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Horrible People, Who Need To Call Someone A Name To Make Themselfs Feel Better!#!#

There are so many people being put down in kupika and its horrible. People shouldnt put you down just to make themselfs better, and I learned from the experience. You shouldnt call someone ugly, any curse words or anything bad at all. And im mad at the people who are being called those things too, you shouldnt let them run all over you. You should do something about, not stoop to there level but say "Hey I dont like you calling me that" and then backlist them or something. There are some many awesome people in the world but they dont know it because they probably have someone calling them a horrible perosn everyday or something or ugly or fat. If you think its wrong for people to call people names and curse words, comment below and tell me whatcha think =) thanks so much and this message is to all you people who need to stop being so rude... F... Off! ♥♥ Tears_on_my_face ♥♥
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  Tears_on_my_face — Page created: 22 September 2007
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purfuma says:   22 September 2007   264267  
i no some people r just so mean!!!!makes me mad 2!!!!!
CheerChick1012 says:   22 September 2007   995175  
yeah right go u! lol i hate that it happened to me ALOT on my old name
Tears_on_my_face says:   22 September 2007   333554  
oh yeah im sorry for you sarah but thats to both of you for commenting, thanks =]
Dragonfly01 says:   22 September 2007   942725  
i agree with you wouldnt belive what my sister says to me now...she
calls me fat and then laughs, and when i tell her it hurts me she laughs and says its tryign not to get put down by her anymore by listening to a song by miley
cyrus called "good and broken" and it makes me feel better about myself, then i get
up and start dancing like a reatard 
Tears_on_my_face says:   22 September 2007   237955  
lol. yeah your sister is annoying (even more) you should have heard my brother he is
so annoying to he calls me names and i say shut the f... up and my mom doesnt kare,
it hilarous
Dragonfly01 says:   22 September 2007   149587  
your brother says the F word?!
Dragonfly01 says:   22 September 2007   636293  
oh nvm read it i wsh i could say it to MY shed tell
though  and id get grounded for the rest of my natturally life....
Tears_on_my_face says :   22 September 2007   753927  
lol yeah, maybe you would.  lol you should

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