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Ghosts??? >< DONT CLICK!!!!

Right ...*breaths* ¬¬ i dont know what to say You know ghosts yeah...theyre not real...and neither are polterguiests...well they are but thats not the proper name ..theyre all called elements...if you ever use the ouija board make sure you dont believe in them enough for them to posess you..if you are wanting to talk to lost loved one when using the ouja bored...and something or someone comes through and says they are that loved one...theyre not...theyre an element...they try to make you believe in them so they can enter our world...through you and they will say absolutely anything to make you believe ...once they have entered they become these so called "polterguists" and destroy one case a couple of years ago...a family had just moved in over the road to me...and every night they could hear scratching coming from their daughters(17) bed after a few nights of hearing the continuous noises...something strange started to happen...the girl kept on waking up in the morning with bruses on her face,limbs and stomache area...not knowing what it was her parents set up a camera on the table opposit the daughters that n the morning they could see what was going on...that morning they rewound the tape and watched it...after about half an hour ..there was nothing there...after about 2 more hours still othing...but at around 3:30 am an object flew towards the daughters bed several times and voices were heard..but were too quiet to make out what was being said...the parents phoned the police..they said that there was no sign of a break foot prints or finger marks...or any evidence of anyone being in the room other than the happened.....later that month..the girl confessed to using the ouija board several it was an addiction...she said" it felt like i finally had somone to talk to,some one who listened to what i had to say...i had a friend" but because she believed..the family had to move out of the house and search for another but there was no point in that....places arnt haunted...people are. true story no word of a lie please comment.</DIV/ COMMENT ME PLEAE!
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  Taunted — Page created: 9 April 2007
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mew_berry_san says:   9 April 2007   983978  
Cool story. It's real too? Cool.
Ona_rpg_ says:   9 April 2007   251942  
Bell Witch 
We have a sort of legend here in Western Kentucky called the Bell Witch
Cemetery.  The body of a supposed witch is believed to buried there, but 
the actual burial site is in Tennessee.  Anyway, me, my girlfriend, my 
aunt, and one of my aunt's friends all decided to visit this cemetery one 
night to find out if this thing was real or not.  We took with us two 
flashlights and a Bible.  We took the Bible because we had been told to 
read from the Book of Ruth to cause this thing to appear.  

Once we got there, we walked all through this cemetery reading this same
passage from Ruth over and over but nothing ever happened.  Although the 
flashlight did go out, we learned later that the batteries were very old 
and it was probably about timefor them to go out anyway.  So we started 
back home, but only got to the entrance to the cemetery when my aunt said 
she had an idea that she wanted to try before we left.
Even though we hadn't saw any strange or scary things everyone was still 
kind fo shook up.  We tried to get her to go on home, but somehow she 
talked us into going back.  When we got back, I got out of the car with 
my aunt, who was standing back near the trunk of the car, and 
asked her what her idea was.  Suddenly she started to curse at this thing.
Just daring it to do something.  It couldn't have been five seconds later 
that what looked like an evergreen tree appeared in front of us about 
fifty feet away.  At first I thought that my eyes had just begun to readjust 
to the darkness, but then we noticed that it was moving toward us.  It 
wasn't moving very fast, but the closer that it got the more that it began 
to take on the shape of a person.  I asked my aunt if she could see it to 
and she said that she did.  We started to smell something that smelled 
like cabbage that was being boiled.  After that we decided we'd had enough 
and turned to jump back into the car when the entire car shook from what 
seemed to be a blow from the rear of the car.  Cranking the car and 
slamming on the gas we took off down the road to get away from the 
cemetery.  As we were pulling back out onto the main highway, something
caught my aunt's friend's eye as she turned to look--standing on the 
side of the road was what looked like an old woman in a blue long-sleeved 
dress with her hair up in a bun on top of her head smiling at us.  

Since then we have all had strange things happen at each of our houses:
Ona_rpg_ says:   9 April 2007   664197  
we hear voices, knocks on the wall, scrathing coming from our heating 
and air conditioning vents, and we still smell that cabbage smell 
occasionly  (But that's all a different story).

that ghost story is from
Taunted writes:   9 April 2007   787316  
ive read this book and it tewlls you...ghosts are spirits that were never
here..theyre stuck in a time passage trying to get away from here or trying to get
‹MiserableAtBest› says:   19 August 2007   222472  
i have a ouija boaed!
fall_out_gurl says:   14 June 2008   431524  
I have a Ouija Board. I've had it about eh, 3 years?  It just a game. No ghosts, or
poltergiests, nothing. This is just BS.  I use it frequently for fun.  I takes no
effect whatsoever.  Just keep your pants on..
Rin_Sohma says :   14 July 2008   747537  
Ouiji Boards are perfectly safe as long as you cast a proper Sacred Circle first,
and your specific enough to say that you don't want malevalance inside the

there are ghosts. poltergists are nothing like ghosts. they form when a teenager has
a large amout of physic energy when they go through a hormonal surge during puberty.

ghosts just have some incomplete buisness, and as soon as its finished they leave.
They can't poses you unless you give your premission, and they can not engage
in any physical attacks on the grouds that they don't have bodies!
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