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Hello lovers - the ONLY site on Kupika for true love

Quote of the week: To love another Person is to see the face of God (meaning that love is the greatest miracle of life) If you like what you see - tell your friends about it =]. Well this is a site dedicated to all the romance fanatics out there Its for people who dream of true love and real romance. Heres to you... This is where you can POUR out your heart and soul and as i told someone already- you will have that good feeling of knowing that SOMEone in the world knows about your love...but no one is gonna jump on you about it you know? heres a little about me i have been in love and i dream of romance myself, and i think that love is the most important thing that any human being can experience in their love. every week i will be posting a new music video ladies and gentlemen. it will be about love... ...lost love... ...desired love... ...any kind of love... ...but only love... i post up books that i have read as well. good romance ones. they might be for teens and they might be for adults. ill put age reccomendations on all. Videos NOTICE: Hey guys i dont know when the next time will be that i will have access to a computer, so i pu up a couple extra videos to suffice for a couple weeks! PLEASE enjoy and tell your friends if you like =]. this week i will be featuring: FOR THE GORILLAZ FANS LIKE MYSELF at least ONE song - listen to the words...and i think those big things are Russels Hip Hop Machine. "Every Planet We reach is Dead" The Gorillaz OF COURSE! who can have a site dedicated to love without the Classic "I will always love you" By Whitney Houston! ALSO one more IMPORTANT one to have the king - "Love me Tender" Elvis Presley =] My personal favourite - "Killing me softly" by the Fugees ONE TIME Alternate version - the original by Roberta Flack "One Love" Bob Marley "Somebody To love" Queen "A little fall of Rain" From Les Miserables (this one is a tear jerker guys - eponine has been shot by the bad guys and she is dying in Marius' arms...the one she has always loved...) "In my Life / A heart full of love" from les miserables "On my Own" sung by Lea Salonga from Les Miserables Les Miserables (On my own)

Add to My Profile | More Videos "Hey there Dalilah" by the Plain White T's. this ones for you. Plain White T's- Hey There Delilah

Add to My Profile | More Videos Books all right this part is for the books. some ive read some ive heard about. but if they are up here, they gotta be good. =] This is a book for teens. Ive actually never read it but ive heard it was very good. This is a really good rmance novel by a VERY well known author (Nora Roberts) This is her ONLY book i will be posting, but i do suggest reading her work - she is amazing and will satisfy your hunger if you are in need of a good lovey-dovey book. =] THIS IS RECCOMENDED FOR ADULTS (as are MOST of her books)
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EtrnlPeace says:   13 August 2007   997821  

A few books you could put up:
New Moon

All are by Stephanie Meyer, and all are Teen Books.
Chel says:   19 August 2007   871511  
I like the song On My Own!!!
and sung by Lea Salonga!!!!
I like that singer!!!!
she is a filipino!!
and I am also a filipino!!^_^
frotogirl says:   19 August 2007   894963  
i really like this guy hisname is nooneknowsbro
raveygurl says :   19 August 2007   189355  
i like this boi name soraloveskairi

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