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bullyin is wrong

i dont really know why people bully eachother because at the end of the day if they was in there shoes they would hate
it because it makes you feel  like you are the odd one out and like noone likes you and noone wants you there so that is
why some people self harm this is because they are depressed and cant take it anymore and its not ok to have people
saying ohh slit your wrists noone wants u alive anymore or hahaha self harming for attenetion im not being horrid or
anytthing but grow the hell up geez just think if you was in there shoes just think before you say anything it will get
you further in life and you will be known asa BULLY! Noone wants that as a nickname.
 Im not going to lie to you yes i have been bullied but i let it get to me and i know i shouldnt have but i have a low
self asteem at the end of the day i have respect for the peopel that get bullied or that self harm i really do cos i
have been ijn that sittuation before and i know it hurts alot and noone likes you just let it fly over your head ignore
them ands live life at its best!!!
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crazyhot says:   12 June 2013   924004  
My God get better at grammar, I can barley understand this.
And there are a lot of flaws in your argument.
CookieMonster13 says:   17 June 2013   589613  
I totally agree with you :3
CookieMonster13 whispers:   17 June 2013   787283 on the grammar
‹m e m e› writes:   26 June 2013   777208  
Hey you're very inspirational for writing this. I could care less if this wasn't
written perfectly. It shows a point. I remember me helping my friends from being
bullied and such. Never be a bystander. Being a bystander is as bad as being the
bully himself. People probably rated this page low because of you're grammar and
English. Well what I think is that you did fine writing this, so I'm giving you a
rating of 10. Thank you for the inspiring page. 
emz_haz_swag says:   1 July 2013   843198  
Tastetherainbow123 says:   1 July 2013   361807  
i suggest the first comment better delete it or i will be reporrting them its not my
folt yeah i have been through alot none of ur busniess ok now jog on !!!!
crazyhot says:   1 July 2013   962516  
Nah I'll keep like the lil shit I am.
crazyhot says:   1 July 2013   450464  
go ahead and report I'm sure the -3 people who care will help.
crazyhot says:   28 July 2013   320796  
still not been reported btw this page sucks.
CyberToothTiger says:   28 July 2013   708036  
Thank you for sharing this with us.
 I got some people who have bullied me
on different websites including Kupika 
One girl i won't mention no name
has made some lies about me from 
what she believes from this Nick 
it's either a Nick from here or a 
Nick from a another site she goes on
i was like a dad to her .Well she believes
 lies from this Nick he tells her
i believe she met Nick from He has major mental
problems well this all came about cause we 
had a disagreement on July 4, 2013
God only knows how much i loved this girl 
I cried over this girl many times
she couldn't find her stuff animal, so like a dad.
I cried my eyes that night 
i would wake up special times just to talk to her
 I care about the feelings 
of others i make friends, love friends 
just to get bullied, made fun of 
God only knows how many times 
i've cared about people well this
girl i'm far from perfect and yes 
i come with flaws i don't what to thnk
‹CNNInternationaal› says:   28 July 2013   538162  
leonieswagmaster shouts:   23 April 2015   662054  
so lame
crazyhot says :   16 May 2015   193339  
I'M WAITING @Tastetherainbow123 
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