. who is the blue shark guys name? 8. how did lady tsunade get evil? 9. wut is naruto english name? 10. in shippudun does sasuke die? k i am like sooooooo obssed wiht naruto!!!! THank u 4 reeding this page~!~!
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NarutoFan_101 says:   21 July 2007   453713  
wow kool page i still cant belive haku is a boy but i already knew that
GaaraGirl34 says:   28 July 2007   497734  
the village hidden in the sand
 Jiraiya ((spelled with J))
Sasukes whole clan was killed by his brother Itachi
Itachi is charectar
and so is Kissame
GaaraGirl34 says:   28 July 2007   553635  
you can use my facts
The_Billy_Talent_One says:   28 July 2007   433358  
kk thx!!!!!
NeonStars says :   20 January 2008   493857  
Crud. D:
I was hoping you'd forget Naruto in the characters. xD
 Congrats on getting & spelling it right, some people on here can't. >_>

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