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naruto poem's

Deidara's poem

everyone loves you 
you know thats true
but to tell the truth
i dont know what right
and what is wrong
as i lay
every day
i being to say
"will you ever notice me
because you are me key
i have finily found out about you
that my heart is for you 
so please come and say
i love you too

Itachi's poem

Monkey see, Monkey do,
Mess with me I'll kill you.

Konan's poem


Gaara's poem

I only have one simple wish.
For people to see.
The person inside of me.
They see me as a monster.
They see me as a freak.
They make me feel so weak.
I want to be accepted.
I want to be loved.
I want to be myself.
I want to shine.
I don't know how to ryme happiness.
I just seem to weave sad words.
I can't seem to show what doesn't hurt.
My friends find out and turn from me.
I wish to forgive.
They wish to forget.
There is no I in team. 
There is a me.
No one accepts me.
No one loves me.
I sit and watch. 
I want to play too.
But they all run if I do.
Time goes by.
I forgive.
They forget.
I become someone needed.
Someone loved.
I guess fate isn't seeded.
I am a life.
I am a dream.
I am Gaara of The Sand.

Sasuke's poem

The tears blend in with the rain that is falling,
I turn away as the darkness keeps calling.
For my entire life I wept,
ignoring the dark secrets I kept,
Nobody cares about how I felt,
If only a different hand was dealt,
A happier life might have been the case,
Yet I can not imagine a life without this pain.
No heart, no pain.
No love, just emptiness, but I can deal with that, right?
I watch as the parents hug and smother their kids with love,
they're angels sent from above.
I envy the joy and innocence, all of them living in a world void of arrogance.
We were taught to kill extensively, to be selfish and treat others unfairly.
The world I see is nothing like theirs, so warm and pure, but so very cold and cruel.
One day they'll know the truth, live for and love only yourself, thats the only way to survive...

Naruto's poem

I sit here alone 
crying in the rain.
Here she comes
to sooth the pain.
She says don't cry,
I love you, don't forget.
Finally I understand 
and get,
There are people out there that could love
.....a monster like me.

Temari's poem

As she walks through the forest the trees bend to her will,
Three moons rise, one more dangerous than the last,
Afraid, the enemy cowers before her, blown to the raging wind
Unsure of their fate as everything turns black.

Hinata's poem

I sit and I watch you.
I just know you want me too. 
I’m just to shy to admit my love. 
My eyes look at the ground when you glance at me.
I guess it’s a sign from above.
We are not meant to be. 
I love you for your courage, your confidence, your smile.
If you can’t promise me forever could you promise for at least a little while?
I’ve watched you for a long time. 
I don’t know what to say.
I look at you and then I am afraid.
I don’t know what to say.
Do I fear that you’ll reject me? 
Do I fear you love another?
Do I fear that you’ll forget me?
You watched me fight you cheered me on. 
For you I will survive.
But who does your heart belong to?
If you tell me will it make me cry?
Love makes people do crazy things, at least that’s what they say.
Is trying to change myself that crazy?
Is love getting in my way?
I would have thought you’d notice. 
My quiet stare at you.
But do I even exist?
Or do you see right through?
People tell me it’s pointless to try to give a hint.
I look into your eyes and see a heart that’s true.
People say you can’t but you push on through.
They said that I was weak.
They didn’t care if I were to die. 
They said they didn’t care.
Was it all a lie?
Does someone really care?
Am I just a tool?
Why can’t I break a rule?
Will you encourage me?
I wish you would see the girl in love with you in me.
Naruto-Kun I wish you knew the other side of me.

Anko's poem

You taught me everything I know
So for that, I am thankful.
I suppose.
You were my sensei
My encouragement
My most important person.
You used to be. 
You were one of the Legendary Three
A genius.
You were cold-hearted
You threw me away
Because I wasn't good enough.
I wasn't capable
Of certain things
You told me I was weak. 
You discarded me
Like some worthless object.
But gave me
A token to remember you by.
A curse seal. 
How I hate you.
You can't even begin
To comprehend
The pain you put me through. 
All of my suffering
All because of you.

The Daughter of Orochimaru's poem

You have kicked me out, 
just because my father.
Well what have I done?
I only want to be loved, 
and have friends.
Why do you hate 
me so? You don't 
even give me a 
chance, your just 
like the rest.
If you can only see
that I am not like 
my father. He wants 
to take over the world,
I only want to be loved.
Can you just give me 
a chance and see, that 
I am not like my father, 
I am just misunderstood.
I look nothing like my
father, but I fight 
just like him. Why do 
you hate, me?
My only friends are 
Gaara, Temari,Kankuro
of the desert. They 
understand my pain, 
why can't you.
I can't stop being the
Daughter of Orochimaru.
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dog_lover_forever says:   12 April 2009   851698  
for deidaras poem you should of put un after every sentence
‹im a bitch!!!› says:   17 April 2009   184298  
ok ill do that next time
love_princess says :   17 April 2009   649448  
hey tenten kool poem

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